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Survivor Found 1 Month After Tsunami

This is the kind of thing Rod Serling made shows about*:

Tsunami Survivor Rescued, Warning System Agreed

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (Reuters) - A lone tsunami survivor has been rescued from a remote Indian island, officials said on Saturday, a rare moment of hope in the Indian Ocean as nations pledged to try to stop such a disaster happening again.

In the Andaman and Nicobar islands, an archipelago 750 miles from the Indian mainland, a military officer said a tribal man had been rescued after surviving alone for nearly four weeks eating only coconuts.

Mangal told rescuers the first giant wave sucked him out to sea before subsequent waves flung him back onto the tiny island of Pillow Panja where he discovered everyone else from his village was gone.

As far as he was concerned, he was the last person on earth. Must have been an odd experience. Sadder still is the fate of the whole village.

*Yes, I just showed my age.


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Comments (6)

No you didn't. I just hit ... (Below threshold)

No you didn't. I just hit 30 in December and not only consider The Twilight Zone one of the finest shows ever, but count as one of my more prized possessions a book which collects scripts for four of Serling's live TV dramas -- Patterns, The Rack, Old McDonald Had a Curve and Requiem for a Heavyweight.

Just pretend you're a whippersnapper who came to Serling through reruns. Like me.

The Twilight Zone (the orig... (Below threshold)

The Twilight Zone (the original black and white version) runs several times a week on the Sci-Fi Channel, and has for a long time. They often run 24 hour marathons of it on holidays, too, so a lot of young folks get to see genius on a regular basis...

So, Paul remember's when pe... (Below threshold)

So, Paul remember's when people lit up on television.

"...Must have been an odd e... (Below threshold)

"...Must have been an odd experience..."

Odd? Yo, try fucking terrifying!

God bless this guy and pray... (Below threshold)

God bless this guy and prayers for the lost...this disaster was so profound, it's easy to quickly forget once the news dwindles down.

I read this earlier on the ... (Below threshold)

I read this earlier on the many newswires I read for info and sources and found it amazing this man survived. Sometimes it's quite amazing what our bodies will do to survive.

Why wasn't he found earlier?







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