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Two columnists, both decidedly anti-Bush, witness the same events but see different stories.

Mark Brown (Chicago Sun-Times) - What if Bush has been right about Iraq all along?

James Carroll (Boston Globe) - Train wreck of an election

You can probably guess which fellow has Juan "I'm Just Appalled" Cole in his Rolodex...


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Comments (8)

James Carroll would glady a... (Below threshold)

James Carroll would glady accept another hundred thousand Iraqis in mass graves to prove he's right. That he can look at a moment like the elections and call it a train wreck is just sick. You can bet your last dollar that he was jumping for joy when he saw the GI Joe picture, had it not been a hoax it would have been more ammunition to take pot-shots at the right. At some point, everyone with any sort of reasonable thought process has to ask themseleves the question that Mark Brown asked, people like James Carroll never will, they are the ones truly in a bubble.

All I can say is this: Amen... (Below threshold)

All I can say is this: Amen. Amen to those who are willing to overlook their hatred of the red, their anti-conservitive views, and moonbatty beliefs. I fills me with hope to know that, atleast, some are willing to move on, and realize what good we have done, and are doing. That they are capable of seeing past the, bloody and violent, now. Realize the great hope and potential that freedom and democracy will bring to an oppressed people.

Let the people of Iraq stand up and take responsibility for themselves. That is what the elections are all about. It's about the people wanting freedom, the right to choose, and willing to accept the consequences of their choices.

It saddens me that some people simply can not grow and mature.

Brown is giving us the MSM/... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Brown is giving us the MSM/DNC party line for Tue. The MSM was doing their best to ridicule the positive results of the war on terror and Iraq's election. Basically saying " It is really an insignificant event things will likely remain a "quagmire" do not get your hopes up." The MSM/DNC spin is fully geared up. The seem to have taken their cue from Tim R. and JFK Sun

How nice of Carroll to make... (Below threshold)

How nice of Carroll to make his analogy atthe expense of those who died in the train wreck, or in Iraq for that matter. What an asshole.

Yes, everbody hates us, the world is coming to an end. Sells lots of papers, doesn;t it?

Sells lots of papers, do... (Below threshold)

Sells lots of papers, doesn;t it?

Finally someone who get's it (even thouht it might be accidential).

The alleged liberalism of the media is always trumped by whatever story will sell papers and get viewers, period. All other motivations are a distent second.

More on the same subject, w... (Below threshold)

More on the same subject, with an additional look at one reporter whose personal grudge against Bush appears to be biasing his take on the Iraq election:


The alleged liberalism o... (Below threshold)

The alleged liberalism of the media is always trumped by whatever story will sell papers and get viewers, period. All other motivations are a distent second.

And it's been working so well for them!


This guy Carroll is obvious... (Below threshold)

This guy Carroll is obviously the pawn of Ted "The Drowner" Kennedy and John "Gold-bricker" Kerry. Too bad all three of them weren't on the lead car of the California train that derailed.






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