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Oh, That Conservative Media

It's time for the folks at Media Matters for America to just shutter up the shop and go on holiday. There's really no other explanation for throwing hissy fits that coverage of the inauguration of a sitting Republican president doesn't feature enough liberals (or the less pejorative "progressives" as the bloggers on the MMA payroll like to refer to themselves).

They can't be serious, can they? It's like claiming there's not enough liberals covering the Republican National Convention. What news executive is going to schedule a giant slate of members of the opposite party at an inauguration? The networks didn't do it for Clinton, Bush Sr., or Reagan; why should they start now?

MMA - No room for progressives on primetime in inauguration coverage either

Bonus - They're not happy that the few protesters on hand were casually dismissed by the cable news outlets either.


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Comments (15)

Protesters at an inaugarati... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Protesters at an inaugaration just spell out "S-O-R-E L-O-S-E-R" imo, and media matters should be ashamed for expecting it to be covered any other way.

Also, I view inaugarations much like I do party conventions-it is the winners day to celebrate.

I admit I didn't watch much inaugaration day coverage, but I got a big laugh yesterday, when Michael Medved basically made fun of the protesters um sore losers.

You consider progressive le... (Below threshold)

You consider progressive less pejorative? To me, the "progressives" are the people who ruined the democratic party. And to add insult to injury they think by renaming themselves no one will know what they did and what they stand for.

Perhaps MMA would like to b... (Below threshold)

Perhaps MMA would like to broaden its horizons? After all, there is more to news than the cable nets.

The Post, by my lights, had fairly solid coverage of both the inauguration and the various protesters.

As for the cable nets ... well, it's the inauguration of a Republican president. Of course a lot of Republicans are going to be on TV. I would expect the opposite for a Democratic inauguration.


M'Gad if any network or cab... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

M'Gad if any network or cable channel had been more liberal, their ratings would have approached zero. Republicans were watching the inauguration, democrats had their TVs turned off. Fox News blew the competion away 3 to 1. CNN and MSNBC tanked.

I hope Media Matters becomes a consultant to CBS Evening News. They may drive them into oblivion. The sooner the better.

Corky Boyd
Sanibel FL

Typical. "Liberals" that a... (Below threshold)

Typical. "Liberals" that aren't even close to liberal, "progressives" with mindsets straight out of the Stone Age, we must be dealing with another damned bunch of Leftards.

Jesus the Liberal Riech jus... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Jesus the Liberal Riech just don't stop their whining and bleating do they.

There should be some law against all the lies they pull out of theirrather small skulls. Something like a death penalty for proven reality distortion/liberal scum bias!

Well, I'm still trying to f... (Below threshold)

Well, I'm still trying to figure out Peggy Noonan's quite smarmy column about Bush's Inauguration speech, that and that she's among the Board of Directors of the Creative Coalition, which was touted on Fox Thursday evening by a few members as being "a non partisan group" and then there's their website with that quite entirely partisan headlining and by whom, Peggy Noonan and...and...I sense a discrepancy.

I mean, not like Bush declared Whoopi Goldmush the equivalent of his johnson, err, something similar. Ah, yes, I suppose that means that he's referring too often to "God" instead.

Honestly, I think Noonan has loitered too long amongst the wrong kind and now she's just showing too much wrong around the margins.

Aack, Noonan was writer to ... (Below threshold)

Aack, Noonan was writer to Dan Rather with CBS! Aack! Aaack!!

Julie, I don't alw... (Below threshold)


I don't always agree with you, but sometimes you hit it out the park.


Of course when it comes to really hitting the long ball, everyone loses to McGehee.

Yeah, I agree with that com... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I agree with that comment by julie, here, this thread, too...just that the Democratic Party has been ruined not only by "progressives" but also by all the other factions all of whom seem to hate one another, but Republicans more. Let's see, there are the "marxists" then there are the "marriage motivated" bits then there are the Deaniitese, then the Pink People, then the...

You cannot get any large crowd of Democrats together anywhere if you take Republicans/conservatives out of the equation and result in anything but flame wars, name calling, worse...it's not a happy element in our society and as long as Republicans and conservatives exist, the left will always attempt to pigeonhole us as their target when in fact, their own groups do more to their own denigration than anyone or anthing else. They generally work toward factions and factionalizations and Republicans/conservatives add a label to their motives, but in my experience, we're not the actual motive, just the excuse.

At least "progressives" tried. I think they actually tried to rise above their own fray and start over. Didn't work too well.

Julie, I don't always ag... (Below threshold)

Julie, I don't always agree with you,

Oh, no! Tell me it isn't so, Paul!

What chanel were they watch... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

What chanel were they watching? ABC,CNN, and NBC had far more progressive/liberal Congress people than they had conservative. The MSM still thinks Rathergate was a minor error not a failed smear attempt, so what has changed?

Noonan gave up her job to w... (Below threshold)

Noonan gave up her job to work for Bush and was very dedicated to him. I am kind of thinking that she was put off and jealous by not being asked to write the speech herself. I think she felt she deserved to do so. (and perhaps she did, she worked hard, and she is an excellent speech writer) but Bush obviously felt differently.

Of course when it comes ... (Below threshold)

Of course when it comes to really hitting the long ball, everyone loses to McGehee.

<jostled awake>

Hunh? Wha---?

Hey, McGehee! You may be th... (Below threshold)

Hey, McGehee! You may be the Babe, but I'm Hank Aaron.






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