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Quote Of The Day

From the Boxer/Rice throwdown last week (emphasis mine).

SEN. BOXER: Well, you should read what we voted on when we voted to support the war, which I did not, but most of my colleagues did. It was WMD, period. That was the reason and the causation for that, you know, particular vote.
Update: Matt Margolis offers the possibility that "which I did not," refers to voting to support the war as opposed to reading the text of the resolution. Of course my interpretation is more fun, but unfortunately his may be more accurate...

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...so, the "...which I did ... (Below threshold)

...so, the "...which I did not..." refers to what, exactly? The vote (as in, 'I didn't vote to support the war.") or reading the resolution (as in, "I didn't read the document we voted on.")??

I presume she voted against supporting the war (I'd be surprised if she did), so the statement is, to me, ambiguous. Hell, even if she *did* vote for the war, it's an ambiguous statement.

The Dem's "Designated Idiot."


Semantic and information content = zero.

Speaking of dumbasses, how ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of dumbasses, how come Biden's demeaning form of questioning of Rice didn't get more criticism? "Hey, boss... Hey, boss." Am I the only one who felt he was doing a master-slave parody? It gave me the creeps. He gives me the creeps.

Julie, It's Biden's fake te... (Below threshold)

Julie, It's Biden's fake teeth. They are too white and too...there.

I agree- creepy, with teeth or without...;-)

RWS: You didn't think that ... (Below threshold)

RWS: You didn't think that Hey Boss schtick was like all those damn racist charactures they did of her a few months ago.

Seeing as how TNR and the r... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Seeing as how TNR and the rest of the MSM do this kind of selective sound-biting to Bush all the time, it seems only appropriate that Boxer is given the same treatment.

Pass this by an English teacher though, and I think he will tell you that technically she is saying she didn't read the text.

I couldn't resist emailing ... (Below threshold)
Mark A.:

I couldn't resist emailing this to Boxer through her website this morning. Bets on whether I get a response?


Your attack of Ms. Rice during the confirmation hearings was embarassingly disingenuous and specious. Only the true tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists could suspend the plain meaning of the English language long enough to entertain your accusations of untruthfulness. Meanwhile, the rest of your constituency is left embarassed to be Californians. You were childish, you were absolutely wrong on the merits, and the nation knows that.

Now you've come out and accused Ms. Rice of attacking you. The extent to which you defy reality in plain view of the public, and the depths of your absurdity, are astounding. Don't you think the public can read, hear and watch you?

You lied to the American public in the confirmation hearings, and you lied again when you claimed you were the true victim. Do you really think that's effective? You have destroyed any credibility you once had, if ever, and I am left scratching my head wondering how you think this helps your constituents.

Grow up, look in the mirror, serve us, and stop embarassing the residents of California.

Boxer has the victimology o... (Below threshold)

Boxer has the victimology of the Democrats' down pat, as in, no wonder a few of them now try to recreate Boxer as heroic material, when she is anything but. A "hero" of victimology, perhaps, about THAT interpretation, I'd agree.

Boxer routinely uses that "I didn't/did vote for it/you/him/her" by way of not being responsible for her voting/not voting/whatever due to some other "force" that compelled her, did not compel her, otherwise motivated her "voting"/"not voting" by way of anything but her own accountability.

She never makes statements that are beyond victimology and even her very presence in the Senate, her campaigning, it's all based upon Boxer as Leader of Victims being somehow taken somewhere against their will (but she'll still vote for/against it/anything) and she seems to relish her positioning as never being responsible for much of anything.

I thought she was a biting, tiny insect (or resembled such) in that interaction with Rice, was grandstanding beyond even the Senatorial standard of grandstanding, using her moment before the media and a microphone as time to destruct whatever was possible. I also thought the same thing about the snory, borey Kerry in his various permutations of statements during and after as to Rice and his vote or not vote or vote for or vote against because someone always seems to compel Kerry and Boxer and Pelosi and peers (although Kerry, Boxer, Biden and Pelosi seem to radiate in these areas) to vote, not vote for reasons they can never fully explain or accept and I have yet to ever hear/read about any of them taking responsibility for the very space they occupy in the Senate, how they vote, do not vote, whatever.

It was a pitiful thing to hear and watch Biden, Boxer and Kerry in their various pompous, foolhearty gestures, bad moods, preposterous contortions of tweaking reality through to some permanent above-it-all vulture point rendition of "it's not my vote."

This is what you get when you get life termers in Congress who take for granted that they're unmovable, when they really aren't. I can't see how they can ever expect to exemplify leadership to anyone after watching and listening to that one day, particularly, when Boxer made a complete arse out of herself. Perhaps just proved beyond a doubt to many of us that she was completely past midnight-after-arse.

Hearing a few excusers amon... (Below threshold)

Hearing a few excusers among Democrats afterward refer to Boxer and Kerry as "asking necessary questions" and "just doing their job" as Senators is pitiful. It's as if they assume no one can see the dishonesty, the incredibility, in what they are saying.

Vote for Rice, not vote for Rice, but to now hear several on television among Democrats about this, as recently as last evening/this night, they're saying that Condoleezza Rice "lied about everything" about the War in Iraq...I mean, if they have information that proves that statement, then spit it out but they never seem to. It's just a caustic, irresponsible line of nonsense that allows some Democrats to rationalize in the public eye that they voted or didn't vote and why, to fund the War in Iraq. They appear to be going to great lengths to now say that their votes were unrealistic, that they aren't now responsible for their votes, etc., and yet they all appear to be desperate in some grab effort for credibility, all reducing down to blaming Condoleezza Rice, or Rumsfeld as per Biden's pitiful stupidity.

If it matters, these are the motivating reasons among a few others that I just could not stand to remain a voter for Democrats here in CA, or anywhere else. I cannot rely on them as representatives with any good faith after how they've mismanaged this crucial issue, especially, as to the War in Iraq. That Boxer routinely appears to support actual enemies of the United States, as does Kerry, it's just the last straw. Then there's Biden making public appeals to terrorists to come on innn, they seem so inept as to be dangerous in the U.S. Senate. To this voter, at least.

Today, Sen. Robert "KKK" By... (Below threshold)

Today, Sen. Robert "KKK" Byrd asked for 4 hours to denigrate Condi Rice. Guess he can't help himself and jumped at the opportunity to partake in an electronic lynching of an African-American. If Rice were a democrat and Byrd a Republican, does anyone doubt the MSM would remind Americans that Byrd served as a leader in the Ku Klux Klan?

I think Feinstein had it ri... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I think Feinstein had it right. (this is not a direct quote) she basically said that Dr. Rice was going to get confirmed, and she didn't see the point in destroying her credibility to the rest of the world in order to get a few jabs in during the hearings.

If Boxer isn't careful she may be the subject of another SNL skit this weekend.

Just Me: that first skit w... (Below threshold)

Just Me: that first skit was just too kind on Boxer and the impersonator even looked far better than Boxer, so, I think Boxer just got a pass there. Meaning, I sure hope that there's another skit and another and another one on SNL featuring an ever degenerating-looking Boxer, eventually ending up at season's end with the hard core reality of Boxer herself. I can hear it now, the polite but wan clapping from the audience...

SNL actually succeeded in making Boxer look "nice" in a sorta warmanfuzzy way, which I thought missed the full awfulness of the person herself and how she behaved. I think that impersonating Boxer is finally a reason to bring back Chevy Chase to SNL: imagine just how bad it would be.

Ah, yeah, but then Feinstei... (Below threshold)

Ah, yeah, but then Feinstein endorsed Kerry for the Presidency. I was appalled when I got her email about that.

(Hit "Post" too soon, sorry... (Below threshold)

(Hit "Post" too soon, sorry...)...anyway, Feinstein HAS to say something like that, while Kerry and Boxer and Biden do their awful deeds, meaning, it's a game. There's Feinstein, being the "safe" Democrat while her peers run amok...what's she going to say? As in, what ELSE is she going to say other than to offer up that sorta statement?

Feinstein COULD speak out to and about those peers of hers, put some sort of sanity into the process, be direct, contradict how and what they're saying as they say it, but, nooo. No, she hasn't. Which makes me question Feinstein, although that is very difficult for me to write.

'she basically said that Dr... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'she basically said that Dr. Rice was going to get confirmed, and she didn't see the point in destroying her credibility to the rest of the world in order to get a few jabs in during the hearings.'

Feinstein keeps that up and they won't invite her to caucus.

I feel compelled to add my ... (Below threshold)

I feel compelled to add my states questionably intelligent Senators to the roster of obnoxious "leaders" of our country. Levin and Conyers are as objectional as Boxer and Biden. I just can't let the others get all the credit for bringing down the country when my own representitives certainly do their part. Credit where credit is due!

Jack Tanner...yes, she did ... (Below threshold)

Jack Tanner...yes, she did say that, while I was trying to point out what looks to me to be a very obvious confidence game by those Democrat Senators. Kerry and Boxer and Biden get to jab while Feinstein gets to wear a halo and opine cautions, but never, actually, REALLY acts to otherwise discourage or prevent the jabbing. She just gets to royally reserve some cluck-cluck-clucking on behalf of the cluck-cluck-clucking Democrats and then they can all go cockadoodledoooo when they get to close the doors afterward together.

I used to respect Feinstein until her endorsement of Kerry, among a few other things in the last few years, and now these hen house doings are just too much for me. Sure, she's still a formidable Senator but she'd have saved herself in my eyes (and my vote, too) had she just turned Republican but instead has remained affiliated with the most liberal in the Senate, particularly Kerry, Biden, Boxer, et al.

But, I'm not moved by Feinstein's statement. Again, it sure seems to be a confidence game, and consider, why NOT say that? Not like she's placed any work behind the statement, and it just reads like more clucking to me. Cluck-cluck, hey, don't touch the eggs, ooohhhhkay, go ahead, cluck-cluck-cluck...

Sorry -S-, gotta disagree.<... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Sorry -S-, gotta disagree.

You're giving the Dems way more credit for brains and strategizing than I will. I think Feinstein just screwed up and said something that made sense for once.

Ha. Well, sometimes Feinst... (Below threshold)

Ha. Well, sometimes Feinstein makes far more sense than most Democrats, but about this process, I do think they've coordinated, what with the bogus fallout reports this morning, more Democrats appearing as if "suddenly" disapproving of Rice's confirmation. I'm convinced it's a confidence game by Democrats, I really am. All that ouster about Dean wasn't by accident, either, not that I didn't agree with THAT, ha.






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