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SOTU Open Thread

Especially for the Wizbang comment community.

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Not seeing any purple-finge... (Below threshold)

Not seeing any purple-fingered senators.... hrm...

Annnd... promise to cut def... (Below threshold)

Annnd... promise to cut deficit in half gets a huge, huge standing ovation. Again, hrm...

That's right dammit, look s... (Below threshold)

That's right dammit, look straight in the camera when you tell the fogies that you WILL NOT CHANGE THEIR BENEFITS, even after reform. Only way they'll listen, if that.

Bush:"...our childre... (Below threshold)

"...our children's future is more important than partisan politics!"

Dem #1 to Dem #2:
whisper "Like hell."

Dem #2 to Dem #1:
"Oh, shit, they're standing up. We look like even bigger dicks if we don't applaud that. Mother fucker."
smiles at camera

"[T]o ensure that human lif... (Below threshold)

"[T]o ensure that human life is never bought or sold as a commodity."

Tell that to Debbie Roe and Michael Jackson!

Wow, that was quick. Guess... (Below threshold)

Wow, that was quick. Guess I need to start a blog or something -- spent the whole night talking to myself ;-)

Oh come on fuck the deficit... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Oh come on fuck the deficit. We need to spend money to protect America and make us strong over seas. This HAS to come first. National security cannot be compromised for a few whining economic "sky is falling" liberal idiots.

Somehow I wasn't surprised ... (Below threshold)

Somehow I wasn't surprised at any of the Democrats carping and trying to say that the stuff they liked was all their idea and that Bush was just trying to sound like he wants to unite, but then saying he lies and same old CRAP!

Did the president kiss Joe ... (Below threshold)

Did the president kiss Joe Lieberman at the end of the speach? Cool bit of bipartisanship!

Wow! Bush stuck it to Iran... (Below threshold)

Wow! Bush stuck it to Iran and Syria. I wonder what that might do?

I remember watching his fir... (Below threshold)

I remember watching his first State of the Union Address. Man things were a little different back then, weren't they?

It occurs to me that tackli... (Below threshold)

It occurs to me that tackling Social Security this year is probably a win win for Bush.

If the President gets everything he wants of course he wins, and the Democrats lose Social Security as their issue.

If the Democrats block it completely through a filibuster then the Republicans have a huge tool for the 2006 midterms by telling the American people that the Democrats can't be trusted since they weren't even willing to work with the President on fixing Social Security.

If it ends in a compromise then Bush gets the credit for grabbing the third rail of American politics with both hands and living.






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