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Disjointed Discourse

That guy who said this is the worst day of the year must be right... And it must put everyone in a two week funk. No matter what I've said lately, somebody has found a really bizarre thing to complain about. If I've said "A equals B" someone else has said that "B does not equal C" so therefore I'm an idiot. This has left me quite puzzled as well as a little miffed... Some of them are moonbats so it is to be expected. At least one of them is a mentally unstable moonbat so it was not surprising.

But it starts to hurt when someone you respect rips you apart while taking you COMPLETELY out of context.

So for the time being, I'll give Bill at INDC Journal the benefit of the doubt that he missed my point.

In this post, I excerpt a story about some "report" saying that there is going to be a "Global Catastrophy" in 10 years unless we do something about global warming. I then wrote a single paragraph about the merits of the story assuming you took it at face value. Then I say:

But this is NOT a scientific paper so none of that matters.

This paper is just an environmentalist manifesto dressed up as science. Ted Kaczynski without the bombs but with a few letters behind his name. The environmental movement has a problem they did not expect to have when it started. A deadline.

To fully understand this report, you have to first understand that the environmental movement is not about science, it is about policy. Be they socialists, luddites or whatever their motivation, the aim is to affect policy. Therein lies the problem.

Policy makers will not pass the draconian legislation the environmental movement wants because there is no pressing need to ruin the lives of millions of people on the whacky theory of the week. So the environmentalists have now created an artificial deadline to motivate policy makers. The news report even says that is why this paper was written!

They actually did it last year when they said that up to 20% of the land mass would be flooded if we didn't do something in 5 years. That was laughed at, so now, like a kid trying to extend their bed time, the environmentalist are going back to the policymakers and saying "Ok, 10 years?"

I for one welcome the deadline-- and I liked the 5 year deadline. Then we can get this goofball, chicken little theory behind us.

Remember this post. When you ring in 2015 and there was no "Global Catastrophy," tell the person you're sharing the champagne with, "You know, that guy on the internet was right."

I wrote one paragraph about the claims in the report (assuming you took it as science and not a propaganda piece) then I specifically say that none of that matters to my point. I then wrote 7 paragraphs making my point that the environmental movement is now trying to create artificial deadlines to affect policy.

Again, you can read the original here for the context. Then oddly, Bill ONLY excerpts the EXACT thing I said was not important and then blasts me because I did not do an in depth refutation of the report. Of course I didn't, that wasn't my point. My point, as anyone can see, was about the environmental movement trying to change policy and them using a new tactic.

*Doing an in depth refutation of the report would have greatly detracted from my point.*

Bill did great work on the typefaces used in the bogus CBS memos. I didn't blast him for not catching the base was closed on the day Bush was supposed to report, because that was not his point. It is a tangentially related but disjointed point. If I make a post that some Dem running for the head of the DNC has a problem because he is against abortion, I don't then have to discuss abortion too, that a whole 'nuther kettle of fish.

If Bill would like be to make a post blasting the junk science of global warming, it's been done to death but by golly I'll do it just for him. But MAN if you are going to quote me can you at least get the context right?

I can't wait for spring.

BTW I left a comment for Bill asking him to review his post. 3 hours later, I got no reply so I figured I'd toss this up.

And one more point, Bill makes much of the fact that I put a the end of my remarks, "And please spare me links to people who swear this hoax is true. You will only prove you are gullible. The environmental movement has about a 0-150 record in their predictions of doom and gloom. I'm not buying it.

I knew that by mentioning Global Warming someone would post 10 links to doom and gloom. That was not my point and I did not want the comments to become a "global warming pissing contest." I was talking about the tactics of the environmental movement.


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Comments (9)

That guy who said this i... (Below threshold)

That guy who said this is the worst day of the year must be right...

How about a little lap dance to cheer you up? ;-)

ahem- Thanks for the offer,... (Below threshold)

ahem- Thanks for the offer, but my wife reads this blog.


Wow! Paul, I bet Bill never... (Below threshold)

Wow! Paul, I bet Bill never gets offers like that...;-)

If it makes you feel any better I once said he was touchy and he ripped into me like nobody's business. Don't take it personally, just let it go.

Global warming research has... (Below threshold)

Global warming research has only one goal: to scare people enough to obtain money (esp. gov't money) to do more global warming research.

It's like Scientology, but with less interesting people and a less plausible cover story.

I'm starting to think that ... (Below threshold)

I'm starting to think that julie is just a character made up by Paul to make himself look good ;-)

j/k julie

I wish I had offers like that every now n then...

I'm glad you refuted Bill's... (Below threshold)

I'm glad you refuted Bill's screed. I usually enjoy his posts, but today I was left scratching my head.
It almost read like censureship.
Maybe today was the worst day of the year for him, 'cause he's also lost all of his sense of humour.

The Kyoto is being crammed down everyone's throat for one reason only, to limit the US in her technological progresses. And, it will certainly do great harm to the 3rd world countries struggling to improve their countries level of living.
How they can be so arrogant to think or assume that man can with a couple of degrees of temperature do what Ma Nature does all of the time is certainly laughable.
Someone buy Bill a copy of Critchon's new book.

My eyes were fully opened a... (Below threshold)

My eyes were fully opened about the bogus environmentalist activists' methodology last year when I realized that the several so-called (up until then) newsletters I was receiving in my Inbox all were pleading for me as a voter (and still are even though they've all been unsubscribed to, they still appear so that should be enlightening right there), as a vote to undermine "Bush" and just about anything possible to somehow harm the Bush reelection, Administration, counter it, complain about it, and even one awful one received on Inauguration Day just past that pleaded with me to use the day to write letters of complaints about the Bush Adminsitration, this, that...

Most of these if not all that I've looked into are used by liberal groups and liberal donors to further Democrats' plans and various Democrat's elections, campaigns, but with the "environmental plea" as cover letter. I agree that there have been some good things accomplished by some of these groups but that the larger part of what they seem to accomplish is bogus science that promotes socialism and increased governmental regulations about everything.

Even listening to Robert Kennedy, Jr. recently, who is very much a promoter of many of the same methods, if not specific groups I am referring to here, uses the same flippancy about 'science' based upon his own socialist political needs, but in his case, he's at least helped accomplish a cleaner Hudson River (which is wonderful) and yet relies on the same emergency insults that when examined always reduce down to not science but to a socialist political need.

It's the same old same old and that is that everything is going to explode and fall apart if we don't elect a Democrat to every office imaginable, and yet, the massive pollution and condiditons they all decry in that process all occurred during majority-Democrat rule.

And, the only yards I see with unrecycled polluting old appliances aren't in those owned by Republicans, so, it's something to consider.

Sorry, Paul, for your troubles. I didn't have much of a problem comprehending your point, if that helps any.

Another thing...on a human ... (Below threshold)

Another thing...on a human level here, is that all the cigarette butts I see being tossed about are by smokers who identify ("proudly") as Democrats, as liberals, who "hate Bush" and things of that nature.

You know, the general global conditions that harm our environment can be immediately changed based upon individual human choices. No one seems willing to make them, which is my depression about our environment, but about the political, again I write that the conditions that now exist became possible through years of Democrat majority rule in the U.S. It seems that recently the Democrats are now just using the environmental issues for purposes of driving fearful voters their way, but I never see much impact afterward that those Democrats accomplish.

I don't know what the answer is, other than to write that nothing is permanent, that everything changes, and that human populations are out of balance with the environment. Unless changes take place on an individual level, however, nothing changes and that's about where we are today.

People adapt or die out. That's the truth about the science of our species, as same with others. We change with conditions or we don't survive. I think it's possible to manage industry and industrial practices in such a way that we can both produce what is needed and desired without creating harm but, unfortunately, it's generally the better behaviors that are cast aside by many and it's those many that we have to figure out how to survive, or, we perish.

I don't support the Kyoto Agreement, however, and never did, to clarify, nor increased governmental regulations of just about anything.

If we as a species devoted as much time and attention to instructing other humans in areas of science and engineering as we do about many social promotions, we'd be much smarter and far more likely to make it through the hard times. More reason to practice home schooling...

F Bill. His lame analysis ... (Below threshold)

F Bill. His lame analysis contributed more "waste" to the environment than should be legally permissible.






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