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Quote Of The Day

"When you tell us that it was wrong to get rid of Saddam, foolish to press ahead with an election, naive to believe in Arab democracy, you exercise a valuable, cherishable freedom. But not in our name."

Michael Gove in The Times (UK)

Via Scott Burgess, who notes that political knitting has been proffered as a suitable way to fight election depression.

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Yes! The coverage of the Ir... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Yes! The coverage of the Iraq elections by the MSM universally runs as "In Iraq Sunday 44 people were killed! They also had an election." They have really been unhappy with the success of the War on terror and could hardly keep from crying on camera.
Had only 35% of the voters voted you can bet next year's pay the election failure would have been the lead item.

It's good for the elections... (Below threshold)

It's good for the elections, for sure, even though the Shi'ites were even saying "We're voting to rid Iraq of the Americans, not to legitimate the occupation. LINK

And what are your thoughts on independent nationalism, which most election critics still say will be thwarted, election-or-not

Please, I want opinions. Don't reply with "commie, idiot leftie" garbage, like you do to Oliver. Read these main articles that have valuable points, and try to make informed comments about them. Otherwise, you prove my point that anger is your only weapon, not intelligence.

Did you see the posting on ... (Below threshold)
Dale Cartwright:

Did you see the posting on ludicrosity.com this morning pointing out the hypocrisy of the new U.N. advertisements taking credit for the free elections? Enough to drive you batty.

Lori,You can adher... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:


You can adhere to the comparison between Vietnam and Iraq all you want - but the aggregate level goals of each conflict, from the way I interpret them are very, very different. I don't really know much about Vietnam as it was before my time, and I'm not going to pretend that I do by Googling for it. But I do know that the timing of these attempts to align the potential outcome of both conflicts are questionable - particularly the sources from which it has arisen and the sheer numbers of people who have jumped on the bus.

What purpose does all of this serve - besides a partisan effort to discount the significance and importance of this particular step for Iraq? We've heard all kinds of strange answers so far, from highlighting the conservative 'attitude' (oh no - attitude - run for your lives) to lack of future planning which the Iraqis themselves will now have more control of - so what's your take on why the sudden burst of Vietnam news is emerging? If you want to copy and paste things, or link elsewhere to backup your claims, then really you aren't the one being heard on this.

Just out of curiosity, why aren't there equal amount of parallels drawn against our occupation of Japan or Germany? Both of these examples have about as much in common with Iraq as Vietnam seems to have.

And give me one good reason that we shouldn't have fired back at Kryptonite guy after he called all of us racists?

Otherwise, you prove my ... (Below threshold)

Otherwise, you prove my point that anger is your only weapon, not intelligence.

And for this we're supposed to talk to you?

'Read these main articles t... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'Read these main articles that have valuable points, and try to make informed comments about them. '

Other than being a parody of delusional leftism and crackpot conspiracy theories, what points do they make? The irony of citizens of a free country lecturing how others are better off under oppression never ceases to amaze. It's funny how 'independent nationalism' leads to 'totalitarian police state' and 'global hegemony' leads to 'free elections'. Go figure.

To -S-:For their m... (Below threshold)

To -S-:

For their mantra, how about:

Intelligence takes a Holiday

Lori, it seems to me that w... (Below threshold)

Lori, it seems to me that we're adults here and posting a couple of links with instructions for readers to go visit the sites and comment on the content is hardly useful comment or opinion.
I left high-school assignments set by lefty teachers behind me more years ago than I care to remember.
Try arguing your position from the material between your ears.






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