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You attentive American Idol fans might already recognize the name. The rest of you may as well get used to hearing it, she's going to be big.

I was watching AI on the Tivo when I hit pause to blog this. She's that impressive.

Trust me on this one.

She probably won't win AI as she is a country singer but she will make the top 10 and probably the top 5. She'll be BIG in the country music world.


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Comments (23)

And here I felt bad for wat... (Below threshold)

And here I felt bad for watching the first two episodes to see the goofballs. You continue to amaze me Paul

Hey, she's already got the ... (Below threshold)

Hey, she's already got the awful country singer name thing going on...

You continue to amaze me... (Below threshold)

You continue to amaze me Paul

That's one of those lines you're not sure if it's a compliment or an insult.

Thanks.... I think.


Before she sang, I said to ... (Below threshold)

Before she sang, I said to my wife "If she can at all carry a tune, I could sell 5 million of her record." Then she sang and I upped it to ten.

She's gonna be awesome, a m... (Below threshold)

She's gonna be awesome, a male version of Josh Grayson (another AI alumnus).

If i'm not mistaken she was... (Below threshold)

If i'm not mistaken she was the girl from Oklahoma right? When she was walking in i thought the same thing if she can carry a note she's through to the next round. When she did start singing, i was like ..there's your winner lol... she is awfully cute :)

No Debbie Gibson news this ... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

No Debbie Gibson news this week?

Indeed. I was also impress... (Below threshold)

Indeed. I was also impressed at the warmth and "real-ness" of her mother when she exited the audition. I haven't looked yet, but does anyone know if any of the outfits that were offering opportunities to put money down on the Presidential campaign are doing the same for American Idol? Carrie is the best I saw coming out of the first week.

I thought the same thing. ... (Below threshold)

I thought the same thing. Beautiful girl with a great voice. And she seems to have a really warm personality to boot. She's going somewhere.

I wasn't aware anyone watch... (Below threshold)

I wasn't aware anyone watched that trashy show.

Guess I was wrong.

Henry the most amazing part... (Below threshold)

Henry the most amazing part is that you took the time to type that out..as if anyone needed your thoughts on the show. Do you also walk by people in restaurants and tell them how much you think the meal they have chosen sucks?....

alot of worthless information on the internet

AI is only funny while they choose people to move on..other than that i could do without as well.

The only shows worth watchi... (Below threshold)

The only shows worth watching are
Whose line is it anyway?
Family Guy
American Dad!
South Park

packetninja, I'm sorry if m... (Below threshold)

packetninja, I'm sorry if my humor is too dry for you.

Anwar, baby. He's the man.<... (Below threshold)

Anwar, baby. He's the man.

Well week 2 has gone by and... (Below threshold)

Well week 2 has gone by and they haven't found anyone better than Carrie, in my opinion. I typically don't watch until the final 12 but decided to this year just for the spectacle of this round. When Carrie walked onto the set, I said to the wife, all she's got to do is be able to carry a tune and she's through. WOW! Done! They can hand out the award and move onto the recording contract. It'll be fun to see how well she progresses once they start getting coached and trained more. Oh yeah, and I bet she won't be doing any Whitney songs... !

I'm carrie's Little in our ... (Below threshold)

I'm carrie's Little in our sorority, Try-Sigma! She's the best singer that has been on there. I'm soooooooo proud of her. Keep watchin...she's even better.

I'm carrie's Little in o... (Below threshold)

I'm carrie's Little in our sorority, Try-Sigma!

I'd like to sweetie but I'm married.

The nicest and sweetest gir... (Below threshold)

The nicest and sweetest girl you will ever meet! She deserves to be #1! Best Wishes Carrie!

I dont really appreciate th... (Below threshold)

I dont really appreciate the comment "I'd like to sweetie but I'm married" by the way its Tri-Sigma known as sigma sigma sigma.my sorority is my pride and if u dont have enough respect than that maybe you shouldnt post anything about carrie- seeing as how she is a loyal active member. Thats childish and rude. Neways thats said n done. Ashlee- email me if you would this is Andrea. Im carries 1st lil. me and jenny, her other lils were picked in 2002. I know that she has 3 lil sisters within the sorority now. We no longer go to NsU but carrie has told us about you before. My email is [email protected]
by the way im from Bartlesville, Ok.
Go Carrie! Love u----Good Luck!

I dont really appreciate... (Below threshold)

I dont really appreciate the comment "I'd like to sweetie but I'm married" by the way its Tri-Sigma known as sigma sigma sigma.

Perhaps if you are so proud of them you can encourage them to learn to spell the name of your organization. Just a thought.

Then perhaps you can go rent a sense of humor.

I think Carrie Underwood di... (Below threshold)
Brittanie James:

I think Carrie Underwood did a fantastic job singing "alone" by Heart. I love to sing and it is what I want to do in the future. I would love to sing with you someday because I think you are a wonderful singer and not only that but you seem to love the lord and that will definetly take you far in the world.

i love the song juesus take... (Below threshold)

i love the song juesus take the wheel. e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected]

I love Carrie Underwood!... (Below threshold)

I love Carrie Underwood! I want to be a singer when i grow up...BUT! My family dosent have enough money to get me there. I sang at a Fire Ants hockey game a few months ago , and i got a solo at my school in the chorus. This summer i am going to a singing camp! I am soooo exited, it is only 175 dollars






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