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Quote Of The Day

You know, I really wish Iraq were having an honest, safe, real election. But that isn't happening, and that's a shame.

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Comments (64)

Gah! I can't believe you tr... (Below threshold)

Gah! I can't believe you tricked me into going to Smirky's site! Gotta go scour out my browser's history logs...

As the proud owner of a reg... (Below threshold)

As the proud owner of a registered Morgan horse, I and my horse are deeply offended that a horse's butt would be compared to a piece of excrement such as JF'nKerry.
This is a great insult to horses everywhere!!!

Some might think it appropriate to compare Kerry to horsesh*t, but horsesh*t is good for something (makes great fertilizer) while I can't see that Kerry is good for anything.

Yet another turd who requir... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Yet another turd who requires people to register to post comments, which should be like Kryptonite to anyone with any common sense at all.

Do you really expect anythi... (Below threshold)

Do you really expect anythin other than asshattedness from David Brock's shoe-shine boy?

The fumes from the shoe-shine polish must be seeping into his brain.

Ouch!... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:


Reminds me of a joke about ... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of a joke about liberal trying to fit in in my home town. He went into a bar and ordered a beer. After a while he just said out loud to noone in particular, "the John Kerry sure is a horse's ass!" and one of the patrons got up from his chair, walked over and backhanded him off of his stool. After he'd had a while to recover and a few more beers he announced that John Edwards was a horse's ass too and another patron walked over and knocked him off his stool just like the first one. When he came to he asked the bartender if he was had stumbled into the only democrat bar in West Texas, the bartender said, "Nope, but the customers here all own horses."

There's way too much health... (Below threshold)

There's way too much health and beauty in that picture. Dig into a veterinarian's site for something more suitable.

Why do lefty bloggers take ... (Below threshold)

Why do lefty bloggers take COMMENTS from posts and try to ascribe them to the original post?

Oliver O. Oliver isn't the only one to do it. Josh and Atrios do it all the time.

What? Do they think we're all connected by some kind of super-duper Karl Rove Mind Melding Connecto Ray?

Ollie the Clown used the "shoeshine" comment above and made it appear that Kevin posted it.

He really should be more careful about stuff like that...can you imagine what some of the commenters of his say?

Now that George Soros is pa... (Below threshold)

Now that George Soros is passing control of his operations to his sons, hopefully they will take enough of an interest to do a top-down audit of "political" contributions to see where they are not getting their bang-for-the-buck.

Oliver's gravy train is about to hit the end of the line.

Oh, it's worse than that. ... (Below threshold)

Oh, it's worse than that. At Eating Their Words I've collected a grab-bag of Leftist predictions and intimations and general bad faith in the freest election in the Arab world.

For example, Mother Jones posted an article on January 26, "Iraqi Elections: The Facade ," which contained this gem, "The popular wisdom in town is that the 275 assembly members have already been chosen." Really? Popular wisdom, eh? Is that why people in wheelchairs waited in line to vote? I get it. People braved the killers and brought their children to the polls when it was popular wisdom that the assembly was already chosen. I can believe that a) millions of Iraqis risked their lives, danced in the streets, smiled, cried, clapped and sang for participating in a "facade;" or b) that the hack at Mother Jones was finding the "popular wisdom" between his ass-cheeks. Let me think about that.

Here's another. "The Projected Winner in Iraq: Failure" by Edwin Black at a site mis-named Common Dreams. Somehow Mr. Black intuited was the people of Iraq want and don't want. "The people of Iraq have never wanted Western-style pluralistic democracy or elections." Sure. That's why millions voted, because they want the world and Mr. Black, to know that they have never wanted democracy or elections.

What comes to mind, is what... (Below threshold)

What comes to mind, is what W.C. Fields was fond of saying (with apologies to horses everywhere):

"Sometimes you have to take the bull by the tail and face the situation".

This <a href="http://www.li... (Below threshold)
Tony Pendleton:

This self-described super hero" is calling the election Christmas in January for Conservatives - a holiday that exists solely to make us feel good about the war.

I'm sure that I speak for most of you when I say I already feel good about it. This holiday is about the Iraqis - not about us.

One of the 3rd grade boys i... (Below threshold)

One of the 3rd grade boys in my sunday school class brought fake dog poop to class today for a laugh; I thought it was Oliver at first glance.

Relax, the losing source fe... (Below threshold)

Relax, the losing source feels that handkerchiefs are better than shoe shine.

Curious, how does:... (Below threshold)

Curious, how does:

One of their racist readers decides its a good idea to call me a "shoeshine boy". Golly, wonder why some people think the GOP is lousy with racists

imply that it was part of the original post? Doesn't it clearly indicate that it was one of this site's readers who posted this?

"Wizbang attacks me"<... (Below threshold)

"Wizbang attacks me"

Even though OW says 'one of his racist readers" why not attack the reader? How can anyone be responsible for a commenter?

And don't give me that crap about he could have deleted the comment. I had never visited Bozo's site before and had no idea he was black. Not that it makes any difference...he's still an idiot. The point is. "shoeshine boy" like "brown nose" can be taken a couple of different ways. The fact that Mr. Clown chose to take it as a racist comment only proves he had no other way to attack.

When in doubt, cry victim!

What's worse is that he pos... (Below threshold)

What's worse is that he posted the quote last night before polling even started.

Can we say "preconceived notions"?

Yes, I think we can.

That's what happens when yo... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

That's what happens when you don't have anything left to say and really shouldn't have said shit-all in the first place.

I didn't think that comment was at all racist. I thought it was appropriate because instead of even showing the least bit of class, these liberal blowhards have to copy cat each other with a complete lack of identity whatsoever.

Also, that liberalavenger skidmark was a total waste of a mouse click. I admire Wizbang for sharing links with people like this, because it reminds me how much of an asshole one can be for a few website hits. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You all forgot my blog.<br ... (Below threshold)
Magnum Serpentine:

You all forgot my blog.

Maybe I'm young and naive, ... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm young and naive, but how is "David Brock's shoe shine boy" racist? All it does is suggest a position of servitude. It's not race-specific; there are white, Hispanic, and Asian shoe-shine boys too.

I guess the liberal uge to play the race card just cannot be denied.

If only they'd have said "D... (Below threshold)

If only they'd have said "David Brock's shoe shine girl" it could have been funnier.

Please stop linking that as... (Below threshold)

Please stop linking that asshole. He's gotten way more attention than he deserves.

He's gotten way more att... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

He's gotten way more attention than he deserves.

I'd think that it would be in the Conservatives' best interest to go ahead and let this guy step on his own wang (or is that racial?) and let it be seen. That's why people like Howard Dean are 'important' to the right. I've always liked him.

He must have been listening... (Below threshold)

He must have been listening to Kerry on MTP when he said that.

You must have seen JFK on T... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

You must have seen JFK on Tim R"s Bash America show this morn. Yes, "the tragedy of the failed Iraq elections prove that Sen Boxer is right"! My emphasis. There is no bigotry in Ol Tim! Right down the middle, straight as an arrow!
Or, in my opinion Tim is a Horse's Ass.

"Like Kryptonite to Stupid"... (Below threshold)

"Like Kryptonite to Stupid" - someone said if that were true, Willis would be dead. Or, as another sage put it, "Like Superglue to Stupid".
I agree with DREW- any lefty requiring registration for comments has got something up his sleeve (spam, hackers, etc)

You know what's funny?... (Below threshold)

You know what's funny?

In 30 years, these idiots will claim to have supported this all of the time and anybody who dares to speak the truth will be accused of "questioning their patriotism".

The left supported Communism until the USSR fell. Now, they support Islamofascism --- but they'll claim they didn't.

It's baffling how racist the left is: Apparently, Arabs don't really want a voice in their future in their mindset.

Oh well --- it'll be fun watching them meltdown until a competent party replaces the Dems.

It would have been far bett... (Below threshold)

It would have been far better to refer to him, instead, as Baghdad Blob.

Unless he would call that a slur on Jabba the Hutt...

Truth is that this successf... (Below threshold)

Truth is that this successful "democracy in action" is exposing the liberal left for what it is. The anti-democracy/pro socialist party.

May the "Party no more" rest in turmoil.

Of course Oliver says that ... (Below threshold)

Of course Oliver says that when I said "shoe-shine boy" I was being racist. It's the typical excuse from any mind devoid of any intellectual capacity.

But maybe he was upset because he does so much more for Media Matters than shining shoes. Maybe he gets takes lunch orders too? Indeed, if I were Oliver I would take that as a compliement, because it tells the world he does more at MM than any of his fellow useless coworkers.

Stupid comment removed</... (Below threshold)

Stupid comment removed.

If you wanna post a comment... (Below threshold)

If you wanna post a comment at the "blog" of Jabba the Willis you can use BugMeNot (or the FireFox BugMeNot Extension) to bypass his sign-ups. Fatty aint much of a coder.

[Ed - the following is b... (Below threshold)

[Ed - the following is brought to you courtesy of someone on the Oregon State System of Higher Education network. The ultra-lib loser is the first to invoke Godwin's Law, which is hardly suprising. Oh yeah, the IP address is]

OH, isn't this just so cute. A nice, sweet little group of Nazis, talking in a wonderful racist tone.
I would say get "educated", but I know you wouldn't understand that term...so I won't say it.

So I guess all I can say is: "It's called evolution. Be a part of it. Try shaving your whole body first of your monkey fur, that's the first step!"

good day,

No problem, Lori. You show... (Below threshold)

No problem, Lori. You show us the way.

Someone should should get a... (Below threshold)

Someone should should get a REAL black man like Alan Keyes or Niger Innis to show this ungrateful ultralib anti-American gay-lover how to respect his superiors.

I love it when you link to ... (Below threshold)

I love it when you link to people like O'Dumbest, Daily Choke, and (insert bad play on words for dumbass Leftard name/title here). Nothing goes further towards making sure these asshelmets have to circulate petitions in about 35 states to put a Presidential candidate on the ballot in 2008 than their own words.

Keep up the good work!

- Posts on DU show the mode... (Below threshold)

- Posts on DU show the moderates, who have remained esentially tongue tied through the last year of "Socialism gone amok", are reaching the end of their ropes with this latest screed of "Elections in Iraq are just the Chimp imposing our illegal colonialism to control their oil"... a lot of posters are saying backing the Islamofacists, talking up the jihadist thugs as "freedom" fighters, and denying the Iraqi's bravery in voing and trying to determine their own future is just plain sick....Funny to watch them eating their own AssHats.....

- Soros rang the bell that its time for the snarling dogs to start snapping at each other with his open admissions in his interview.... He finally admits Kerry was a dork with little or no chance who lied about his anti-war activities and politics....

- Lets all keep pulling for Dean to win the DNC chair....then the Deaniacs and Clintaneesta's can duke it out for the next four years until theres nothing left of the left.....

Ya know, you really shouldn... (Below threshold)

Ya know, you really shouldn't insult shoe-shine boys like that.

Some of them are humble and lovable and have a secret identity that they use to help those in trouble.


Harvey... LOL....ROFLMAO...... (Below threshold)

Harvey... LOL....ROFLMAO...

Whoops... I found Lori's <a... (Below threshold)

Whoops... I found Lori's picture - lower right hand corner.

OH, isn't this just so c... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

OH, isn't this just so cute. A nice, sweet little group of Nazis, talking in a wonderful racist tone.

Lori, how is anything been said here by anyone racist tone? - it just hasn't.

It's insane when people say that they embrace diversity as implied by the color of one's skin, but will totally discount the diversity of anyone else's opinion that is not something that echos their own - THEN try to invoke a racial, or at least inflammitory slur to try to counter. It's beyond weak.

This horse's ass is WAY to ... (Below threshold)

This horse's ass is WAY to pretty to be associated with a Dem or leftie. A broken down old relic would be more appropo.

Hope you all caught Joe Lieberman on Hanity & Colmes last night. What a class act and a gentleman. If the Dems had nominated him as their presidential candidate, they might have fared better.

Pat,You contradict... (Below threshold)
Ben F:


You contradict yourself.
First you make an insult against Democrats, then you call Lieberman a class act. Which is it? You cannot have it both ways.

Ben FHow? The Dems... (Below threshold)

Ben F

How? The Dems as a group have gone 'round the bend as the midgetbraintagteam of Kennedy/Kerry/Boxer/Byrd so brilliantly illustrated last week. Or the MoveOn quote directed to the party "We own you." There are old-school anti-left but liberal Dems who cling to the party hoping to drag it back to sanity and relevancy. I'd put Zell Miller and Lieberman in that category.

I don't know though. After yesterday, and the general consensus from the Dems was "Iraqi Election Bad" I think the party is going to have to completely crash and burn before we can have a viable two-party system. I want a LOYAL opposition; it's essential for the health of the body politic.

Ah, yes. Ollie.Lik... (Below threshold)

Ah, yes. Ollie.

Like hemorrhoids to real life.

I wish I could be surprised... (Below threshold)

I wish I could be surprised at Lori's comment, but I'm not.

I know too many people in the Oregon State "Higher" Education System.

<a href="http://www.oliverw... (Below threshold)

Oliver is at it again:

"Pardon me if I've had enough of these Iraqi 'turning points'. I work in Washington, D.C. so I can't just pretend and make the terrorists go away like the other sheep."

He states, he "work[s] in Washington D.C." Which, for this particular liberal, is like living in the cornhole of America and pointing to the rest of the body complaining that it stinks.

Oliver is the quintessential "Birth-Right American" - the political equivalent of a trust fund baby - he benefits from the hard work of others and trivialize and minimize the value and risk of that work with his whining.

Pardon my French, but plus ... (Below threshold)
A Hermit:

Pardon my French, but plus ca change...

U.S. Encouraged by Vietnam Vote:
Officials Cite 83% Turnout Despite Vietcong Terror

by Peter Grose, Special to the New York Times (9/4/1967)

WASHINGTON, Sept. 3-- United States officials were surprised and heartened today at the size of turnout in South Vietnam's presidential election despite a Vietcong terrorist campaign to disrupt the voting.

According to reports from Saigon, 83 per cent of the 5.85 million registered voters cast their ballots yesterday. Many of them risked reprisals threatened by the Vietcong.

The size of the popular vote and the inability of the Vietcong to destroy the election machinery were the two salient facts in a preliminary assessment of the nation election based on the incomplete returns reaching here. [...]

A successful election has long been seen as the keystone in President Johnson's policy of encouraging the growth of constitutional processes in South Vietnam...

By the way, have you people... (Below threshold)
A Hermit:

By the way, have you people forgotten that Bush was against a popular, national election in Iraq before he was for it?


"President George Bush's administration and the Governing Council have resisted the idea of immediate elections in Iraq, eager to adhere to a strict timetable for ceding sovereignty.

They fear that the absence of voter rolls and an electoral law will make a nationwide ballot time-consuming. A hasty election, they argue, will be susceptible to the violence that has prevailed in the country and will be vulnerable to manipulation by religious militants and loyalists of Saddam Hussein's deposed government.

Under the latest plan, a provisional government is to be chosen by caucuses in Iraq's 18 provinces. The government would assume control by June 30, symbolically ending the occupation before next year's US presidential election.

Sistani's objections are the latest, most powerful sign of the clergy's growing influence in Iraq, where Shi'ite Muslims make up 60% of the country's 25-million people."

Oh wow Hermit! No one has e... (Below threshold)

Oh wow Hermit! No one has ever made that analogy before ... wow, that's so exciting I feel all tingly

BTW..care to point out the country of N. Iraq backed up by Red Chinese?

and um...last I lo... (Below threshold)

and um...

last I looked, asking for a delay in an election isn't the same as "being against a popular, national election."

Reading comp problems?

"care to point out the c... (Below threshold)
A Hermit:

"care to point out the country of N. Iraq backed up by Red Chinese?"

Now, don't take the analogy too far Darleen; you;re right of course, Iraq looks more Lebanon or Afghanistan in the eighties, but some lessons are best not forgotten.

"sking for a delay in an election isn't the same as "being against a popular, national election."

I see the reading comprehension problems are all yours; go back and read the whole articel. Bush opposed exactly the kind of vote we just saw; he and his administration wanted a complicated system of caucuses which would be easier to manipulate. He also insisted that the UN ration cards couldn't be used to verify voters' identities. He caved to Sistani on both points in exchange for delaying the vote until after the American election.

Can you say "flipflop"?

That elections were held at all is a wonderful thing, but its premature to be celebrating democracy in Iraq when the country is still under martial law. Remember "Mission Accomplished"?

Further to the "point out t... (Below threshold)
A Hermit:

Further to the "point out the country of N. Iraq backed up by Red Chinese?" remark; the various Iraqi insurgents, rebels, terrorists etc don't need any foreign backers (thought they certainly are getting help from outside, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Syria depending on which group you're talking about). They have all the arms they need thanks to Rumsfeld's failure to secure Iraqi Army ammo dumps in the immediate aftermath of the invasion.

Now go ahead, call me an anti American leftist...didn't bother me in the eighties when I was protesting American support for Saddam, doesn't bother me bow...

Salut A Hermit,par... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Salut A Hermit,

pardon my ignorance of your Quebecois dialect, but I don't follow your reasoning. Weren't these voter registration cards that Bush was opposing part of the legacy program of UN - oil for food ration cards? Also, the UN agreed to this stance. So, you would have been for using these cards that were assigned when Saddam was still in power for voter registration for the new Iraq?

Also, there was a lot of criticism of the Bush Administration that elections should be held immediately in Iraq, which as stated by Bremer and the rest of the Administration that the country 1) wasn't stable enough

2) all of the regions weren't prepared for polling.

Besides, if they had held elections then, you and all of the rest of the lefties (that you are currently regurgitating the thoughts of) would have complained that the elections were fixed and a puppet regime would have been the result.

I'm also unclear as to why you would have been opposing the backing of Saddam by the US government when you are Canadian and get your news from South Africa? Enlighten us.

This election, at least at the outset appears to have been fair according to the sanctioning bodies that are present, but I'm sure it won't take you long to spit up other conspiracy ideas as soon as they hit your inbox.

Ummm Drew, look again. The ... (Below threshold)
A Hermit:

Ummm Drew, look again. The ration cards were used on Sunday to verify voter ID...

And you want to talk about corruption, where's the 9 Billion in unaccounted for reconstruction funds? Those are your tax dollars Bremer lost track of.

If your objection to an earlier vote (and that was a right wing objection, not a leftist one...) is that:

1) wasn't stable enough

2) all of the regions weren't prepared for polling.

how can you now support a vote when the country is less stable (insurgent attacks were practically non-existent in spring/summer 2003) and large regions of the country aren't prepared for polling...you think Fallujah was prepared for polling!? How about this place: http://tinyurl.com/5286x

"According to a series of reports from inside Iraq, the KDP effectively blocked the delivery of ballot boxes to six major Assyrian towns and villages in the Plains around Mosul including Baghdeda, Bartilla, Karemlesh, Shekhan, Ain Sifne and Bahzan...According to Iraq sources, the ballot boxes had been stored in Arbil, the stronghold of the KDP. The resulting unavailability of ballot boxes affected up to 100,000 Assyrian voters and tens of thousands of Yezidis, Shabak, and Turkman voters. The outright denial of voting rights to Assyrians and other non-Kurdish minorities culminates several months of intimidation, beatings, beheadings, burnings, and mutilations of Assyrian Christians in the Nineveh Plain."

And the Kurds are the good guys!

"I'm also unclear as to ... (Below threshold)
A Hermit:

"I'm also unclear as to why you would have been opposing the backing of Saddam by the US government when you are Canadian and get your news from South Africa? Enlighten us."

Well, I get my news from a lot of different places; I like to check at least three sources before coming to any conclusions about a story. I realize parroting Fox talking points would be easier, but hey, I have this thing about truth...

As for opposing American support for Saddam when he was actually invading his neighbours, using poison gas and massacreing the Kurds, well, I also have this thing about genocide, torture and state sponsored brutality in general. I oppose it all the time, not just when it's popular to do so.

I remember Cheney, Bush Sr., Rumsfeld and the rest of the neocons lining up to cover for Saddam, blocking the attempts by those liberalleftistantiamericans in the Congress and the Senate to stop American trade with Saddam and sanction the bastard. And we're supposed to believe them now? Not likely...

Love to talk more Drew, but... (Below threshold)
A Hermit:

Love to talk more Drew, but it's time to leave my igloo, feed the sled dogs and go hunt some polar bear...ya dumbfuck...

and that was a right win... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

and that was a right wing objection


Spare me your links - I don't care what Google says. Tell me what you think, not offlink somewhere else. Again, now that the country is less stable - which wasn't known at the time of the original proposal (how the hell could it), what makes it wrong now - besides the means?

Ok - if you must go, fine. ... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Ok - if you must go, fine. You deserve everything you've got, I'm sure.

MikeSC: "It's baffling how ... (Below threshold)

MikeSC: "It's baffling how racist the left is: Apparently, Arabs don't really want a voice in their future in their mindset."

What's even more baffling is that the left has most of the anthropologists and archeologists on their side. And they're talking about the Children of Hammurabi. For those who don't know, the Code of Hammurabi is the world's oldest example of the rights of the citizens, literally engraved in stone. You can see it at the National Museum in Baghdad.

Ironic, huh?

Now go ahead, call me an... (Below threshold)

Now go ahead, call me an anti American leftist...didn't bother me in the eighties when I was protesting American support for Saddam,

Oh my, that tears it. I bow in the general direction of your signs and giant puppet bona fides. Far be from me to disabuse you of your "America made Saddam in the first place" delusions.

Carry on.

I remember Hermie from anot... (Below threshold)

I remember Hermie from another blog where he accused Swift Boat Vet supporters of wearing tin foil hats!

To SUPERHAWK: this is the q... (Below threshold)
Johnny Truthseeker:

To SUPERHAWK: this is the quote from Oliver :"One of their racist readers decides its a good idea to call me a "shoeshine boy". Golly, wonder why some people think the GOP is lousy with racists?"

I believe that attributes it to one of the READERS, not at all trying to attribute it to the original post as you complain(re: why do lefty bloggers do this). Why do you "righty" bloggers lack the ability to read and comprehend?

That's a good looking horse... (Below threshold)

That's a good looking horse ass. That horse must work out.






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