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Quote Of The Day

Two hundred grand and he still couldn't afford a blogroll? Way to share the bloggy wealth, Andrew.

(Tim Blair on Andrew Sullivan's retirement)


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Comments (10)

He wouldn't even acknowledg... (Below threshold)

He wouldn't even acknowledge by name who wrote to his letters page. I guess he didn't want to feed anybody's ego.

Except his own. One of the... (Below threshold)

Except his own. One of the reasons I stopped going there almost a year ago.

...won't be missed here.</p... (Below threshold)

...won't be missed here.

Sullivan still has a blog??... (Below threshold)

Sullivan still has a blog??? Comes under the 'whatever' headline, doesn't it?

Haven't been there in a whi... (Below threshold)

Haven't been there in a while either, but if not for him I might not be here.

Best wishes to Andrew.

Andrew who?... (Below threshold)

Andrew who?

You know, I wrote somewhere... (Below threshold)

You know, I wrote somewhere, maybe here, can't remember where but do remember what I wrote, and that was about Sullivan's "blog" and his "fundraising drive" and the frequent donors donating, who'd write about it, which is why I knew about it, I wrote after one and one only looksee at Sullivan's location that he seemed very much like a con with a game going, and I think I was right.

Look at the essence of what he promotes, what his "mission" actually was, all those words later only to unearth what his motivation and purpose actually was, funded by willing, gullible donors eager to, um, what? What was the attraction there? I mean, really, what was it?

I surmised, after my one and one only lookover of Sullivan's site and that was prior to the Election but approaching it, my only and complete thought about the source behind the site was that he had managed to tease into commitment many. Excellent con work. Still a con.

I bet we'll find that Sulli... (Below threshold)

I bet we'll find that Sullivan enjoys a walk through Europe with a flourish only to realize that, OMGosh, he's just got to go with Howard Dean because of an epiphany he had, a voice that led him to, a dream that revealed to him, a newly developed sense of pride in...

So many donors, so eager to... (Below threshold)

So many donors, so eager to assist. Suckers are born every minute.

What I want to know is - wi... (Below threshold)

What I want to know is - will Sullivan still be called upon by the networks as one of "the" representatives of the blogging community (him and Wonkette) even though he won't be blogging?






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