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Sweeps Week Shocker!!!

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Naked reporter (Sharon Reed) interviews naked former anchor (Catherine Bosley) tonight on Cleveland's Action News 19!

Reed is timely as usual, picking up on a story reported at Wizbang in January 2004. It must be sweeps week...

Update: The links now go to the video.

Previous Wizbang coverage of Catherine Bosley

News Anchor Resigns Over Nude Photos (with said nude pictures)

Previous Wizbang coverage of Sharon Reed

Is It Sweeps?
Naked News

Hat Tip: Interested Participant


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Comments (9)

Bosley was (still is) a rea... (Below threshold)

Bosley was (still is) a real pig; fixed, but still ugly as sin.

Put me down as "in favor" r... (Below threshold)

Put me down as "in favor" regarding anything involving nude women.

Gee, this makes me so proud... (Below threshold)

Gee, this makes me so proud to be a Clevelander.

I can't understand how buff... (Below threshold)

I can't understand how buffoons like this get placed in positions of authority in the media. Not only is this woman an airhead with a crappy chest...she undoubtedly thinks she looks good!, why else would she enter a wet T shirt contest?...head shake

- Cathy's press stunt is no... (Below threshold)

- Cathy's press stunt is not old news....its a mummified corpse....She actually did a 50 photo gig at a so called wet T shirt beauty contest....The only thing that looked in good shape was the brand new bandaid on her big toe.... Her hubby, acting as stage manager and body guard stood to one side as she covorted looking like he wanted to be anywhere but where he was...All in all it tends to prove the old adage that the really good looking gals don't have to take it off....She should have kept her day job....

All I can say about Mrs. Fr... (Below threshold)

All I can say about Mrs. Frankenboobs is "Not even with a rented dick!"

I. will. never. understand.... (Below threshold)

I. will. never. understand. women. like. that. ever.

Ok...I just loved Sharon Re... (Below threshold)

Ok...I just loved Sharon Reed's reporting on this one. She has that whole...Don't Mess With Me Girlfriend, or Else!

i think her breast look a l... (Below threshold)

i think her breast look a little funny but she is still a sexy woman!






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