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Is Free Speech In Danger At The University Of Oregon?

Kevin McCullough follows up at WorldNetDaily on the controversy over these...

I decided to go have a look at what the student newspapers at the University of Oregon had to say about the controversy, and found that the they come down solidly on the side of free speech. While there I found this link list about one of the student newspapers own free speech battle - against the ultra-politcally correct student government.

It appears that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree at the University of Oregon.


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Comments (11)

Awww, just the usual happen... (Below threshold)

Awww, just the usual happenings at a fascist center for higher learning. Their mantra is "free speech is cool, unless someone disagrees with you." Nothing unusual about the U.O.O. story. Thought supression is coming to a campus near you.

Not an unexpected response ... (Below threshold)

Not an unexpected response from the same university/city that harbors/encourages Anarchists.

The Ducks have become Turkey Buzzards determined to poop all over the Constitution and those of us who believe it applies to all citizens, not just those on the left.

OT, (and alas) most of Oregon is "red" but Portland, Salem and Eugene have the population so they outvote us every time.

It's high time the governem... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

It's high time the governemtn did some "purges" for wnt of a better word of the education system. It seems filled with marxist and communist and indeed even terrorist sympathizers!

We can no longer trust that someone who comes out of college has Americas best interests at heart and it's a goddamn disgrace.

We need to take out these intellectual elites who think they are so much better than us.

Free speech does not mean e... (Below threshold)

Free speech does not mean employees have the right to sticker up private property.

<a href="http://www.dailyem... (Below threshold)


Link above from the independant U of O student paper. An editorial in same paper decried the administrations policy. The news story gives a more detached view of the situation.

Cpt 2 Slick spanked me for saying same idea (though it is PUBLIC not private property) as Crerar above at his site.

I think it was stupid idea to ban the ribbons, but if they allow the yellow ones, imagine the rainbow, pink, blue, green, purple and Jehovah knows what colors of ribbons that would soon be sported on all the Professors university owned vehicles.

I am encouraged that a number of yellow ribbons did appear on other university structures almost immediately, and note these weren't banned.

Is Free Speech In Danger... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Is Free Speech In Danger At The University Of Oregon?

Nah, Crerar's right - not if it's a university owned vehicle. I think people are making too much of a big deal about this, even though it's some liberal-anti-war-hippy wannabee-poser-asshole that took offense to it in the first place.

Would have been awesome if ... (Below threshold)

Would have been awesome if the University had just turned around and said we do 'support the troops' and applied these stickers to the whole fleet.

News flash: employees in U... (Below threshold)

News flash: employees in Universities "sticker up" public property all the time. Of course, those sticker uppers are anti-war, anti-American, anti-Israeli, anti-Bush propaganda. It's cool, and the Leninites in Administration look the other way as they silently applaud. So yes, in a theoretical vacuum which doesn't consider what is really going on in Universities, the policy seems quite reasonable. But those of use who actually live in Universities know what is really going on here.

Socialist students don't be... (Below threshold)

Socialist students don't believe in property "owned" by any private organization, so of course they believe in free speech. If they were the ones who bought the damn car/cart then there is a high chance they would have sided with owner of the property. ("damnit, I own the damn thing, keep it friggin clean and free of junk!!")

If the university wants those stickers/magnets removed, then so be it because the vehicle is their property. However, this also means that all OTHER stickers/magnets be removed from OTHER vehicles/posts/kiosks/walls/ground/floors... (wait a second, talk about an empty campus).

Because they do it its righ... (Below threshold)

Because they do it its right ? That is the logic of a mob. If leftists, ant-war, anti-semites, anti-anti-establishments are defacing private property they shoul dbe removed as well.

Actually, free speech seems... (Below threshold)

Actually, free speech seems to be in danger here and THAT is scary. It reminds me of all the things you've said about Professors in college - how they have to pretend they love their own country and other actions that seem to be taking place lately. I know I would never hire a teacher, professor or anyone who did not love their country and put down those in their classes that did.

I have 3 of these on my vehicles and to hell to anyone who doesn't like it.







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