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Like Magnets to Stupid III

Did you think I'd be quiet on the Oliver Willis kerfuffle?

Ya know I had to chuckle when Jay pointed out this comment Ollie Boy left.

I have registration for my comments because I got tired of spam and rightwingers calling me racist names.

Because Ollie Boy apparently missed my reply to Laurence Simon a few hours earlier, on that same thread.

I accused Oliver Willis of trackbombing for traffic before, but very few people believed me.

Maybe a few more believe me now.

Shut up you racist.

Ollie Boy is so predictable he can be parodied. Anyone who disagrees with him is a racist. It really is sad. He has no intellectual power so he just calls his opponents racist. It is Oliver's own twist on Godwin's Law.

I think my favorite example is this post: Dean Esmay: Dumbass, Racist. Dean makes the point that black people (comedians specifically) can make fun of white people and no one complains, but if the roles were reversed and whites made fun of black people, they would be called racist.

This is an observation made by many people of both races including, notably, black comedian Chris Rock. Yet when Dean Esmay says it, Ollie Boy calls him a "Dumbass Racist." (Which BTW for anyone with an IQ above 7 should prove Dean's point in Technicolor.)

This is (yet another) icon of why the left loses elections. They are hate filled cretins stuck in the 1960s. Ollie is just the poster boy. A sad pathetic poster boy.


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Comments (20)

Me? Racist?I didn'... (Below threshold)

Me? Racist?

I didn't realize that Oliver was palestinian.

Conservatives must be racis... (Below threshold)

Conservatives must be racists, rich white democrats say it so it must be true. Of course those same democrats tell minorities that they can't accomplish anything without rich, white democrats helping them and that seems pretty racist to me. A little on the condescending side too.

Racist: A conservative who ... (Below threshold)

Racist: A conservative who is winning an argument with a liberal.

Slightly OT:Today ... (Below threshold)
Opinionated Vogon:

Slightly OT:

Today I stumbled across this "review" of Apple's new mac mini. As I was reading it (to get the full effect you really have to read the linked page) and something occurred to me: This review is just like reading Oliver Willis bloviating on politics. :¬)

To some, if you are white, ... (Below threshold)

To some, if you are white, then you are racist. The term is thrown about like this in such a careless manner, that I think a lot of people have no idea what it actually means.

I once told a student that she could not go to the restroom because class was almost over. I had already let at least three others go during the period. She called me a racist.

I was the ONLY white person in the classroom that period.

"This is (yet another) icon... (Below threshold)

"This is (yet another) icon of why the left loses elections"

Actually, there is a difference. Icons are important. Ollie, not so much.

Yikes Opinionated Vogon...... (Below threshold)

Yikes Opinionated Vogon...

That review had to be satire.

... It was so woefully stupid I'd hate to think there was really a person who believed that nonsense.

But it is a windows user.....

Ohhhh, so now we're "window... (Below threshold)

Ohhhh, so now we're "windows users". You say that in a racist way. ;-)

That review is ridiculous, ... (Below threshold)

That review is ridiculous, he says "the new Mini is “smaller than most packs of gum” and weighs “less than four quarters” which is Apple's description of their new iPod Shuffle, not the Mini. Guess reading comprehension is'nt very important at DeVry, of course Apple's site has a picture of said pack of gum next to the Shuffle, for those who are reading impaired, so that's not a legit excuse for Jorge. On another note, another piece on that site is downright stupid...


Yeah Paul has never even us... (Below threshold)

Yeah Paul has never even used the word nigger in his whole life. Except in a friendly, just-kidding sort of way.

Paul, not only did you plag... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, not only did you plagiarize my "Cretin," but you also stole the term "kerfuffle" from me. How long must my people (near-Canadian) suffer from the oppression and theft of our culture by you racists?


(Waiting for Paul to pronounce he's Cajun, and therefore more Canadian than I am...)

minnie is a bot script. No... (Below threshold)

minnie is a bot script. No one could be that dumb.

Having pissed off Glenn Rey... (Below threshold)

Having pissed off Glenn Reynolds to the point of not getting any more links, increasingly-irrelevant OW is now trying to generate traffic by pissing of the guys here at Wizbang.

Can't you see it's his MO?

Piss off bloggers bigger than you for links.

It's like some sort of passive-agressive link whoring.

Please stop giving OW attention.


Oh come on, Hob. When Ollie... (Below threshold)

Oh come on, Hob. When Ollie has slipped to the ultimate disgrace of trying to pick a fight with me, he first needs to know where to find me.

And how can I make sure he knows that, if he doesn't get the occasional Wizgangbanging for me to comment on?

As I said on the Rott. Oliv... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

As I said on the Rott. Oliver is Katamari Damacy to Stupid.

He keeps rolling around, collecting stupidities that stick to him until he's a skyscraper-rivalling mass of it.

C'Mon McGehee, Now... (Below threshold)

C'Mon McGehee,

Now that you live in Coweta County, you are automatically a racist.... I do not care about the Cali-ALaskan roots. A White Guy moving to the south on his own volition. Automatic David Duke card in the OW book... :)

You PTC Buddy

Oliver's use of the term ra... (Below threshold)

Oliver's use of the term racist reminds me of Orwell's comment about how when A calls B a fascist, about the only thing we can infer is that A does not like B.

They are hate filled cr... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

They are hate filled cretins stuck in the 1960s

More like the 1860s.

Hey Tom -- don't even start... (Below threshold)

Hey Tom -- don't even start getting on us redCowetanecks.

You Peachtree Citified types tootling around in your country club golf carts. That's the kind of automatically racist type Ollie might ever actually have encountered.


Uhh, just so everyone is cl... (Below threshold)

Uhh, just so everyone is clear, the Mac Mini "review" is most definitely satire. If you look, there are other articles on that site, equally satirical. It also takes a whole lot of jabs at Windows, which are just subtle enough to be missed if you are merely skimming the piece.

To sort of unite the two conversation topics, I wonder if anyone is familiar with a Blogcritics regular known as "macdiva." Just like Oliver, she thinks very highly of herself, and just like Oliver, she calls racist anyone who dares criticize her. (I won't bother searching for examples -- if you want some, go to Blogcritics.org and search for her name, or use Google.)

Assuming they are not actually the same person, I'd like to see Oliver and macdiva baited into arguing with each other. I don't know what consequences will come of such a positive-feedback loop, but I'm sure they'd be spectacular.






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