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University Professor "Embedded" With Terrorists

Colgate University professor Victoria Fontan is in Iraq doing research for a book on the polarization between the occupying forces and the people of Iraq, and gathering information for her Introduction to Peace Studies course. Colgate proudly announces that she was to be embedded with a terrorist group in this press release:

Fontan set out for Iraq at the end of December to study and to interview members of the country's insurgent organizations. On the way to Baghdad, she conducted research in Beirut and Jordan before negotiating to be "embedded" in one of Iraq's resistance groups.
Clearly the terrorists she's joining forces with know which side she's on - theirs.


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Comments (46)

What prevents one of our so... (Below threshold)

What prevents one of our soldiers from taking her out? It seems pretty dangerous unless the terrorrist have her stashed some where out of harms way. And dooesn't this fall under treason? Aid and comfort, as they call it?

Rope, tree, Fontan. Some as... (Below threshold)

Rope, tree, Fontan. Some assembly required.

I agree with Julie, this is... (Below threshold)

I agree with Julie, this is treason, now way around it. You can try and hide under the guise of university research, but that is just bullshit. Peace Studies major my ass!

Call me the lone dissenter ... (Below threshold)

Call me the lone dissenter here, but I actually wish that a few U.S. journalists were embedded with the insurgents and reporting on their acts; at the very least, I think the information generated could be incredibly valuable ... especially if a Western journalist managed to get an interview with Zarqawi himself.


and for this Fontan gains..... (Below threshold)

and for this Fontan gains......?
It is amazing for how little some people will sell their souls.

Well, look on the bright si... (Below threshold)

Well, look on the bright side, maybe they'll cut her head off.

Yes - we would really hate ... (Below threshold)

Yes - we would really hate to learn anything about the motivations of terrorist organizations.

"The poor dears were DRIVEN... (Below threshold)

"The poor dears were DRIVEN to this by the brutal occupation! We should leave!"

Yeah, I'm sure we'll learn a lot about the 'motivations' of the terrs from this.

We're not going to learn an... (Below threshold)

We're not going to learn anything from her. She'll come back and write some psychobabble crap and say it's all America's fault because of our policies towards the middle east and Israel. However, if she is murdered by the people she is with something good might actually come of it.

1. Traitorous lefty academics will be less willing to "embed" with the enemy.

2. Her murder will once again show what kind of people they are and will illustrate, once again, their true intentions.

3. Maybe, just maybe, leftists everywhere might be a little less willing to automatically side with the enemy. A few may even see this as an epiphany, and move more toward the right.

4. She is fraternizing with the enemy, possibly aiding and abetting. She deserves anything they do to her, and if she returns unscathed, then she should be put on trial and if convicted, she should be "hanged by the neck until dead, dead, dead".

So, if she winds up being p... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

So, if she winds up being put on the chopping block, videotaped tearfully begging the US to withdraw, whose fault will it be? The guerillas (for beheading her), her (for volunteering to be in their hands), or the USG (for being in Iraq)? I suspect we know what answer she will provide.

But the other scary thing is, if she is there while they behead others, Nepalese Buddhists, Japanese aid workers, Iraqi civilians, Egyptian drivers, what will she say to them, when they ask her what she is doing? What will she have to say about her fellow human beings being beheaded? Will she retain her "objectivity"? Will she feel any pang of sympathy for them?

Hannah Arendt wrote about the "banality of evil." It appears clear, half a century later, that such banality need not wear a crooked cross. It can come complete with a PhD and tenure, too.

Too bad the CIA didn't abdu... (Below threshold)

Too bad the CIA didn't abduct her, implant her with a tracking device, then release her with that particular memory erased. She could lead us to all the bad guys. If only life were more like the movies.

Can any one imagine an Amer... (Below threshold)

Can any one imagine an American academic trying to interview Nazi's during WWII?

"So how much Zyclon B does ... (Below threshold)

"So how much Zyclon B does it take to kill 3000 Jews? uh huh. And how long does it take put put them all in the oven after words? Really? That's very efficient. No, no. I'm not taking any sides here, just trying to be objective."

Yeah, I HOPE they cut her head off.

How long before the MSM adm... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

How long before the MSM admit their "journalists" have been, and are, "embedded" with Al Queda?

Julie the answer to you qu... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Julie the answer to you question is that person would be tried for murder in the US. She is an American; no matter how much she hates America.

They've beheaded at least o... (Below threshold)

They've beheaded at least one woman who was an Iraqi citizen, wonder what makes her think it's safe to join them. Shouldn't waste any soldiers lives when the video comes out with her begging for her life.

I hope they've got a cell r... (Below threshold)

I hope they've got a cell ready for her at Guantanamo.

These barbarians don't give... (Below threshold)

These barbarians don't give a flying rats ass what we think of them nor do they care for us to know what they think of us. It's all the same to them. Infidels as we and closer to Allah are they.
Her agenda is clear. She puts herself in that position and the next thing you know she's pleading for her life. This would be one possible beheading that I would say "well, there ya go..see what you get?"
How incredibly moronic of her to think she can actually pull this off. I hope her life insurance is paid up.

I think the "insurgents" tr... (Below threshold)

I think the "insurgents" treat her like an honored guest since they understand that her agenda is to come back to the U.S. and bad mouth our efforts in Iraq - she is their willing accomplice/mouthpiece so they won't touch her - she comes back and does their propaganda work for them - not terribly unlike Jane Fonda in North Vietnam

I think there is little cha... (Below threshold)

I think there is little chance of this person being bought to trail in this country. One chance for justice will be if she is in a targeted terrorist safe house and is exploded with the rest of the splodies contained therein.
True justice would be to have her rounded up in an Iraqi police raid and held accountable to Iraqi law. It would really get interesting (and fun) at that point.
I would chain myself to the White House gate if our embassy attempted to intervene.

I don't see what the big fu... (Below threshold)

I don't see what the big fuss is about. Weren't Jane Fonda and Abby Hoffman embedded with the Viet Cong?

"OFF WITH HER HEAD"!<... (Below threshold)


Coming to an Al Jezzera channel near you.

Rod: Not sure what... (Below threshold)


Not sure what question you were referring to. I was thinking in real life terms whether she could be prosecuted for treason. I looked it up a few months ago but don't have the time to do it again at the moment.

There was that one ex-cia guy who's name escapes me. When the Iranians took over our embassy, he called them up and advised them to trade hostages for cia files and offered to act as their negotiater. For some reason he was not tried for treason, but his teasonous behaviour was used to take away his passport. Unfortunately, for a technical reason which I have also forgotton, he got his passport back. The guy wrote a book. Anybody know who I'm referring to?

Back to my original topic: What argument could be made that this writer is giving aid and comfort? I assume she will argue that she is doing nothing but observing.

And speaking of traitors, what happened to Lynn Stewart?

The real problems will star... (Below threshold)

The real problems will start if she is embedded and a firefight starts with U.S. forces. The outcry from the left would be deafening if she were to be killed by U.S. forces.

perhaps if we had more peop... (Below threshold)

perhaps if we had more people "imbeded" in cultures other than our own we would have the intelligence not to invade countries and go on wild goose chases for WMDs that aren't really there. Considering that our original justification for the war has turned out to be phony, your article should read "university professor embedded with rebel patriots who are resiting an occupying force". Think of her hanging out with the high school kids in the movie Red Dawn and you will get a better idea of what's really going on.

If she is embedded and witn... (Below threshold)

If she is embedded and witnesses acts of violence and murder and does nothing to stop or prevent them, isn't that considered accessory to the crime?

Could she then be called upon to give testimony to the crime? Could she be tried and convicted as an accessory if, say, she was present for the planning and or execution of an attack that killed many? What if some were children, would this bother her conscience?

Whose jurisdiction would it be to pursue charges, and can anyone within that jurisdiction press charges?

At this exact moment, th... (Below threshold)

At this exact moment, the not so good professor is embedded with Michael Medved. And surprise of surprise, she is French!

If she is embedded and w... (Below threshold)

If she is embedded and witnesses acts of violence and murder and does nothing to stop or prevent them, isn't that considered accessory to the crime?


Pinko -Try '"unive... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Pinko -

Try '"university professor embedded with foreign terrorists who are trying to impose tyranny on 25m Iraqis".

I admit, she sounds sane.</... (Below threshold)

I admit, she sounds sane.

Bark bark bark bark bark ba... (Below threshold)

Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark.

"The outcry from the left w... (Below threshold)
John S.:

"The outcry from the left would be deafening if she were to be killed by U.S. forces" Hopefully, she'll and the scum she's embedded with will end up on the receiving end of multiple 2,000 lb. bombs. They don't leave too much evidence behind.

Guess she didn't hear about... (Below threshold)

Guess she didn't hear about Margaret Hassan?

Guess she didn't hear ab... (Below threshold)

Guess she didn't hear about Margaret Hassan?

She said she met Hassan's husband. She also said something about Hassan's murder video was different and she thought she had not been kidnapped by Zarquawi (sp?) but some other group. [Nevertheless, same outcome.]

Anyway, she lost all good will she built up with me. She said tho it would be difficult, she wd remain neutral and not reveal any info on the terrorists to aid US troops.

She is different. She said she served in the french army but if she had been called to fight, she is not sure she would. She thinks french soldiers shd be in iraq.

Try this professor instead.... (Below threshold)

Try this professor instead.


I also heard her on ... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

I also heard her on Michael Medved. He really blasted her about the distinction between "terrorism" and "resistance", which, apparently she's incapable of. She stated several times that she was vehemently against violence of any kind - but just couldn't quite bring herself to call suicide bombers terrorists.

I thought it was cool when a US Marine called in and told her that he hoped that they would be able to detain her peacefully when he deploys in the very near future.

Medved then asked her if this Marine were to come in contact with her and ask for information, would she help. She successfully used the shield of "academia" maintaining that it was very different from "Military Intelligence".

Making that distinction is not a problem for her, I guess.

One other curious thing is that she talked about Iraqis who were afraid to resist against Saddam's regime for fear of their lives, but have now been prompted to join the resistance (terrorism in my speak) because of the 'occupation'.

After hearing all of this, I immediately checked myself into the nearest rehab clinic only to find out that I'm not on drugs after all. Weird.

Time to embed some right-th... (Below threshold)

Time to embed some right-thinking people with journalists and college professors. I need inside reports on what the hell these people are thinking.

No, it isn't treason. Treason is normally applied to taking up arms against your country, but the Constitution also allows that it be simply aid and comfort. But simply "aid and comfort" is never applied, and even if it were enough, she wins in court. Merely watching someone and reporting on what they are doing isn't necessarily comforting them. She is doing the same as Dan Rather's interview with Saddam Hussein. He was a prick, and she is a prickette, but it ain't treason.

perhaps if we had more p... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

perhaps if we had more people "imbeded" in cultures other than our own we would have the intelligence not to invade countries and go on wild goose chases for WMDs that aren't really there

So, Pinky, what is this American "culture" you speak of? It sounds really dangerous and someone should call the UN right away. Oh, that's right, they can't even pick their own ass correctly without the United States' help anyway. Scratch that idea.

This "academic" attends Cornell University here in America which she doesn't seem to have a problem with, so instead of acting like a pussy and saying something that Michael Moore would - get your own identity.

"university professor embedded with rebel patriots who are resiting an occupying force"

Goddamn that's weak, and so is your barking after you've had your own ass handed to you.

I'm wondering now with whom exactly is she Embedded?

Whoops, I didn't RTFA again... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Whoops, I didn't RTFA again - Colgate.

But still, these people hate America, but long for the opportunity to come here and be educated.

I'm trying to figure which ... (Below threshold)

I'm trying to figure which is worse: an indifference to whether this foolish woman and her head might soon be parted, or pondering the possibility that being beheaded 'for the cause' is her secret desire...

Is it wrong to say <p... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Is it wrong to say

'I have a hundred dollar bill for the G.I. that puts a bullet into her gut causing her to die a protracted, agonizing death.' ?

Because if it's wrong, then I won't say that.

Pennywit is a NITWIT... (Below threshold)
Bert Adams:

Pennywit is a NITWIT

Hmm...let's see, maybe I'll... (Below threshold)

Hmm...let's see, maybe I'll take the NY Times approach to this - she must be a CIA plant. Gee, I hope the terrorists don't suspect that...I mean, who knows what they'd do to her if they did.

Crerar, I suppose you also ... (Below threshold)

Crerar, I suppose you also think we should take the KKK seriously and listen to them? The poor whiteys complaining about the way they are treated? Maybe if we listened and took them seriously, and changed our domestic policy, there would not be racial violence?

Yeah right. Why do you people give foreign terrorists credibility that you don't give domestic ones? That is called a double standard.

(I'm a whitey)

Ok, if anyone cares:... (Below threshold)

Ok, if anyone cares:
I heard Fontan really IS going to go "understand" the KKK next:


I'm a Colgate student who h... (Below threshold)

I'm a Colgate student who has actually heard this lunatic speak. At a panel discussion on the Iraqi war, Ms. Fontan confessed that almost all of her friends are al-Qaeda sympathizers. Pathetic. She then attempted to prove the absence of an al-Qaeda/Iraq connection. In the Q&A session afterwards, I stood up and told her that I'm thankful that people like her aren't in charge of our country. She seemed quite pissed. Next she joins resistance fighters in Iraq? How is this woman legally allowed to teach me and my fellow classmates? She's a "peace studies" professor, whatever that means. I say: Stay in Iraq!!






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