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GOP has verified 737 illegal votes in Washington Gov Race

Where is the "Count Every Vote" crowd?

GOP has verified 737 illegal votes in governor race

OLYMPIA, Wash. - State Republican Party officials say they have verified 737 illegal votes in the governor's election.

State Party Chairman Chris Vance says the votes came from felons, dead people, people who voted twice, and from provisional ballots that were illegally fed directly into voting machines.

Republicans have filed a court challenge to the election of Democratic Governor Christine Gregoire.

Gregoire lost the first two counts against Republican Dino Rossi. She won by just 129 votes after a final [final, final -ed], hand recount.

Vance says there should be a new election, because the number of illegal votes is so much larger than the margin of victory.

It really is amusing that Democrats have no other issues to run on other than the claim that Republicans are "trying to steal elections" when they are trying to commit the most blatant election theft imaginable.

We keep hearing (from the Dems) that they are not trying to challenge elections they know they lost, they are the true patriots who only care that the process not be compromised.

If only their action matched the rhetoric.


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Comments (26)

The Dems can't get over 200... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

The Dems can't get over 2000, and still talk about the disenfranchisement that wasn't.

Here you have an election that has real evidence of misconduct, and the Dems are silent-but then that is because the votes are going in their favor.

The Dems are hypocrits, when it comes to counting votes.

I haven't been able to find... (Below threshold)

I haven't been able to find whether or not the Gregorie crowd had found any fraud with Rossi voters?

As I see it, if Gregorie cant at least find 609 fake votes for Rossi by the dead, illegals, or otherwise, then Gregorie has to step down.

Count every vote! Even ... (Below threshold)

Count every vote! Even the fraudulent ones!

Part of the problem with el... (Below threshold)

Part of the problem with election fraud is that, because of the secret ballot aspects of voting, you generally can't tell who the fraudulent voters voted for - just the fact that they voted.

But you can find out who they are, and prosecute them - and question them to seek out organized fraud.

I don't advocate the death penalty for election fraud (at least not yet) but I am increasingly sympathetic to those who do...

I guess once the technique ... (Below threshold)

I guess once the technique was proved successful it has no political boundries.

Are all those 737 votes for... (Below threshold)

Are all those 737 votes for Gregoire?

Anyone know the number of illegal republican votes, if any?

Yeah, are all the bad votes... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Yeah, are all the bad votes for one person? I doubt it. But, the hypocrisy is two sided on this issue. Where was the Republican cry to question the vote Florida in 2000 or Ohio in Nov? Republicans are absent when it is a Democrat contesting the vote and Democrats are absent when Republicans are the ones are contesting the vote.

Don't act like the Republicans are so much better on the issue.

Seems like a couple of moon... (Below threshold)
VA Jim:

Seems like a couple of moonbats still don't quite "get it".
1) Florida 2000 - With no evidence of fraud or illegal action, Republicans opposed selective recounts.
2)Ohio 2004 - With no evidence of fraud or illegal actions, Republicans opposed recounts.
3)Washington - With specific, identified evidence of election fraud, crimes committed on their behalf, Demorats oppose recounts.

Normal people understand. There was a recount in Florida, just not a third, fourth, fifth count. There was a recount in Ohio, same deal.

In Washington, the only recounts done to date were after Demorats "found" ballots that "hadn't been counted yet". Sure.

I think it's time for immed... (Below threshold)

I think it's time for immediate intervention in the federal court via a juicy order to show cause. This is a watershed issue and its resolution should begin NOW, under these facts, using this proof which is irrefutable. We should define the outcome, on our terms. Waiting for another opportunity is suicide.

Best wishes to Governor Ros... (Below threshold)

Best wishes to Governor Rossi on his election to office, and now it's time to get a certain illegitimate folk swept out of the Manse.

Bill K I was going to answe... (Below threshold)

Bill K I was going to answer you but since Jim destroyed your argument I'll let it be.

Call me selfish, but I don'... (Below threshold)

Call me selfish, but I don't care. It was a close election, pretty much a tie, and we'll never know who really got the 50% +1. Our of 3,000,000 votes cast, systems and people aren't precise enough to provide certainty when the difference is a mighty small handful. Too bad. But there is a legal process for resolving election disputes, and it is almost exhausted. Someone has to be Governor, and they can impeach or vote her out next time if they don't like it. And no way is a revote the right answer to a close vote. This is America, dammit, not Ukraine. And since I don't give a damn who is Governor of Washington, I'm sleeping well.

mCcAIN,A revote IS... (Below threshold)


A revote IS legal process in Washington State wherever an election has results that are closer than the evidence of fraud. What the moonbats above are saying is, in a sense, correct---you can't tell who the illegal voters voted for.

But the solution to that problem isn't "do nothing." (a la Leftists and Iraq). It's "revote and see who gets the most votes in a clean election."

Not a perfect solution, but far, far better than having a fraudulently elected head of state. A revote is perfectly fair, and just b/c the Ukraine had to do it doesn't mean that legitimate democracies are now forbidden from using this old, old process.

Man, you're not selfish, b/c as you say, you don't live in Wash. You're foolish, glib, and thoughtless. Next time something is hard for you, I hope you remember that "sometimes you fail, and it's better not to even try." Cuz that's what you're saying now: It's too much trouble, let's let the cheaters win.

Hardly a way to uphold the rule of law.

God, how spineless.

And when the next vote resu... (Below threshold)

And when the next vote results in a 100 vote difference, what do you want to see happen? Another revote, and then what? We had a vote already. You can't revote because it is hard to figure out the winner. Figure out the winner, following the legal process, and move on. Democracy is imperfect, and pardon me for not thinking the person who is Governor of Washington for 4 short years is a big deal.

And nowhere am I conceding any cheating has occured, nor outright dismissing it for that matter. I have reviewed the evidence of found vote boxes, and a few votes stuck in machines. Nothing unusual here, and the recount found the Democrat had won EVEN WITHOUT those "new" votes.

What I see are interested partisans digging up every possible reason that the results of this election might be invalid. They move from found ballots, to unregistered voters, to votes exceeding registrations, to voting in the wrong county, to whatever flavor of the day they can grasp. All of these straws can be easily explained by a perfectly legitimate reason other than cheating, and have been explained. And to take it a step further, it has not been demonstrated that anything happened in this election that is outside the norm of any other election, anywhere in the country.

It was a close election. That is the sin. Obsessing and whinning about it lends credibility to the obsessing and whinning that Democrats do about close elections that go the other way. And yes, the situations are different, but whinning is whinning and real men don't whine.

No, McCain, it wasn't a CLO... (Below threshold)

No, McCain, it wasn't a CLOSE election,it was a fraudulent one.

There were 189 felons voting in (heavily democratic) King County alone.

Gregoire won by 129 votes.

In all, statewide, there were 700+ ILLEGAL votes. Discover so far.

Do you really even know the facts?

Check out soundpolitics.com

You're being a disingenuous debater (if debating is what you're attempting), since you address everything but the substance of the problem.

You can't revote because it's close. OK, Fine.

You CAN revote when you have a greater number of illegal votes than the margin of vicotry.

That's the process, asshat. (Washington statutes spell out this exact procedure)

(apologies if you're not being intentionally dismissive, but you sure come across as an arrogant, ignorant, factually-immune prick)

"Whining"... (Below threshold)


I suppose the courts will d... (Below threshold)

I suppose the courts will decide if it is a fraudulent election, now won't they. Somehow it just wouldn't seem right for the question to be decided by the fair-minded blogger, hobgobblin, protector of the good people of Washington and their Constitutional process. And if I seem to have come across as dismissive, I think you are right -- I am growing more dismissive of your partisan rhetoric, but not the election itself.

Merely asserting there are 700 illegal votes, you will admit, doesn't make it so. Prove it in court. And about 189 felons voting out of 3,000,000 votes cast, I am left wondering why there were so few. And I grow more and more dismissive of these assertions, because I was hoodwinked into reviewing similar assertions in past weeks, only to see them easily blown out of the water by the real facts. At some point, the boy who cries wolf is ignored.

The bottom line here is there are these problems in every election, everywhere. I have seen NO evidence that ANYTHING out of the norm happened in Washington State. What makes this a problem for you is it is a close election. Be a man about it and impeach her or elect your guy next time. That is, if the court sees things as I do.

McCain: why not just type ... (Below threshold)

McCain: why not just type the word "bark" many times and go stare at hummingbirds. Meaning, that you are not aware of any irregularities in the Washington state recent election isn't a good indication that your scope is broad, if not a scope at all. What, again, is your point here?

It ought to be important and of concern to everyone in the country, the Washington state election, because if it happens anywhere, it happens everywhere as to potential.

"Count Every Vote"... (Below threshold)

"Count Every Vote"

The Democrats are true to their word. Count every vote whether it comes from felon, double vote, dead people, and etc...

-S-"It" is what exac... (Below threshold)

"It" is what exactly? You contend fraud. The courts will prove you right or wrong. My bet is on wrong.

My point, to be quite short, is I concluded two weeks ago that the hand wringers are crying wolf. And it is a crying that has been going on for much longer, a high pitched crying that is grating on my nerves. Thus far, you haven't proved anything, and the courts agree with ME.

The throw-out-the-election crowd has used as "evidence" the types of inadvertant problems and inconsistencies that are inherrent in every election. An error happened here, a problem happened there. And you take the fantastic leap to claim fraud, and pretend these problems aren't normal in every election.

I root for the home team to a point, but I want them to act like grownups or the victory is unearned. I don't want them crying about a bad umpire call. And they lost in my estimation, fair enough and square enough. Time to move on.

New Dem slogan:"Co... (Below threshold)

New Dem slogan:

"Count Every Illegal Vote"

McCain,If they had... (Below threshold)


If they had found 737 blacks in Florida 2000 who were wrongly prevented from voting, do you think the Dems would have called the vote fraudulent?

Oh wait, they called it fraudulent anyway.

Yes of course. No doubt ab... (Below threshold)

Yes of course. No doubt about it that Democrat crying is more shrill and more grating, and facts are perhaps less relevant to them, but I expect this behavior from them.

Oh, so now we get to the bo... (Below threshold)

Oh, so now we get to the bottom of it. It's "expected" of them.

Well, that settles it. I'm happy now.

The bottom of what exactly?... (Below threshold)

The bottom of what exactly? Have you had some fantastic epiphany to think that the GOP will prevail in court, in other words, prove the allegations of voter fraud? That is the central point, and the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink collection of desperate allegations are the bottom of it. If the party had researched their allegations well, rather than throwing everything at the wall only to have them easily refuted, I wouldn't have stopped listening.

In Washington, the only ... (Below threshold)
An Actual WA Voter:

In Washington, the only recounts done to date were after Demorats "found" ballots that "hadn't been counted yet". Sure.

No, the first recount was automatically triggered by state law due to the margin of victory, and no additional ballots were found at that time. The second recount was called for by the Democrats, also rightfully done (this time at losing party's discretion and footing of the bill if the result remained as is) under state law due to the slim margin of victory; During this recount, several ballots were found in King County after a city councilmen involved in the process noticed his vote was never counted. Go figure...King County's by far the most populous county in state; If there was going to be an error, that's the likely place.

BTW of the 700+ plus votes the GOP has deemed illegal, they certainly haven't all been tied to Democratic votes or traditionally Democratic counties either. There was even an amusing article in the Seattle P-I a while back that had quotes from some of those who voted for the dead, and one was an elderly gentleman who voted for Rossi on behalf of his wife because she so despised Gregoire. Good for him, even though he kinda sorta broke the freakin' law...

Not to mention, given how heavily Democratic WA has been in the past and how split it was this past election, I'm not even all that certain that finding votes in certain counties that traditionally vote a certain way is at all indicative of what illegal votes reprents which candidate voted for.

Admittedly, I don't even like Gregoire (or Rossi...two horrible, horrible candidates with lousy track records) but I also know our state's finances have been in the crapper for quite awhile now. I'm not certain having another election is really is in the state's interest given the cost involved and the likelhood that all those who feel disenfranchised from the first vote and the following recounts won't trudge out to the polls again, especially when there's nothing else on the ballot to draw voters like a persidential candidate, a senate race, or a vote about which primary process to adopt.

I just think it's funny that the state GOP is using a judicial route to undo the election after Rossi blasted Gregoire for not conceding prior to the first recount despite a very, very slim margin of error. His words were often very harsh and uncompromising, and now he finds himself having to resort to the same activist tactics he once decried. For a new governor-elect, he was less celebratory and gracious as he was combative and defensive...and it reflected on him poorly. If he, say, wins in a revote or in a 2008 run, I hope he's smart enough to act like true politician: Be gracious, and let your underlings/party elite wield the sword in your stead.

As for finding the illegal votes...good job finding them after the new governor's already been sworn in! They had plenty of time to look for any irregularities, and they do it in mid-January? How timely...

If the courts give us a new election, that's fine I suppose...but I'd hope we're also given two new candidates who haven't been entirely tainted by this utter disaster. Neither party or its candidate has been on its best behavior, or appeared entirely competent for that matter.






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