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Bush Bitch-slaps Rather

Every Friday afternoon, Howie Carr has Fox News' Chris Wallace on to kick around matters and to plug Wallace's Fox News Sunday. This week, Wallace had a truly wonderful story to tell.

(Disclaimer: I heard this about two hours ago, and while I tried to remember every detail, I most likely have the words all wrong. I'll try to be faithful to the sentiment.)

Apparently, last Wednesday Bush and Cheney had a bunch of media types over for lunch to plug the State Of The Union Address. They invited all the network and cable anchors and Sunday talk show hosts. After the meal, while they were leaving, Dan Rather was awkwardly waiting to talk to Bush while he was chatting with Brit Hume (of Fox News).

Bush turned to Rather, smiled, and held out his hand. "So, Dan, are you retiring back to Austin?"

Rather was a bit put off. "Well, sir, I'll be spending about half the year there from now on."

"That's great. I'll see you there in four years."

I think I'd sell my immortal soul to see a video of that encounter...



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Comments (12)

Jay Tea,Brit Hume ha... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,
Brit Hume had a nice long conversation with Chris Wallace a couple of nights ago, and it included the exact quote you are looking for. It is viewable at RatherBiased

And of course you can read the transcript of the interview here, also at ratherbiased.

Fun to watch, kind of an insiders look at how Fox News is viewed from some of the MSM.

Don't forget the oher great... (Below threshold)

Don't forget the oher great snub of recent... predident Alawi not granting an interview to ABC's Peter Jennings before the election.. Hey Peter I wonder why?

He was definitely the South... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

He was definitely the Southerner-polite, but still able to get his digs in.

I would have ignored his po... (Below threshold)

I would have ignored his pompous ass.

The Prez has class...and a ... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

The Prez has class...and a sense of humor!!!

Hah! And Kerry claimed W wa... (Below threshold)

Hah! And Kerry claimed W wasn't nuanced! Wrong again,Lurch.

""That's great. I'll see yo... (Below threshold)
Magnum Serpentine:

""That's great. I'll see you there in four years."

I think I'd sell my immortal soul to see a video of that encounter..."

And your point is?????

What I thought.

That Dick Cheney is so sexy... (Below threshold)

That Dick Cheney is so sexy. It positively makes me wet when he shows how much he really cares about our enlisted men. He may not have been a war hero himself, but he sure served his time, didn't he? I think we can all reflect on what it means to be proud of America, right or wrong, just like that.

My money says Dick won't worry his pretty mind about that stupid War Crimes indictment thing, and will brazenly visit Germany anyway, placing himself at risk of arrest. Now that's a man who knows what sacrifice is, when it comes to playing the Patriot.

That is beyond awesome. The... (Below threshold)

That is beyond awesome. The look on Rather's face must have been worth billions of dollars.

Looks like the OW trolls have been attacking pretty much every post. Hell, half the comments aren't even on topic (i.e. minnie above me).

"And your point is?????... (Below threshold)

"And your point is?????

What I thought. "

Magnum Serpentine, do you really need to have it explained to you?

George Bush is a class act, and he delivered a magnificent, biting insult, a well deserved insult, in the classiest way it can be delivered -- in public, right to the man's face, while shaking the man's hand, while smiling quite broadly, and while meaning every word of it quite literally, he very politely BROKE IT OFF IN THE MAN'S ASS.

Why would someone want to see a video of the event? To see the expression on the man's face when it happened. I would pay good money to do so.

Do you get it now?

Get it? The twit's a Dimoc... (Below threshold)

Get it? The twit's a Dimocrap. The only way "get it" is relevant to him is in the sense of "he gets it from his party leadership daily". Usually hard, and with sand in the vaseline.

speaking of Bush and being ... (Below threshold)

speaking of Bush and being misunderestimated

I saw part of Nancy Pelosi's daughter's documentary on Bush, she followed him on his 2000 election campaign, I cannot remember the title

I wished I had caught it all and hopefully it will be rerun soon

It was very clear that GW when in relaxed circumstances is funny, charming, personable as well as quick witted, even Ms. Pelosi found GW very charming and he was always teasing her with great off the cuff comments, her mother must have disowned her by now.....even Karl Rove comes off as just a fun loving character, not the big bad wolf as portrayed in the media....LOL

now if Nancy had half the brains and personality of her daughter, well....but I digress...






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