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Farewell Johnny

David Letterman devotes his entire show tonight to Johnny Carson, including the entire monologue. The week before Carson passed it was reported that he had been sending Letterman joke Tonight is REAL Carson tribute show - on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman. Johnny hated Jay Leno, which is what made last week's tribute so phoney...

Another heartfelt tribute to Carson played out last night in Norfolk, Nebraska - the town where Carson was raised. Johnny didn't want a L.A. memorial, but one suspects that he'd have welcomed the hometown celebration.

In other Carson news, Richard Johnson in New York Post notes:

Even in death, Rodney Dangerfield gets no respect. The late comedy legend's longtime publicist, Kevin Sasaki, got a call from a booker at CNN last week asking him if "Rodney would be available to share his comments on the passing and legacy of Johnny Carson." Sasaki replied that unless CNN had a new way of linking up to the afterlife via satellite, that would be impossible. Dangerfield, of course, passed away last October.


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Comments (8)

Damn straight: Dave and Joh... (Below threshold)

Damn straight: Dave and Johnny loved and respected each other. Leno managed to get that publicity whore Ed McMahon (probably with some huge payoff from NBC) on his "tribute" show. Meanwhile, Dave will have Doc Seversen the former exec.producer Lasserly on tonight. I'm looking forward to a REAL tribute tonight.

Why make a competition out ... (Below threshold)

Why make a competition out of tributes. Leno has been classy. It is fine that Carson had a preference for his replacement. However, the owners of the network get to make the decision. Letterman's an ass. Neither is as good as Carson but we should all just be glad that Joan Rivers isn't sitting in the chair.

Thanks for the heads up. I’... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the heads up. I’m in a dilemma. I absolutely LOVED Johnny, and Dave is my favorite now (and for the record, Rodney would be tied with Johnny for Numero Uno of all time.) I watch Dave just about every night now. And from my attempts at humor here, it should be pretty obvious that I’m into this stuff.

I really, really want to see this show. But I am in Silicon Valley tonight (as opposed to my home in PA), and I have to make the presentation of my life tomorrow at 8:30. I was going to go to bed sort of early, but now I don’t know. I forgot all about this show until you mentioned it here. And now its too late to have my wife record it for me back home. Decisions, decisions…….

Yes, we should definitely b... (Below threshold)

Yes, we should definitely be glad Joan Rivers isn't hosting a late-night show.

The woman has no class:


I find that hard to believe... (Below threshold)
firste brokenangel:

I find that hard to believe that Johnny Carson hated Jay Leno.Most of the to ime that he needed a guest host, he had Jay Leno fill in.

I hate David Letterman and all the late night talk shows except Jay Leno and when dipshit takes over when Jay retires, there will be no worthwhile late night talk shows.

The person Jay picked to take his place is a dufus, 6 foot, red head and ugly and his show already sucks.

God bless Johnny Carson.


I find that hard to beli... (Below threshold)

I find that hard to believe that Johnny Carson hated Jay Leno.Most of the to ime that he needed a guest host, he had Jay Leno fill in.

Leno filled in because Dave already had a hit show.
One more case in point that Johnny didn't agree with Leno as his replacement, Johnny never appeared w/Leno on the Tonight show after his retirement, but would always show up for Dave when he did his show from LA.

Leno is a no talent ass who does a watered down version of Dave's show so he can appeal to none thinking syncopaths who want their humor bland and brainway free. Leno made the Tonight show into a electronic sleeping pill, his openings suck and his band can't hold a candle to Paul and the Late Night crew.

GaijinBiker-The cl... (Below threshold)


The classiest so far has been Tom Snyder. He's recused himself from appearing on any show because he doesn't want to be like some of the remora-like washed-up hacks riding Johnny's funeral suit coat-tails.

Also, has David Letterman done "memorial" shows for anyone other than Warren Zevon or Johnny Carson?

in case you missed it Lette... (Below threshold)

in case you missed it Lettermans website has his monologue from last night--close your eyes and here Johnnys Jokes from Daves mouth--its great and Johnnys touch for sure!






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