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CNN Slaughtered in Inauguration Audience

Via the Drudgemiester


CNN hemorrhaged more than half their audience from the 2001 Inauguration, overnights show. The troubled news network only averaged 779,000 viewers during yesterday's Inauguration coverage from 10am-4pm with just 168,000 of those viewers landing in the coveted 25-54 demo.

Like CNN, MSNBC also suffered major losses, only averaging 438,000 viewers throughout yesterday's coverage (141,000 in 25-54), down a whopping 68% over 2001 and faring even worse in primetime with just 385,000 viewers.

In contrast, Fox News averaged 2,581,000 viewers from 10a-4p (up 30% over 2001) and their 25-54 demo average of 705,000 came close to CNN's total coverage ratings yesterday.

FNC -- 2,439,000 (up 57% OVER '01)
CNN -- 1,353,000 (down 14% over '01)
MSNBC -- 385,000 (down 47% over '01)

WOW! Talk about the market speaking.

Glenn Reynolds probably gets as many readers as MSNBC gets viewers.


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Comments (27)

I'm glad that FNC continues... (Below threshold)

I'm glad that FNC continues to do so so well, but I am really surprised that CNN still leads MSNBC. MSNBC is much more interesting than CNN.

I watched cspan myself.... (Below threshold)

I watched cspan myself.


Anyone who wanted to watch ... (Below threshold)

Anyone who wanted to watch 12 hours of republican politicians waving would have to be hardcore so imagine they would watch their own news source. I imagine the world has already returned to normal.

Crerar, you miss the point ... (Below threshold)

Crerar, you miss the point entirely. A lot more people watched it on CNN in 2001, presumably from both parties. My guess would be that even liberals get tired of dishonesty after a while and want a little truth. I'm curious about one thing, does anyone think Olberman is able to understand this countdown?

Olberman is a joke. When I... (Below threshold)

Olberman is a joke. When I cruise by MSNBC and see him I rush to move on, he makes me cringe.

MSNBC is unwatchable. Betwe... (Below threshold)
Just Don:

MSNBC is unwatchable. Between Keith Olbermann's uninformed stupidity (or is it just ignorance) and Chris Matthews insane diatribes (laced with spraying spittle, usually while interrupting an answer to a question which he has just asked in the form of an accusatory statement) --Oh Geez..I'm sounding like Chris Matthews, Sorry.

How can ANYONE watch this stuff?

Nobody watches CNN anymore ... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Nobody watches CNN anymore becuase it is run by Leftist Looney communist TRAITORS with a world view that always manages to DAMN the good name of the USA.

I'm glad Fox News bucks the trend and has gained so much. We need someone willing to give out UNBIASED coverage and the guts to TELL IT LIKE IT IS now.

I alternated between C-SPAN and Fox myself and hung my US flag behind the TV too just to make me feel better!

Just Don: Thanks for nailin... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Just Don: Thanks for nailing it.

This brings us to one of th... (Below threshold)

This brings us to one of the big myths about the relationship of 'the rich' or 'big business' being strictly a Republican phenomena.

Fox News actually seems more Right oriented than it is by sheer contrast with the other big MSM outlets. But since its appearance, the MSM has hurt its bottom line by holding onto it left (even far left) orientation.

This just help tell me that there is a sizable block of 'the rich' or 'big business' that is extremely liberal. But, shhhh, its a big secret.

The people are voting with ... (Below threshold)

The people are voting with their remotes.

Yes exactly John, it is the... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Yes exactly John, it is the rich elitist liberals that contol the media. Luckily we have Fox to save us from their propaganda they want us to beleive. At least we have one station not beholden to the elitist liberal fat cat nazis!

Crerar: FNC didn't give 12 ... (Below threshold)

Crerar: FNC didn't give 12 hours of Republican waving--they left that to C-Span. They did interviews and background pieces throughout the day -- even Cavuto was on doing interviews, with Don King, no less!

So get the facts, Crerar!

I presume that Fox's number... (Below threshold)

I presume that Fox's numbers would have been much higher had this event been held in primetime. Majority of the Republicans were working between 10 am and 4 pm. You have to figure that majority of the democrats were at home eating cheetos living off their welfare.

I admit I thuroughly enjoy ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I admit I thuroughly enjoy FOXnews-I would say they overall lean right of center, but I think the reason everyone seems to think that it is all GOP flag waving is because Fox actually has more than one token conservative on its panels and staff. Also, Fox tends to run more towards commentary, with people from both sides giving their opinion-drives my husband insane, but I admit I like it.

Fox doesn't run to the righ... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Fox doesn't run to the right, it runs to the center, where it damn well belongs!

Maggie - what an appropriat... (Below threshold)

Maggie - what an appropriate reference in this knock out thread - Don King! Don't you just love him!

I'd guess that a lot of Dem... (Below threshold)

I'd guess that a lot of Democrats just didn't tune in to the festivities on general principles. Thus, CNN lost a lot of their regular viewership by default.

I live in Costa Rica. Even... (Below threshold)

I live in Costa Rica. Even though I have DirectTV, the only non-domestic, non-local news station it carries is "CNN International".

Four times during the ceremony I turned on the TV to watch. Each time I had to turn it back off. There was no "Rose Bowl Parade" narrative of what was going on, but instead the live video was more like a movie running in the background, with the sound turned off. Close ups of dignataries, some black male vocalist singing his heart out, all soundless! And what were we getting as the audio portion, you might ask? "On the scene" reporters in South Africa "reporting" on "what South Africans are saying", followed by the usual string of lefty talking points in the form of "They say.....", ''They say..." Next it was the CNN reporter for Latin America, live from Havana (!), doing the "Latin Americans say...", "they say..."

It was unwatchable, even with the mute on, and where's the joy in that?

Keep in mind, this CNNI crap is the ONLY news available in much of Latin America. And it is far more socialist and anti-American in character than domestic CNN. Check it out!

Latin America is on the democracy cusp right now, and there is no counterbalance to the constant anti-American barrage of CNN-I. I have tried to contact the Direct TV people here about at least adding FOX, but this is Latin America, and it doesn't work like it does in the States. I have had no response to my inquires.

I'm in agreement with arky.... (Below threshold)

I'm in agreement with arky. Democrats don't want to watch the inaugeration (remember, they were the ones saying "don't spend anything"), so they just didn't watch the news. And 'the news' to them is CNN, NBC, or CBS. Its no wonder that CNN lost a large portion of viewership. Is there any other tell-tale sign as to where in the political spectrum that CNN's 'news coverage' lies?

(hint, it ain't the center!)

How's Fox doing in Canada? ... (Below threshold)

How's Fox doing in Canada? Anyone know?

Most of those counted as wa... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Most of those counted as watching CNN was probably TV sets that are constantly tuned to it in places like Deli's, office breakrooms etc. Makes you wonder how many of those places there are doesn't it? Then again, I don't know how these numbers are figured.

Every time someone from the left bashes Fox - I ask them if there's any equivalent to Alan Combes on any other cable news channel? Silence ensues typically.

Hey Julie, I didn't think Fox was available in Canada - Quebec anyway.

Fox does what it does best ... (Below threshold)

Fox does what it does best -- wiping the president's man-juice from its lips. When it come to real news, CNN kills its competitiors. It actually has real reporters in the field (to wit: Fox's woeful tsunami coverage). Still, I'll hand it to you guys, this is a great moment for lovers of their jingoist president speaking through his favored propaganda arm.

Pkok in Costa Rica - thanks... (Below threshold)

Pkok in Costa Rica - thanks for bringing us your observations! This is how the MSM has been poisoning the rest of the world against the US and vice versa. For so long, they have tried to sow hate between the people of earth with their lies.

(By the way, I hope there'll be a recording available - maybe via the internet - of the actual inauguration so that you can hear how beautiful the singing was! And the President's speech.)

Quite the change, q, from t... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Quite the change, q, from the overtly liberal CNN Clinton days isn't it?

If Fox is sub par as it didn't pass your disaster coverage test, why in the hell do you watch it? From the bits of it that I caught, I actually found that Fox was reporting on the Tsunami coverage as more of the tragedy that it really was and less of the morbid score keeping that CNN and MSNBC turned it into. It was like watching a college basketball game with the $ of aid / deaths per country showing up on the CNN scoreboard. The reason I am subjected to the train wreck of Cable News that CNN has become is because it is the only channel that gets piped into our office.

I guess "real" news coverage means that when the Scott Peterson story sputters out, CNN suddenly starts feeding us Robert Blake "coverage" as if it's new and anyone gives a damn - oh wait, you do.

Real news my ass.

What is seldom mentioned is... (Below threshold)

What is seldom mentioned is that the FNC beats CNN although it is available on far fewer cable systems. When I lived in Costa Mesa CA it was not on.
Here in Bangkok we get CNNI, BBC and CNBC. CNNI is devoutly anti-American, far more than the BBC. The local news media are also strongly anti-American, probably believing all that propaganda. But they are all completely out of touch with the Thai people. They love us.

Best place to watch anythin... (Below threshold)

Best place to watch anything important is on CSPAN. Since I was having a cardiac cath at the time I got to hear the swearing in on the radio on the way home and put cspan on as soon as I got into bed.

I can't believe they let him walk that parade route; it's like saying to the terrorists who want to do us harm, F-you, you don't scare me!

Go George Go!


CNN's largest audience is i... (Below threshold)

CNN's largest audience is in airport passenger lounges where nobody watches. Other than that, the MSM, CNN, MSNBC have made themselves unwatchable. Ratings are plummeting and they don't get it. Well duh. Get rid of the leftists agenda and you might have a few viewers. Frankly I don't care what they do anymore. I only watch FOX.






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