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Good News From Iraq

Arthur Chrenkoff is still rounding up the under-reported positive developments in Iraq. His lastest recap of the last two weeks includes the most comprehensive and up-to-date round-up of the campaign and the election day news.

Also available via Opinion Journal.


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Comments (4)

Thank God we have a stubbo... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Thank God we have a stubborn President!

Methinks the U.S. Governmen... (Below threshold)

Methinks the U.S. Government, as an expression of their policy of "constructive involvement" with certain mideast leaders and personal interest in their well-being, should formally request some DNA samples from Syria's Assad (just in case of an "unfortunate accident").

I heard that the terrorists... (Below threshold)

I heard that the terrorists could use the ink stain on the finger of the voters to ID them and then terrorize them.

Could the USA and Iraq do just the opposite and arrest any young males, that fit the demographics of terrorists, that dont have the ink stain and bring them in for questioning? ?

Thank God we have a stub... (Below threshold)

Thank God we have a stubborn President!

Yes indeedy! ;-)






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