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Blogger's Manna From Google Heaven

Oh this could come in handy:

Search engine Google sets sights on video

Internet search giant Google's next target: video.

Monday night, Google (GOOG) introduced a test site that searches closed-caption TV show transcripts (www.google.com/video).

What the site won't let you do is locate specific video clips, even though some smaller video search engines offer that. Google says clips will come in the next version.

Rival Yahoo (YHOO) countered Google's Monday announcement by saying it would incorporate closed-caption transcripts at its test site video.search.yahoo.com by the end of February. Yahoo said it also will add searchable news video clips currently unavailable.

Google is working with transcripts from ABC, PBS, C-Span and Fox News.

This is better than a Tivo in some ways.

Maybe we'll finally get an answer to this question.

Update Or not.... You can SEARCH the transcripts but not read them. The point being?????
I tired answering the question I linked above and I'm no closer than I was yesterday. (update below fold) Maybe I'm missing something.

Update Taj answered my question in the comments. Apparently it was in CNN transcript. It was not in the NYT transcript nor was the exchange shown on C-SPAN. Apparently the NY Times had their transcriptionist watching C-Span and they missed it. I can say that with a fair amount of certainty because I TiVo'd C-SPAN and the Times transcript matched it but not CNN's. Mystery solved.


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Comments (12)

VOINOVICH: ... I think what... (Below threshold)

VOINOVICH: ... I think what we're doing in the tsunami right now is wonderful. I think it's -- but we have got to show people that we love them, that we are for democracy, that we want them to enjoy the same thing but we haven't any hidden motives. What are you planning on doing in that area to respond to that?

RICE: Senator, first of all, I do agree that the tsunami was a wonderful opportunity to show not just the U.S. government, but the heart of the American people. And I think it has paid great dividends for us.

Got this from Captain Ed http://www.captainsquartersblog.com/mt/archives/003576.php

Taj, that has exactly what ... (Below threshold)

Taj, that has exactly what to do with Google and TiVo?

[After clicking to Paul'... (Below threshold)

[After clicking to Paul's question]

Ah. Relevance established. My bad.

THANK YOU TAJ!!!!Y... (Below threshold)


You know I went looking for a CNN transcript that afternoon but they did not have one up... I guess getting it right takes a little longer.

Thanks again, I've been wondering about that for days.

O.T. but good news: Michael... (Below threshold)

O.T. but good news: Michael Moore was shut out of the Oscars.

O.T. to julie-->> I KNEW t... (Below threshold)

O.T. to julie-->> I KNEW there was some reason that the DGA "nominated" Moore last week for "documentary" filmmaking...all that from supposedly professional directors about someone (Moore) who wouldn't know a documentary from his rear can, and from what he wrought with 9/11, proved that he didn't/doesn't.

What really bothers me is that the DGA (um, Directors Guild of America, whence you can join for an annual fee once you've been contracted by a participating production, as Director, so you'd think that that'd be a group of people who knew what a "documentary" was and was not, but, nooo, guess not based upon the remarkable nomination for Moore for his "documentary" work, thus proving that the DGA has degenerated into *surprisingly new*)-- the DGA proved that it plays popularity, vanity games while it cannot distinguish between one genre and another.

Oh, the DGA can distinguish... (Below threshold)

Oh, the DGA can distinguish between genres. What they can't do, is get any more left wing than they already are.

I have never used Google to... (Below threshold)

I have never used Google to begin with - because they never come up with the answer to my request, so I use Internet Explorer, sometimes Netscape and sometimes Yahoo but never google. I have never been satisfied with the results.


julie: speaking from exper... (Below threshold)

julie: speaking from experience here, with and about many who are actually IN the DGA, no, no many of them can't distinguish among genres. Many can, some can't. It's an illustrious Guild but then again, Roberto Rodgriguez withdrew his membership...a story there...but having met many who remain, and yes, there's critical liberal tweaking of much, I'm just saying that some convince themselves that something is something that it isn't if there's enough spin and heat associated with the meme, whatever it may be. And, many more who work from a point of developing genre (explain that!) by marketing madness, what with remakes verging on franchising and episodic installations verging on lithography.

But, genuinely, no, some among the DGA don't or won't or can't distinguish among genres from what I think is social pressure to go with mis-labelling titles.

About the Academy, however, they pressure members to refrain from discussing titles and opinions about them that to my view is entirely inappropriate to an individual, and that includes members of the professional guilds, threeatening loss of Academy membership.

And so, the process remains a closed society, which is to their loss, because that fosters the very problems that the box office later reflects.

Closed societies foster a d... (Below threshold)

Closed societies foster a declination in intellectual scope.

But you're right about that... (Below threshold)

But you're right about that leftwing description. Most dedicated socialism is just that and that is, a closed society, motivating toward a singularity, no balast: participants lose the ability to distinguish accurately between one thing and another, become entirely non objective about themselves and no one brings their feet back down to earth, what with staffs and environments all reflecting the same singularity.

S: I believe the politics o... (Below threshold)

S: I believe the politics of the members of the DGA controls their actions and decisions.






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