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The 10 Spot - Girls Gone Wild Edition

Ten stories of girls gone wild (or mild) that you may have missed...

  1. Paige Davis, of TLC's Trading Spaces, was fired. Maybe that sex tape that was, then wasn't, now is again? James Joyner reports...

  2. Rumor - Former teen popstar Debbie Gibson, or as she now prefers to known - Deborah Gibson, is making a comeback. What better place to kick off your new image than the pages of the March edition of Playboy.

  3. Gawker has a candid shot of Jenna Bush enjoying the inaugural ball.

  4. More from the Bush Twin archive - Jenna and Barbara Bush, and another. Another picture of Jenna, drink in hand. Hey was that a rock on Jenna's finger?

  5. Halley Berry at the Golden Globes. Looks like she remembered to use deoderant...

  6. From the producer of "Apollo 13" and "A Beautiful Mind" - "Inside Deep Throat." No it's not about Watergate...

  7. Eva Longoria at the Golden Globes, just because...

  8. Who say's there's no hot Republican babes?

  9. Is Britney Spears pregnant? Pictures of her shopping for baby clothes suggest that she might be. [NSFW]

  10. The next season of The Amazing Race, which premieres March 1, will feature Survivor All-Star winner Amber Brkich and her fiance "Boston" Rob Mariano as contestants.
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Comments (16)

Well, crap. A good chunk of... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Well, crap. A good chunk of my "Tiffany vs. Debbie Gibson" piece was based on mocking Tiffany's appearance in Playboy versus Gibson's Broadway career. If this rumor is true, Kevin, thanks for killing the relevancy of THAT piece.


Haha, I kind of liked the s... (Below threshold)

Haha, I kind of liked the shot of Jenna Bush, though.
Makes me wonder what her father thinks of that ;-)

That Jenna is a little vixe... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

That Jenna is a little vixen.

Did you use Debbie Gibson and relevance in the same post?

On the night of the first P... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

On the night of the first Presidential debate, I was skimming through some liberal blog, and all that they could muster were name calling of Bush, etc. "he's creepy - ooo", and "did you see his hair" - you know, bullshit like that.

I informed all of them that since I hadn't heard anything interesting whatsoever about the debate itself - let's get to the really important reason I was voting for Bush - "hotter daughters".

Man, did that create a stir and pissed the other lefties (gays, women and uptight elitists) on the blog off so bad that they just lost their minds and started cussing me something awful and telling me to get the hell out, etc. In short, the Bush girls won favor by every guy in the discussion without any question at all. It was a hoot.

By the way, Brittney will be a big fat cow in about 3 years - just look at her arms, it's already starting.

"By the way, Brittney will ... (Below threshold)

"By the way, Brittney will be a big fat cow in about 3 years - just look at her arms, it's already starting."

This will complete a remarkable metamorphosis, as she has sounded like a cow for years.

About the Paige Davis thing... (Below threshold)

About the Paige Davis thing ...

The wife and I have wondered for some time about the fate of Trading Spaces. Doug now has his own show. Genevieve (who had two of the best reasons to watch Trading Spaces) now has her own show. Ty is on ABC with Extreme Makeover Home Edition. And I think Vern is doing his own thing now, although I can't exactly remember what it is.

It all seems to add up to the end of the show in its current format. I would imagine that this was the reason that they let Paige go.

By the way, the rumor I heard about the "sex tape" suggested that it was only a tape of her goofing off singing in the shower (naked) or some such other nosense. Not exactly a "sex tape" by todays standards.

And Brittany, ewwww ... get... (Below threshold)

And Brittany, ewwww ... get a bra!

I think this <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

I think this Prom dress needs to be on this list.

#9. Nah, I think she's just... (Below threshold)

#9. Nah, I think she's just buying clothes for herself.

That's NSFW? Glad I don't w... (Below threshold)

That's NSFW? Glad I don't work where you do! (Of course, they keep us techs hidden well away from public view...)

Well, maybe the Brit shots ... (Below threshold)

Well, maybe the Brit shots are basically SFW, but if you go up a level, they've got some shots of Uma Thurman at the beach that are definitely NSFW.

But they're spectacular. Especially for a 40-year-old.

Perhaps I am unique in that... (Below threshold)

Perhaps I am unique in that my only surprise here is or would be that Brittany Spears is or would NOT BE pregnant.

But I hope that she has the... (Below threshold)

But I hope that she has the family she wants, sincerely. Perhaps a better choice of paternal lineage would have been my suggestion, but, I just hope that she has the children she wants and wish her the best in that regard.

Seeings as how you covered ... (Below threshold)

Seeings as how you covered the gambit of risque photos for us guys to oogle, here's a couple of the worlds wealthiest man for the ladies:

Love those wrinkle-free slacks!


Floppies ARE sexy

Like the Pats need mor ehel... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Like the Pats need mor ehelp before administering an ass beating on the Eagles

<a href="http://www.deborah... (Below threshold)






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