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Heritage Panel Wrapup


We had an excellent crowd at the Heritage Foundation for the panel on whether the blogosphere was the new media establishment. Thanks to everyone who turned out in the cold, and especially to host Mark Tapscott, whose new blog you should be reading.

Mary Katharine Ham of the Insider Online has threatened to post pictures.

A video replay of the event is available here.

Related Coverage: Power Line, Tapscott's Copy Desk

Update: Mary Katharine makes good on her promise!


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Comments (6)

Wow, Kevin, you look so...s... (Below threshold)

Wow, Kevin, you look so...statesmanly.

so how about the whole thin... (Below threshold)

so how about the whole thing in text? I can't listen anywhere. Must be this dinosaur I have at work. Nothing like being in the cave when it comes to IT
Hey..maybe they're trying to tell me something like maybe I should be working and not playing around on Wiz every hour to catch the latest?

Yes Kevin..you do look a tad bit like a statesman..
Dammit I want to hear it...

I first thought that was La... (Below threshold)

I first thought that was Larry Flynt but quickly recovered from my mistake. Whew! Congratulations on a big day, and umm, the "blogger babe of the week award" from Mary Katharine. But I have a sinking feeling that I won't enjoy the next bikini-clad baby-doll photo quite as much as before.

Direct Real Audio Link from... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Direct Real Audio Link from the heritage site (view event link) which seems to be working for me.


Very interesting event.... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Very interesting event.

"open source journalism" and "distributed journalism" are both good descriptions, but if the word journalism has to be included, I would say that the term "wiki journalism" fits better.

Sheffield's background story about how the CBS Memo Scandal transpired as a direct result of blogging was cool too. I never knew how this was uncovered, but then again, I shouldn't have been waiting for it to show up on CBS news.

To bring in new blood, the ... (Below threshold)

To bring in new blood, the Heratige Foundation branched out into stage magic. They started by cutting Matthew Sheffield in half while he was speaking...

(Oh, wait, this isn't the caption contest? Dang!)






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