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Kevin Aylward: Babe of the Week?

Now here's a bit of role reversal...

A woman posted Kevin Aylward's picture on the internet and called HIM the babe of the week. Perhaps Mary Katharine Ham, who writes for the Heritage Foundation's Insider, needs better glasses.

Either way Mary Katharine, don't give him any ideas... Next thing you know, he'll show up representing Wizbang wearing one of these numbers.


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Comments (8)

Is the assessment of beauty... (Below threshold)

Is the assessment of beauty a reflection of one's nature or nurture?

If nature, we are left wondering if a gene mutation has changed the judgement of our species. If nurture, you gotta wonder what Mary Katharine's pa looked like.

But none of that matters: beauty is only skin deep. And sound judgement, quick wit, and sharp analysis are beautiful things indeed.

- Damn...and just when the ... (Below threshold)

- Damn...and just when the Blogsphere was beginning to gain a modicum of respectability....

- Hopefully Kevin will have somebody to help him stave off the angry crowds of torch bearing fans with mayhem on their minds....

That's just wrong.... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

That's just wrong.

If Kevin shows up for a pub... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

If Kevin shows up for a public appearance in THAT outfit, I'm gonna post a picture of myself in a certain prom dress.

Consider yourselves duly warned.

Jay, you just made my day, ... (Below threshold)

Jay, you just made my day, man I laughed for like 5 minutes straight.

Jay, I thought of the prom ... (Below threshold)

Jay, I thought of the prom dress too -- and was relieved that wasn't the picture Paul was linking to.

But I don't think I want to see you in it either.

I guess Kevin's an ok-looki... (Below threshold)

I guess Kevin's an ok-looking guy, but what blind monkey chose that eye-sore tie of his? SHEESH! :-P

Dang, tough crowd. Jay, I w... (Below threshold)

Dang, tough crowd. Jay, I will only be accepting future entries in TASTEFUL prom dresses, and leotards are strictly verboten, but thank you for your willingness to go all out, er, no pun intended. If I see any such displays, I will promptly start a "Most Shameful Use of Photoshop this Week" award.






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