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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™.

Coming at you : Dressed-up revelers celebrate the start of the carnival season in Germany's Rhineland (AFP/DDP/Martin Oeser)

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.


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Comments (78)

The "Hillary 2008" campaign... (Below threshold)

The "Hillary 2008" campaign staff works the crowd as the soon to be candidate reveals her new stance on abortion.

Nancy Pelosi, back left , D... (Below threshold)

Nancy Pelosi, back left , Denise Rich, center and Hillary Clinton, back right, all participate in the Democrat annual "A Pox on Your House Geoge Bush" ritual.

After slapping his mother i... (Below threshold)

After slapping his mother in front of a marine, Achmed's first realization that the 72 virgins were not what he hoped for

After a few drinks, Maureen... (Below threshold)

After a few drinks, Maureen Dowd finds almost any occupant of an adjacent bar stool attractive. Sadly for her, this is rarely reciprocated...

Today, Congressional Democr... (Below threshold)

Today, Congressional Democrats unveiled their new campaign to undermine pending Social Security reform. Entitled "Over Your Dead Bodies", it is designed scare the living shit out of senior citizens and, if successful, should result in a 70% reduction in the number of eligible Social Security recipients, thus making the current program financially stable until 2099.

(C'mon Kevin - this image is just DYING to be Photoshopped!)

NOW and NARAL members, insp... (Below threshold)

NOW and NARAL members, inspired by scenes from the State of the Union speech, dress up as Iraqi women in hopes that they, too, can get hugged.

With hypnotic repetition of... (Below threshold)

With hypnotic repetition of "Howard Dean can save the party," Deaniacs reveal their strategy for winning the DNC Chair election.

The Left’s new plan to win ... (Below threshold)

The Left’s new plan to win over voters:

"Your eyes are getting heavy…Republicans are evil…the religious right must be destroyed…American imperialism must be stopped…George Bush is a Nazi…I am going to count to three; you will wake up refreshed and ready to vote for Democrats, 1…2…3"

Nancy "Liar-Liar pants of f... (Below threshold)

Nancy "Liar-Liar pants of fire" Pelosi, Babs "U wanna Piece of Me" Boxer and Harry “He aint no sKerry” Reid lead top Democrats in brain storming session on why to conquer Red Staters.

On the 60th anniversary of ... (Below threshold)

On the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, German Gypsies return from the dead, vote in U.S. elections.

Nancy "Liar-Liar pants of f... (Below threshold)

Nancy "Liar-Liar pants of fire" Pelosi, Babs "U wanna Piece of Me" Boxer and Harry “He aint no sKerry” Reid lead top Democrats in brain storming session on ways to conquer Red Staters.

(sorry typo!)

New England Patriots fans f... (Below threshold)

New England Patriots fans from Salem, Massachusetts get ready to greet the Philadelphia Eagles in Sunday's Super Bowl.

After years of getting insp... (Below threshold)

After years of getting inspiration for her New York Times columns from copious ingestion of peyote buttons, Maureen Dowd realized with growing horror that her long-time and trusted dealer hooked her up with what the Times' delivery boys would call "some really bad shit."

Wonkette enjoys celebrating... (Below threshold)

Wonkette enjoys celebrating carnival in Germany, wearing her normal work clothes after a hard day's work blogging....

Hogwarts on acid...film at ... (Below threshold)

Hogwarts on acid...film at eleven!

Gradually, Ms Garofalo bega... (Below threshold)

Gradually, Ms Garofalo began to suspect that that kidder Owsley had slipped more than ginseng into her latte back in the MSNBC green room.

James: "No Bill, I can't sa... (Below threshold)

James: "No Bill, I can't say that's ever happened to me. I've never had a dream where I'm fixin to score with three hot chicks, much less woken up just before we "seal the deal". Now if you don't quit callin me at home on the weekends I ain’t never gonna help Hillary get elected in 2008."

Sadly, bloggers are countin... (Below threshold)

Sadly, bloggers are counting on Barney Frank, seen here with friends, to come forward and clarify Eason Jordan's performance at Davos.

The Dixie Chicks adopt dras... (Below threshold)

The Dixie Chicks adopt drastic measures to revive their flagging careers.

Dang, all these years I've ... (Below threshold)

Dang, all these years I've been praying all my ex-girlfriends would never get together in one place. Thanks a lot, God.

The anti-war trio with a ne... (Below threshold)

The anti-war trio with a new sound and matured look release their new CD - "The Dixi Chix Experience - Have You Ever Been Experienced?"

I posted it anyways - on review of the previous posts I saw Laurence Simon also with the Dixie Chicks theme.

Flaccid comes to mind Laure... (Below threshold)

Flaccid comes to mind Laurence....

At long last, CBS reveals t... (Below threshold)

At long last, CBS reveals the examiners that authenticated the Killian documents.

Rumsfeld tips the latest tw... (Below threshold)

Rumsfeld tips the latest twist in Iraqi special forces.

I'll get you my little pret... (Below threshold)

I'll get you my little pretty.... how DARE you steal my Instalanche.....

The democrats reveal their ... (Below threshold)

The democrats reveal their methods for getting people to vote for them...shoot, it sure as Hell ain't their ideas

Bill suddenly awoke screami... (Below threshold)

Bill suddenly awoke screaming, Dear God I wanted an orgy but not with Helen Thomas, Nanci Pelosi and Maureen Dowd... I wanted the best the democrats could offer..

ps. check out the all new Cartoon contest on my new blog!

Ladies and gentlemen.......... (Below threshold)

Ladies and gentlemen......... The Boxer Sisters!

Blogger groupies descend on... (Below threshold)

Blogger groupies descend on the Heritage Foundation's Panel discussion, searching for their target, Kevin Aylward

This is the final image reg... (Below threshold)

This is the final image registered by Janeane Garafalo's eyeballs shortly just before her brain was forcibly removed from her skull. On the upside, Howard Dean looks really good in drag, doesn't he?

The George Washington Unive... (Below threshold)

The George Washington University Shakespeare Theatre proudly presents Senators Boxer and Clinton and Representative Pelosi as The Three Witches in Condoleeza Rice's production of MacBeth!

I am home, take me drunk<br... (Below threshold)

I am home, take me drunk

Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi... (Below threshold)

Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Jeneane Garfolo try to conjur up the spirit of Tip O'Neill to resuce the party from the Clintons and Dean.

Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bo... (Below threshold)

Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi prepare for the Democratic response to the President's State Of the Union address.

Boo!... (Below threshold)


Vodkapundit live blogs the ... (Below threshold)

Vodkapundit live blogs the NOW convention.

Wait a minute; Mardi Gras B... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute; Mardi Gras Beer Goggles are supposed to make women look GOOD!

"Kenneth. . . Kenneth . . .... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Kenneth. . . Kenneth . . . What is the Frequency?"

"Quick where's Michael Moor... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Quick where's Michael Moore, this is obviously Dubya's fault."

Martha Stewart is awakened ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Martha Stewart is awakened from a deep sleep to the discovery that life is one big party. But, in prison its not her party.

That's the last time I mix ... (Below threshold)

That's the last time I mix radish juice and carrot juice before bed!

Just as suspected the troll... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Just as suspected the trolls that frequent Wizbang are more Lude than Luddite.

Nia Vardalos, of My Big Fat... (Below threshold)

Nia Vardalos, of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame, has a new TV sitcom with Joan Baez and the deceased Bonnie Lee Bakely. The story is a Weird West Wing Thing about Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin and Katherine Harris.

We Baathists voted T... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

We Baathists voted THIS many times!

1) Air America's Janeane Ga... (Below threshold)

1) Air America's Janeane Garafolo's worst nightmare-female Iraqi voters... no wait, that is just the Garafolo fan club meeting and Janeane decided to show up. (She's on the left).

2) Who let the dogs out?

3) Washington State voters reminding the world that they could vote under the Chicago rules (early and often) because they didn't have any ink on their fingers.

4) In a drug addled stupor, Bill began to worry that Hillary was starting to look good.

5) Desperate Housewives: Wiccan Edition

"I'm never drinking again" ... (Below threshold)

"I'm never drinking again" Harry Potter

DON'T TAKE THE BROWN ACID!<... (Below threshold)


Cher, Nancy Pelosi and Barb... (Below threshold)

Cher, Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer as seen through the "what they really look like" lens, just before they managed to grab the "what they really look like" camera and rip it all to shreds with the world's most metallic sets of real acrylic nails.

Hello, I'm Nancy Pelosi and... (Below threshold)

Hello, I'm Nancy Pelosi and this is the Democratic Responce. oooooooooh!!!!

Michael Moore's last three ... (Below threshold)

Michael Moore's last three girlfriends...

The sources for Eason Jorda... (Below threshold)

The sources for Eason Jordan's controversial accusations prepare to work on their next story with the help of Mary Mapes....

Suprisingly, it turned out ... (Below threshold)

Suprisingly, it turned out that Howard Dean had been channeling the spirits of three transvestite witches for years...

Shown throughout the cbs ev... (Below threshold)

Shown throughout the cbs evening news as a subliminal message:

"You will believe every word spoken by dan rather"

This is why you shouldn't t... (Below threshold)

This is why you shouldn't take LSD while on Bourbon St. during Mardi Gras.

Doooo yooo beleeeb in life ... (Below threshold)

Doooo yooo beleeeb in life after luuuub?

" Ruth Bader Ginsburg's nig... (Below threshold)

" Ruth Bader Ginsburg's night out."

You've been very, very naug... (Below threshold)

You've been very, very naughty. 'Salem Super Nanny' Jo Frost demonstrates her latest techniques in disciplining children.....

Or this variation:... (Below threshold)

Or this variation:

"Girl's night out" with Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Family Photo/Still Life Cat... (Below threshold)

Family Photo/Still Life Category
Janet Reno

Drag night at the DNC.<br /... (Below threshold)

Drag night at the DNC.
From Left:
Barbara Boxer, Joe Lieberman, Joe Pesci

And now, young Jedi... does... (Below threshold)

And now, young Jedi... does this dress make my ass look fat?

The last thing the suicide ... (Below threshold)
Terence Moeller:

The last thing the suicide bomber saw at the the Fallujuh voting precinct .


Hey! This isn't the 70 virgins that was promised!

Doooo yooo beleeeb in li... (Below threshold)

Doooo yooo beleeeb in life after luuuub?

Posted by: Cybrludite at February 5, 2005 01:47 AM

Okay, everyone else can stop now - this has got to be the winner!

My ex-wives! AHHHHHHHHHHHH... (Below threshold)


Nancy Pelosi, Barbra Boxer ... (Below threshold)

Nancy Pelosi, Barbra Boxer and Harry Reid appeal to their Wiccan base.

Just think how lucky you ar... (Below threshold)

Just think how lucky you are : this is how Teddy Kennedy sees his wife when he returns home smashed of an evening........

In a perfect world some rec... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

In a perfect world some rectums would be transparent so people, like Michael Moore, could see that there a lot of people that just do not like him.

Democrats announce their 20... (Below threshold)

Democrats announce their 2008 campaign platform committee.

LOL, the virgins comment ha... (Below threshold)

LOL, the virgins comment has to win.

Three founding members of t... (Below threshold)

Three founding members of the Stevie Nicks Fan Club go totally "Rhianon" for the camera.

M.I.L.F. not!... (Below threshold)

M.I.L.F. not!

Desperate for ratings, The ... (Below threshold)

Desperate for ratings, The Osbournes tries even harder to bring you into the everyday life of Ozzy.

Dixie Chicks playing Mohamm... (Below threshold)

Dixie Chicks playing Mohammed's tricks.

After losing the 2004 elect... (Below threshold)

After losing the 2004 election John Edwards kicked off the 2008 campaign among his hard core constituents.

Wicked Politics, the new Br... (Below threshold)
Lasting Magic:

Wicked Politics, the new Broadway Musical. Here is a scene featuring the Founding Mothers.

Tyrell Owens does his littl... (Below threshold)

Tyrell Owens does his little chicken dance.

The Bitches of Eastwick.</p... (Below threshold)

The Bitches of Eastwick.

<a href="http://wizbangblog... (Below threshold)

Winners announced. Comments are now closed.






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