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If you're not watching Supernanny (Monday's on ABC) you're missing out on the other guilty pleasure (along with Desperate Housewives) of this TV season. How can you resist watching bratty kids torment their hapless parents, only to be rescued by a modern day Mary Poppins? If nothing else it will make you appreciate your little bundles of joy even more; and if they ever act up you can just threaten to call in Supernanny Jo Frost.

If you prefer to get a written dose of her no nonsense parenting advice, check out her new book - Supernanny : How to Get the Best from Your Children

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Does she really wear heels ... (Below threshold)

Does she really wear heels when she's watching the kids?

And what's with the cleavag... (Below threshold)

And what's with the cleavage? Though I suppose your little guy would go for that.

:::sigh:::I've ... (Below threshold)


I've tried watching these nanny shows...but with after being mom to 4 daughters (17 & 21 y/o still at home) plus 2 y/o twin grandsons, I just don't find them entertaining.

Taking the 21 y/o to the Emergency Room at 3 am last Thursday is just about as much excitement I'd like for awhile - thank.you.very.much.

Is that Hillary Clinton as ... (Below threshold)

Is that Hillary Clinton as a brunette?

I LOVE SuperNanny! It's unb... (Below threshold)

I LOVE SuperNanny! It's unbelievable to me that so many parents are helpless around their kids. The kids talk back to them, treat them like servants, and run wild while the parents stand around looking like deer in headlights. It's amazing.

Jo, of course, always straightens them out!

Yes, your blog is Explosive... (Below threshold)

Yes, your blog is Explosively Unique...

I have stolen one pic of your blog and added you to my blogroll. Do I hope to appear on your Reciprocal Links?

I haven't seen the show...m... (Below threshold)

I haven't seen the show...my wife was sitting on the sofa next to me when we saw the commercial/promo for it...but it did get me to thinking and commenting/blogging...

It just seems sad that "hapless parents" truly have become the norm.

for what people get out of ... (Below threshold)
tee bee:

for what people get out of this, I can accept the advent of the reality show. raising kids is tough, so I'm enthusiastic about broadcasting hands-on, helpful info complete with happy success stories*. go Jo!

There's something about a b... (Below threshold)

There's something about a bespectacled woman, hair in a bun, showing cleavage, wagging her finger and telling me that I've been "very, very naughty."

It's just so wrong...

Yes, Ms. Frost, I have been very, very naughty.

It just seems sad that "... (Below threshold)

It just seems sad that "hapless parents" truly have become the norm.

They are...especially the parents on Sunday night's episode. An interesting thing my wife noticed of the mom with the exceptional cleavage...

#1. Why did she keep changing clothes throughout the day (or did the shooting of the first "day" take place over several days)?
#2. Why does she wear those type of clothes around her kids?

I checked the application f... (Below threshold)

I checked the application for the show at ABC.com and it appears (from the details in the release) that the episode is filmed over 2 weeks. That explains the change in clothes.

'If you're not watching Sup... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'If you're not watching Supernanny (Monday's on ABC) you're missing out on the other guilty pleasure (along with Desperate Housewives)'

Assuming from your name you're a guy, right?

How come her finger isn't p... (Below threshold)

How come her finger isn't purple?

Brian - I said the exact sa... (Below threshold)

Brian - I said the exact same thing to my wife about the changing clothes... I assume it was shot over several days. Wife went to bed, so she didn't get to see hottie mom in the bikini at the end. Meow. The parents genuinely seemed nice.

But we didn't see anything wrong with the style of clothes per se... she's obviously younger and it wasn't in poor taste. You'd prefer she wore a burka?

Wow, She's kinda hot.... (Below threshold)

Wow, She's kinda hot.

Ha, about that cleavage app... (Below threshold)

Ha, about that cleavage appeal...

I watched over four children as a favor once for a friend of mine who had a nanny service and a serious cancellation problem, thus, she asked me to help and I did...

Two infants under 6 months old and two children under the age of 8...two sets of parents visiting together, thus the shared responsibility of having four children to watch over while the parents vacationed...

So, anyway, I was told repeatedly that the kids all loved me and the two infants took to crying loudly and longly after I'd leave every evening, to the two mothers' shock and awe. One of them finally said to me, as to the appeal, "I think they like your bosoms."

Ha, she really said that...but it was, actually, true.

Can we get some verificatio... (Below threshold)

Can we get some verification of this last item? With heels, too? Heh.

Ha, OneDrummer, cheeky. </... (Below threshold)

Ha, OneDrummer, cheeky.

Like Rob said above... I've... (Below threshold)

Like Rob said above... I've been very, very naughty!

I'm all about the freedom t... (Below threshold)

I'm all about the freedom to watch whatever the hell you want on TV -- and in my case, the freedom to NEVER watch a show like this... but I have to wonder about the family structure. Do the parents usually give the kids whatever they want? Do they let the kids run free? Do they even try to enforce discipline on a regular basis (and not just when the cameras are there)?

And will we ever see an episode of this (or of Nanny 911 on Fox) where the nanny fails?

Reality shows are too cherry-picked for "best" moments for me to consider them real.

I am pretty sure we will ev... (Below threshold)

I am pretty sure we will eventually see a show where the Nanny has a lot of trouble, and they make it a two parter or something, perhaps in sweeps week or a season finale. Oddly enough though, since Supernanny has 15 years experience and her methods are more or less proven to work (I.E. making your kids go where they dont want to when they are punished, which good parents implement anyway)

Not every family is the same either, some discipline more than others, some have one parent that disciplines more than the other or one doesnt at all, its not the same show every time.

I am also glad I'm not the only one who thinks Supernanny is hot.

Jo is so FRIGGIN H-O-T!!!!!... (Below threshold)
Hot for Jo:

Jo is so FRIGGIN H-O-T!!!!!

I love wathching your show... (Below threshold)

I love wathching your show
Someone you can talk to
Do you like working with kids
How mean years you have working at a daycare
Can I be your sinit on your show
I sorry about your Mother
Jo is bautiful and caring Preson
I Love Jofrost
Jo did you be come SuperNanny
can I go out with you
You can tell her was wrong

Nikki Steinbaugh

SuperNanny is not a devil<... (Below threshold)

SuperNanny is not a devil
Why do they call you Mary Poppins
Jo has 16 years experience as a Nanny
Jo is lovig and caringpreson
How many years you have been a Daycare Manager
Jo Frost is not a Witch
SuperNanny bautiful and caringpreson.

Nikki S.

it's a funny dynamic on the... (Below threshold)

it's a funny dynamic on the show, Jo thinks very lowly of the families b/c they're so clueless fools (hmm always american), but she helps them, only because she just likes the kids. the kids are brats b/c the parents are stupid, the parents are so stupid that they call in because "the kids are driving them crazy" but in that it also means they can't handle what they created, so they need an external source to fix their lives; Jo. some parents don't know how to have fun with their lives, and create bullshit rules. The key is to treat your kids the way you would want to be treated if you were in their shoes, instead of making them conform to the way you want them to be. Intuition comes in later in life, and also there is no need to reason with a young child. How should dumbasses be allowed to breed brats, and.. back to supernanny being hot. I bet she gives it to the dads lol... what is wrong w/ cleavage, it is TV, and the heels are just for the day 1 when she is trying to look like the hot nanny u would never expect fuckin the husband when the cameras are off lol, but then when it's technique time she has on some clogs or whatever. If she wasn't the nicest person in the world, (which makes her prettier) i wouldn't watch the show. the wannabe nanny shows suck and i hate them! lol






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