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Baby Bloggers Go Big Times

Congratulations to Jay Allen of The Zero Boss for making it to the big time - the Sunday Edition of The New York Times. There's a nice article on parent blogging, or if you prefer baby blogging, and the parent bloggers.

Being the Times though, they over analyze the hell out of the motives behind parent bloggers. They miss the obvious though - parenting produces lots of good stories and very few people to tell them to; a situation blogging addresses.


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Comments (3)

Yeah, and the comparison to... (Below threshold)

Yeah, and the comparison to reality TV was strained. The better comparison is to narrative non-fiction. People who seek out well-written life experience blogs are looking for the next David Sedaris or Erma Bombeck, not the next Omarosa. Reality TV is nonfiction by the untalented.

Thanks for the props!

Congrats, Zero Boss for mak... (Below threshold)

Congrats, Zero Boss for making the "big time".
I immediately thought of Erma Bombeck as well.

What the Times does not seem to get is the fact that we would still be blogging even if no one ever read anything we wrote. There is an innate human need for self-expression that has nothing to do with recognition by anyone else (although, big props to Zero Boss and the others for getting it!!!!)

In my opinion, what ... (Below threshold)

In my opinion, what he was writing was JUST his opinion, and not news, NOT facts.
The point that he missed is that there are some really good writers out there. It doesn't matter if they are self absorbed, narcissistic, or even boorish, if they write well, they are worth reading. His article, with all of its mistakes, was, in my opinion, not worth reading.






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