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Today's Real Winner

The citizens of Iraq, who are participating in the first free multi-party election in the Arab world in half a century.

An Iraqi woman receives ballot papers at al-Kadhmiya polling station in Baghdad, January 30, 2005. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani

Get up to the minute Iraqi election coverage at The Friends of Democracy, and don't miss their coverage on C-SPAN (details).


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Comments (13)

All these photos in the blo... (Below threshold)

All these photos in the blogosphere make me really happy. I'm sure this won't be a "perfect" election in some ways, but you have to start somewhere. And this is looking like a good start.

The terrorist groups like to talk big and threaten apocalyptic consequences for everything, but after 9/11 they've mostly managed to do things that would have been called "guerilla warfare" just a few years ago (which for some reason sounds less scary, doesn't it?). How many times did Osama give us one last chance to stop invading Afghanistan before he taught us a lesson?

And I know some groups will boytcott, but that's fine with me - they're about to learn their first lesson about democracy. Dont' vote, get ignored. Maybe they'll learn their lesson and vote next time.

I think this is so cool and... (Below threshold)

I think this is so cool and even if there are problems, it's a step in the right direction - what is is, 1/3rd of the women are going to vote, too. Minor miracle and I do hope they all get to vote despite the terrorists.

It's a hystorical event and I know they are excited about this election - it's just wonderful.


Iraq rocks. Go dudes. </p... (Below threshold)

Iraq rocks. Go dudes.

Is it just me, or does the ... (Below threshold)

Is it just me, or does the MSM seem disappointed that more people haven't been killed yet?

Isn't it amazing how those ... (Below threshold)

Isn't it amazing how those Iraqis are able to handle that ballot with so little education and experience when that simple butterfly ballot in Florida confused so many experienced, highly intelligent liberals? Any guesses about why that is?

Looks like so far it's goin... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

Looks like so far it's going relatively smoothly. A few explosions here and there, but people are still voting.

Hopefully future elections will become boring and routine. ;)

It is to bad the MSM/DNC ar... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

It is to bad the MSM/DNC are still painting such a negative picture of such a truly postive and spectacular event.

Hear that silence?It... (Below threshold)

Hear that silence?
It's the deomcratic party sitting in a tub of warm water watching the water turn red from self inflicted wounds.

Mohammed and Omar's post on... (Below threshold)

Mohammed and Omar's post on IraqTheModel brought tears to my eyes.

As others have noticed, I g... (Below threshold)

As others have noticed, I get the impression that by their very noticable silence, the MSM and liberals everywhere just really n.e.e.d these elections to go badly, for something horrible to occur, for complete failure to ensue. Otherwise, they have nothing to report, given that they can't seem to report the reality of hope and a democracy in Iraq. No, instead, they're off "celebrating" "dissent" right about now.

I was just reading over some saved wire service articles and the litany of rejoicing about doom among outright adulation about Saddam Hussein by many of the still-talking heads on networks (Diane Sawyer for one, Peter Jennings for another) among a more than a few liberal columnists with about the same message by one suggestion or criciticsm after another, and it is pretty clear who the liberals in media would prefer: flashy dictators who throw around a lot of money. Or, otherwise, what's the attraction? Could it be, those who counter democracy? I'd really hate to think that but it sure looks so this morning as to why the MSM and many among Democrats are quite so petulently and resentfully wordless about the present elections in Iraq: those go well (well enough), it means that Bush was/is right and they were/are wrong.

Cindy you mean "historical"... (Below threshold)

Cindy you mean "historical" ;-)

And I'm so proud for our troops. Congratulations are in order for the Iraqis whose democracy is in the infant stage.

Not a bad achievement for h... (Below threshold)

Not a bad achievement for homo sapiens. On this day, the brain capacity of our species has soared to new levels. And Iraqis especially. The sound of freedom is thundering around us.

God bless that woman, and a... (Below threshold)

God bless that woman, and all Iraqis who voted. Their vote really means something to them.

Iraqis are probably more "democratic" at this point, than the 2/3's of our population who are eligible, but choose not to vote. Wake up America!






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