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It's A Major Award!!!

Of course it's an honor just to be mentioned... [Slowplay's Top 40 Blogs]

Finalists for the 2005 edition of the Will Wheaton Boing Boing Bloggie awards are up. Those who complained about exclusions from the 2004 Weblog Awards should have a field day with the Bloggies...

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Come on, we all know you st... (Below threshold)

Come on, we all know you stole that line from Glenn.

That's OK, I was honored just to be InstaMentioned myself.

I hope you don't get too bi... (Below threshold)

I hope you don't get too big of a head from this highly sought-after award. Though taking a week or two to celebrate would be expected.

As long as the celebration ... (Below threshold)

As long as the celebration doesn't entail a break from blogging, go right ahead. Hell, even Al Gore celebrated each time somebody bought a copy of Earth in the Balance. I think that book's sold 17 copies, 14 of which were bought by his grandmother.

Impressive. The Bloggies h... (Below threshold)

Impressive. The Bloggies have completely locked out some of the most popular blogs in existance. Yet no-talent skank Wonkette gets multiple nods. I blame Glenn Reynolds.

Bloggie's bandwidth exceede... (Below threshold)

Bloggie's bandwidth exceeded, lol

How are people supposed to vote?

Ha, Bloggie Awards "bandwid... (Below threshold)

Ha, Bloggie Awards "bandwidth exceeded."

This is a joke, right? Right?






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