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Who Will Be The First?

Scroll down to the previous entry to see the sleuthing work on the soldier supposedly held hostage by an unknown group in Iraq. It now appear almost certain that the picture is that of a GI Joe. Who is going to be the first mainstream outlet to report that? Tick... tick...

If you find a story that mentions a GI Joe action figure; leave a link.


Drudge Report has the story now...


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Comments (75)

Assuming it's a fake (appea... (Below threshold)

Assuming it's a fake (appears to be).


We'll see soon who is the best of the worst in critical analysis.

Wow. I watched the whole s... (Below threshold)

Wow. I watched the whole story develop accross the blogging world (including KOS' version) and was wondering the same thing about the MSM.

That makes two likely fakes now; the shoot-down of the British plane and this fake kidnapping.

Hmmmm, maybe the bad guys really are hurting from all the US and coalition efforts? If they are reduced to throwing lies (quickly supported by their unwitting allies the MSM) instead of bombs, that has got to bode well for Iraq.


Bloggers: 2MSM: 0</p... (Below threshold)

Bloggers: 2
MSM: 0

Here are the details on the... (Below threshold)

Here are the details on the toy


Leave it to a bunch of military guys to figure it out quickly.

The KOSsaks are going <a hr... (Below threshold)

The KOSsaks are going nuts over this story (even after some people have pointed out its an obvious fake). My favorite bit of lunacy:

And actually, in some ways, it makes them better than us. They just kill prisoners. We subject them to months of humiliation and torture first, and if they survive, we keep holding them indefinately. I don't think we've got a damn leg to stand on. How is posting pictures of torture any less worse than broadcasting a beheading? (Whether it's better to live broken and imprisoned, or be executed, is not a subject I'm partial to discussing right now.)

It's not just two - there's... (Below threshold)
Chilly Willy:

It's not just two - there's a long string of examples of the wide-eyed hyperventilating media being taken in. Remember the bozo with the fake beheading video from last summer?

<a href="http://edition.cnn... (Below threshold)
You just knew the first GI ... (Below threshold)
t. z.:

You just knew the first GI Joe to get killed would be the black guy.......it's always that guy.

sarcasm button on.


May have a winner. Small ma... (Below threshold)

May have a winner. Small market though.


lol - from the CNN story:</... (Below threshold)

lol - from the CNN story:

"A flak jacket the man is wearing in the picture has an unfamiliar kind of piping or trim along its edges, Marks said. The man's open-legged pants, as opposed to gathered hems, seem odd, he said.

Marks also questioned what appeared to be camouflage paint on the man's face. "We have not used camo paint with conventional forces serving in Iraq," Marks said."

Also a dead give away was the big "Made In China" embossed on the soldiers boot. :)

Don't jump so quick to conc... (Below threshold)

Don't jump so quick to conclusions that the terrorists have sunk so low in this case. They may very well have but then again... wasn't the fake beheading video done by Ben Vanderford originally posted on a middle eastern website?

<a href="http://www.cnn.com... (Below threshold)
Phil Smith:


They've got a guy from "Dragon Toys" or some such saying it's one of theirs.

CNN has a quote from a toy ... (Below threshold)
Doug McPeek:

CNN has a quote from a toy manufacturer who claims it looks like one of theirs.


I still don't see how this ... (Below threshold)

I still don't see how this lessens the situation any. We're about to lose a Real American Hero, guys!

Have to retract the Lone St... (Below threshold)

Have to retract the Lone Star entry, in my rush to get the story out (now who was I being like?) for got to notice it was another blog. Didn't know googlenews linked to blogs, now I do.

They've already castrated h... (Below threshold)

They've already castrated him, did they report on this yet?

I suppose they'l say it was discrimination against the transgendered and a result of 'don't ask, don't tell.'

MSNBC has it now too -- <a ... (Below threshold)

MSNBC has it now too -- http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6894934/
(not there at 3:40 ET, there at 3:56)
"Liam Cusack of the toy manufacturer Dragon Models USA Inc. said the image of the soldier portrayed in the photo bore a striking resemblance to a military action figure made by the company."

At least they won't have to... (Below threshold)

At least they won't have to work too hard to decapitate the GI Joe.

Caption Contest entry: "Wi... (Below threshold)

Caption Contest entry: "With US Forces stretched to the breaking point the Bush Administration brings GI Joe out of retirement."

3:00pm (CST) Radio News (CB... (Below threshold)

3:00pm (CST) Radio News (CBS I think) just acknowledged the similarity to the doll.

Oh my God what's next? Bar... (Below threshold)

Oh my God what's next? Barbie in a Bhurka?

Yea, Barbie better tighten ... (Below threshold)

Yea, Barbie better tighten her security for her upcoming USO tour.

And I don't think they were planning on be-heading him, I think I saw a lighter in the background....

I think the dead give away ... (Below threshold)

I think the dead give away was the threat that if we didnt do as they said they would throw the GI out the second floor bedroom window with a bandana parachute and a M-80 tied to his back.

<a href="http://www.hallowe... (Below threshold) Apparently it's "<a href="h... (Below threshold)

Apparently it's "Cody", not GI Joe. Doesn't matter though.

Hahahaha. Rathergate II: C... (Below threshold)

Hahahaha. Rathergate II: Chuckie's revenge?

<a href="http://www.washing... (Below threshold)


The WaPo's story has now been updated with the Dragon Toys quotation.

Hey, It's Fake, But Accurat... (Below threshold)

Hey, It's Fake, But Accurate, Part Deux!

Well, now it's official - i... (Below threshold)

Well, now it's official - if you can't believe these guys, who can you believe?

Amazingly, CBS News: "'Capt... (Below threshold)

Amazingly, CBS News: "'Captured GI' A Real Doll"


And down the memory hole it... (Below threshold)

And down the memory hole it goes. As of 4:30(ish) EST it is no where to be found on CNN's home page.

Fox has it<a href=... (Below threshold)
So, is that like a 1" gun p... (Below threshold)

So, is that like a 1" gun pointed at him?

<a href="http://apnews.mywa... (Below threshold)


It appears that the AP is still saying one of our boys was kidnapped. Probably they are in on the ruse to fool us evil Americans.

So, is that like a 1" gu... (Below threshold)

So, is that like a 1" gun pointed at him?


Awh never-mind.

<a href="http://believeinma... (Below threshold)
And I don't think they w... (Below threshold)

And I don't think they were planning on be-heading him, I think I saw a lighter in the background....

Oh no a 4 foot tall Bic Lighter!

Here it's a better picture.... (Below threshold)
Considering we DO have some... (Below threshold)

Considering we DO have some American soldiers missing this soldier is Fake but Accurate.

Oh my God! They've capture... (Below threshold)

Oh my God! They've captured Cody!

We can call up more Codys from the reserves at $35 each.

www.weeklyworldnews.com/fea... (Below threshold)

www.weeklyworldnews.com/features/politics/61660 ...is this what you mean?

We are planning a rescue mi... (Below threshold)

We are planning a rescue mission.
First, we will have Rich of the Blue Angels fly a diversion:

Then, we'll send in William from the 101st Airborne:

Then, we'll have Joe take out their mortar positions:

After that, we drop in the skydivers to secure the capture point:

Colonel Spottswoode can nei... (Below threshold)
Team America:

Colonel Spottswoode can neither confirm nor deny that a member of the elite special force unit "Team America" has been taken hostage.

Hahahaha. I think this is g... (Below threshold)

Hahahaha. I think this is good evidence that the media's "FIRST!" instinct is in overgear and, more importantly, that their "BULLSH*T" meter is completely OFF when there's a story that they hope may turn public opinion against the war in Iraq.

I can't wait for fark... i'... (Below threshold)

I can't wait for fark... i'm nothing compared to the farkers....


Just reported: U.S. forces ... (Below threshold)

Just reported: U.S. forces are on the lookout for a suspect in this kidnapping. Description: black boots, blue uniform emblazoned with a red snake, blue helmet with solid silver faceplate, answers to the name "Cobra Commander."

ITS FOX NEWS!!!!http://www.... (Below threshold)

ITS FOX NEWS!!!!http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,146040,00.html

girlfriend pleads for safe ... (Below threshold)
capt joe:
AP is reporting the toy pos... (Below threshold)

AP is reporting the toy possibility. CBS should take note of the speed to correction.

NPR at 4PM was still report... (Below threshold)
John Anderson:

NPR at 4PM was still reporting threats to behead the soldier if all prisoners were not eleased. What gives?

How was anyone taken in by ... (Below threshold)

How was anyone taken in by this. We were looking at the news at work at about 10 am PST and it took about 30 seconds to figure out it was a doll. Nothing looked right. Maybe I should go to work for CBS.

Thou shalt not make any gra... (Below threshold)

Thou shalt not make any graven image.

If the terrorists have to resort to teenage pranks, we must be kicking their asses more than I thought. How laughably impotent this makes the great Zarqawi look. Next to the election, this is the second best news out of Iraq this week.

Beheading? You can just pop... (Below threshold)

Beheading? You can just pop the little sucker's head off.

Kidding aside, who created the hoax? Our islamofacist friends? Or some western ahole?

Fox News, Brit Hume, just r... (Below threshold)

Fox News, Brit Hume, just reported on the "hoax"

We should now take the war ... (Below threshold)

We should now take the war on their terms, and have whoever manufactures these dolls produce one of an "Iraqi Insurgent".
Then we could take him to camp X-ray and interrogate him. I'm sure fellow prisoners there would enjoy his company.

P.S. Maybe what Iraq needs is U.N. sanctions on G.I. Joe dolls.

So next they'll capture the... (Below threshold)

So next they'll capture the Alien, then the Predator, then they'll claim that they have Spiderman, then...

I knew the photo was fake when I first saw it this morning, what with the cottage cheese walls, the vest that would fit an elephant and the fact that there don't even appear to be any arms in those sleeves, and that was even before the tiny head gave me pause, plus the fact that I'd know a G.I.Joe DOLL anywhere.

They'd have gotten a lot more mileage if they'd posed a Barbie or even two Barbies, what with the trends being what they are.

Ha, Team America. Oh, so, ... (Below threshold)

Ha, Team America. Oh, so, NOW I understand...

Actually, I realize it's no... (Below threshold)

Actually, I realize it's not G.I.Joe, but all the Joe's Dolls look alike to me at this point.

Ha...very funny in a very uncomfortable sorta way.

Why don't they just capture... (Below threshold)

Why don't they just capture SpongeBob and get it over with?

O.K., serioiusly, now, I lo... (Below threshold)

O.K., serioiusly, now, I looked far more closely at this image and here's what I found: ___o - o______

CNN Headline just did the s... (Below threshold)

CNN Headline just did the story and said the hostage "may" be a doll. Fine time to decide to be cautious. Idiots.

And I thought restricting l... (Below threshold)

And I thought restricting little dolls was for the S&M fetish crowd.

Seems to me that most of th... (Below threshold)

Seems to me that most of the jihadis ARE S&M fetishists... or at least S fetishists.

Hey, weren't Madelaine Albr... (Below threshold)

Hey, weren't Madelaine Albright and Maureen Dowd seen messing around with George Bush and Ann Coulter dolls a few months ago? I bet she's behind this!

HELP! My trackback attempt... (Below threshold)

HELP! My trackback attempts all result in being "throttled" by Wizbang! Is it something I wrote?

I couldn't resist the opportunity to cartoon-away, here, but alas, trackback failed.

Here's my wan attempt to contribute...but still no G. I. Joe.

Well, now resolved, sorry t... (Below threshold)

Well, now resolved, sorry to wail.

I don't any of the MSM stor... (Below threshold)

I don't any of the MSM stories should count as being the first unless they acknowledge it as a fake, with no hedging. All the MSM stories I've seen so far say it might be a fake - kinda like the MSM still thinking that the Bush Memos might be fakes. So which MSM story talks about this as a real fake?

What's the world coming to?... (Below threshold)

What's the world coming to? Even CBS picked this one up:


This just in. "Team Ameri... (Below threshold)

This just in. "Team America" has him and cody is headed home to a Wal Mart shelf near you!

I love the Fox News "correc... (Below threshold)

I love the Fox News "correction"

The claim, posted on an Arabic Web site frequented by militants, was first cast into doubt when a military spokesman in Baghdad said the kidnapping claim and photo could not be verified, and that "no units have reported anyone missing."

How about something a little more accurate, like:

"the claim was first cast into doubt by a bunch of alert bloggers who didn't have the wool pulled over their eyes in a rush to sensationalize."

OK, The UK Telegraph - its ... (Below threshold)

OK, The UK Telegraph - its the first MSM to actually run a headline and story saying the picture is a hoax and a toy.


Or as a link:<a hr... (Below threshold)
CNN <a href="http://edit... (Below threshold)

CNN has a blurb on their news story.

"A photograph posted on an Islamist Web site appears to be that of an action figure and not a U.S. soldier being held hostage. Liam Cusack, the marketing coordinator for Dragon Models USA, said the figure pictured on the Web site is believed to be "Special Ops Cody," a military action figure the company manufactured in late 2003."

"Liam Cusack, of the toy ma... (Below threshold)

"Liam Cusack, of the toy manufacturer Dragon Models USA Inc., said the image bore a striking resemblance to the African-American version of its "Cody" action figure.
"It is our doll ... To me, it looks definitely like it is," Cusack told The Associated Press. "Everything the guy is wearing is exactly what comes with our figure. If you look at the two pictures side by side, it'd be a huge coincidence."

The company, based in City of Industry, Calif., produced 4,000 of the figures in 2003 for the U.S. military for sale in its Kuwait bases. It was never sold in the United States but is traded on line among collectors, sometimes to use in highly realistic dioramas, he said. "

Anyone else find it odd that this was ONLY sold in Kuwait bases. It shouldn't take long to figure out of the 4000 that were there how many were sold and to where/whoom. It's possible that a soldier or consultant brought one back for there kid and kids did this. but seems a little strange that it was this "doll" that was used.

It's not a fake! They've r... (Below threshold)

It's not a fake! They've rescued him!







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