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Militant groups 'trying to instigate civil war'

That's what Shi'ite leaders are saying about Abu Musab Al Zarqawi's terror campaign against Shi'ites.

BAGHDAD: Shi'ite political leader Abdel Aziz Al Hakim lashed out yesterday at Abu Musab Al Zarqawi's Islamic militants and Saddam Hussein loyalists after a car bombing of a mosque in Baghdad, which he said was aimed at sparking civil war.

"It is quite obvious why there is such an attack. They are trying to create sectarian strife," Hakim said, after at least 15 people died and 39 were wounded when the car bomb exploded outside the Shi'ite mosque.

Hakim was referring to two main factions of the insurgency, Zarqawi's Al Qaeda faction and the followers of Saddam's regime.

The frontrunner in the January 30 elections said the two camps had since 2003 carried out high-profile attacks on Iraq's Shi'ite majority, now poised to rule Iraq, with the goal of instigating sectarian strife.

"Over the last period, they have worked toward achieving this criminal goal. They have killed the late Ayatollah Sayed Mohammed Baqr Al Hakim. They have killed Governing Council members Ezzedine Salim and Akila Hashemi. All these attempts were trying to divide and create strife among the people of Iraq. They did not succeed."

The terrorist scum have even taken to performing semi-public beheadings. More details on that at The Jawa Report.

Update: Capitan Ed notes another rumor of an Al-Zarqawi capture.


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Comments (7)

There have been more behead... (Below threshold)

There have been more beheadings today. The 15 National Guardsmen they kidnapped last week, 2 Brazilians and one Briton were also beheaded as Fox news has been reporting.


Well, duh. Sure, they'd <b... (Below threshold)

Well, duh. Sure, they'd LIKE a civil war, but they ain't getting one.

They not only can't field an army, they can't field a Boy Scout troop. They not only can't hold any territory, they can't even hold a convenience store. And they not only don't offer a competing ideology, they want to kill anyone who does.

This is not a war, or even an occupation. This is an operation to remove the mentally ill from Iraqi society.

If you've ever wondered if ... (Below threshold)

If you've ever wondered if the shi'ite mullahs really exert influence over their followers this is a good demonstration of that control.
the reason for doing this aside from the self evident malignancy of soul?
G-d forbid that one of our soldiers is captured and this horror inflicted upon them but can you imagine the reaction in this country? What if it was a young female soldier? I think the american people would snatch control of this war from the president and our anger could be measured in megatonage. I think that is the reason they do it.
IMO this country is under incredible stress right now not visible on the surface. Mayor Koch's article rescently posted and discussed on this site is one indication. I beleive that the reaction to the tsunami relief effort is another. Not that we reacted generously but the manner of the reaction was IMO almost hysterical. It was as if as surely as the earth gave way under the ocean to create the disaster the drumbeat to do something together in unty one with another releived temporarily the stress of restraint required of us to bear this fight.
President Truman looked at a nation of suiciders like this and nuked them. That is what they want.

I can understand why they w... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I can understand why they want to incite civil war, but really do the Iraqi's realize that this is not a good option for their country?

I am curious to see what happens, when these elections are done, and whether or not the Iraqi's will get the balls to kick these people out of their country, and put a stop to the home grown insurgents.

I think it will get worse b... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

I think it will get worse before it gets better sadly.

What we need is a tougher approach.

If we can remove all Sunnis, and put them in a part of the country where they will be out of the way and controlled, at least for a few years, Iraq may have some chance at peace and our boys can come home.

Someone mentioned the behea... (Below threshold)

Someone mentioned the beheadings on the street in broad daylight and that reminded me it certainly was not Zarqawi. If they have him or have killed him, they should just say so.


Oh and by the way, except f... (Below threshold)

Oh and by the way, except for maybe kERRy, they do believe this war will be won.







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