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Schieffer set to fill Rather's CBS seat

USATODAY reports:

Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer is all but certain to be named interim anchor on The CBS Evening News when Dan Rather steps down next month, sources within CBS News say.
Amazingly the whole multi-anchor format wasn't just idle speculation from Les Moonves; apparently they're really going through with a Headline News clone.

Of course adding Lara Logan as one of the anchors might help restore some of the Evening News' anemic ratings.

Comments (10)

Dunno who she is... but if ... (Below threshold)

Dunno who she is... but if she told me the stuff came from a 1970's typewriter, I wouldn't question it, man.

and... Cody is a real soldi... (Below threshold)

and... Cody is a real soldier.

Sign me up.

Whatever. Nothing will save... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Whatever. Nothing will save the Liberal nazi symapthizers at CBS from the truth.

I hope Rather dies of bowel cancer while choking on some 'memos'!!!!!!

Not bad...though looks like... (Below threshold)

Not bad...though looks like she's had a Van Susteran.

At work I am forced to watc... (Below threshold)

At work I am forced to watch CBS as it is the only channel that will work. Logan is definitely a cute one,but they also have Trish Regan,Serena Atchul(from MTV if you guys evers saw her),and Kelly Cabbiella(or Cabbierra or something like that). Sometimes I don't even hear them,just stare at them.

When will they learn? Get a... (Below threshold)

When will they learn? Get a get a young hot babe to read me the news.

Better still: Get young ho... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Better still: Get young hot babes to just stare at me for 30 minutes. The blogs will supply my news.

Lora Logan? That looks like... (Below threshold)

Lora Logan? That looks like Julie from "The Mod Squad" to me.

...which isn't a bad thing; if she looked like Peggy Lipton does today -- that might not be but so nice.

Bob "I was snookered" Schie... (Below threshold)
Just Don:

Bob "I was snookered" Schieffer.

Oh well, at least the day after he reported a completely false, unverified story fed him by the Dems during Clinton's Lewinski scandal testimony, he admitted he was had. However, I thought (and still think) he should have reported the entire story..i.e. WHO fed him the false story.

Unfortunately, Schieffer's entire report on the subject was, "I was snookered."

Rather light?

Well now, if Lara's gonna d... (Below threshold)

Well now, if Lara's gonna do the evening news, I'll just watch it with the sound turned off....hehehehe.






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