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Senators Plugged In To Blogs

From The New York Times coverage of the G.O.P. retreat.

Senator John Thune of South Dakota introduced senators to the meaning of "blogging," explaining the basics of self-published online political commentary and arguing that it can affect public opinion.
Last week also saw another first, a blogging Senator - Senator Barbara Boxer writing at Daily Kos.


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Comments (9)

I would be suspicious of an... (Below threshold)

I would be suspicious of any writing attributed by Boxer. I imagine the true writer (or ghost, if you will) is someone in her vast retinue of taxpayer subsidized "staff."

Thank God we didn't have to... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

Thank God we didn't have to watch Senator Boxer blubber uncontrollably again.

Kevin, off topic by the opp... (Below threshold)

Kevin, off topic by the opposites-are standard, you're quoted and referred to in this NewsMax article...HERE.

Boxer affiliated with Daily... (Below threshold)

Boxer affiliated with Daily Kos?! Awwwe, isn't the gross: zombies in bed with other zombies.

Just think guys, Senate Rep... (Below threshold)

Just think guys, Senate Repubicans are reading our comments right now!

Hi, Senators! Let's get some tort reform going!

Big fan of Thune (our Kerry... (Below threshold)

Big fan of Thune (our Kerry Haters blog held Thursdays 'R' For Thune fundraisers), but I think he was just a little TOO plugged into blogs this year without appropriate disclosure (on the part of the bloggers, not Thune).

Barbara Boxer commenting at... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

Barbara Boxer commenting at Daily Kos. Good for her. And I heard that Howard Dean's staff just signed her up on their payroll too. Good job. Report that $3k per month Barbara. Wouldn't want to end up like Richard Hatch.

LOL. Thune is such an idiot... (Below threshold)
just pete:

LOL. Thune is such an idiot. I wonder how many senators can't use the internet. Well at least Thune can be depended on to do what he is told to do. After all, we gotta get rid of all the constitution and capitalist nonsense. We got a new Messiah now. Praise George!


Oh yes, Kevin, like I told ... (Below threshold)

Oh yes, Kevin, like I told you a week or so ago, they are definitely reading the blogs - especially this one.







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