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Two Weeks Vacation

What are you going to do with your vacation this year?

Jeff Thomason is taking two weeks leave from his job as a project manager for a construction company in New Jersey to join the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles for the Super Bowl. Given that the Eagles are 7 point underdogs, the old adage about not quiting your day job seems most appropriate for Thomason...

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Worrying about being MVP is... (Below threshold)

Worrying about being MVP is a little premature.

The Pats are going to stomp the Eagles.

If it weren't for the 15 minutes of fame and being able to partipate in such a spectacle event, I'd say he should shold stick with his day job.

I'll be spending my vacatio... (Below threshold)

I'll be spending my vacation this year riding my Triumph Speed Triple from Kennedy Space Center to California, hitting as many "space related" sites as I can along the way...

But I'll agree Jeff Thomason should stick with his day job, because winning a ring this way, doesn't mean anything. Let us say that the Eagles managed to pull out a win. He gets the ring, but what did he really contribute?

Even if he makes "The Catch" or something else that contributes to the one win, he didn't contribute a single thing to the team arriving there in the first place.

Leaving for Jamaica on Satu... (Below threshold)
biker babe:

Leaving for Jamaica on Saturday, spending a week in the fun and sun.

Jeff Thomason did contribut... (Below threshold)

Jeff Thomason did contribute to this Eagles team, just not this year. He was an important part of their goal line offense and special teams for three years while they became one of the premiere teams in football. The man paid his dues doing all the non-glamour parts of football. I wouldn't be surprised if he made a couple of big plays. Hell, the man had 10 TD's with only 62 career receptions. On another note, Eagles by 8.

You mean, actually taking a... (Below threshold)

You mean, actually taking all 14 days of vacation in a row? To actually *go* somewhere?

It's been so long since I've done that, I wouldn't know what to do with myself...






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