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If You Thought You Were Having A Crappy Day

It could be much worse...

A Winter X Games competitor, paralyzed previously in a snowboarding accident, fell 35 feet from a chairlift Monday near Aspen, Colo., as ski-area staffers watched.

Kimberly Joines was riding Buttermilk's Summit Express chairlift alone on Monday when she slipped from the chair and grabbed hold as she fell. She held on as helpless ski workers watched from the ground, encouraging her to hang on.

..The lift stopped less than 100 yards from the downloading ramp and Joines couldn't hold on any longer, falling 35 feet to the snow below.

The ski patrol quickly arrived and checked her out, finding no broken bones.

"I’m so lucky, I’m in a lot of pain right now, but I’m not dead," she told a local paper.

Via TheDenverChannel.com

Comments (5)

I hope she heals quickly, b... (Below threshold)

I hope she heals quickly, but I think she should seriously reconsider her habits.

I need to ask why the chair... (Below threshold)

I need to ask why the chair lift operators stop the lift when someone is holding on for dear life. If they did not stop the lift, She may have been able to hold on till she got to the ramp. But instead, let let her hang there until she can no longer do it.

Several years ago, my Uncle watched such an event unfold. This time the lady was 60 feet up in the air when they stopped the lift. She hung there for almost 20 minutes before falling to her death. If they kept the lift moving she would have been at the ramp in less than 5. I dont get it. Maybe some ski patrol jock could tell me why stopping the lift makes more sense.


Life is a bitch, then you d... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Life is a bitch, then you die.

She only has herself to blame for being in the chair in the first place.

Have to agree with Rob. Ha... (Below threshold)

Have to agree with Rob. Had she not fallen, who was supposed to be help her at the top of the lift?

You know, it does take a ce... (Below threshold)
Frank H:

You know, it does take a certain amount of effort to find oneself falling out of a chairlift chair. This would not have happened if she'd simply been sitting there minding her own business, awaiting the exit ramp.

What the He** was she doing? The horizontal bop?






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