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Like Kryptonite to reality

"There's desperation, there's desperation in the air
It leaves a stain on all your clothes and no detergent gets it out"

Meat Loaf, Life Is A Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)

Poor, poor Oliver Willis. He finds himself desperately scrambling for relevance, in hopes of keeping the paychecks coming in from Media Matters, but finds that the harder he tries, the more of his credibility (such as it ever was) swirls down the bowl.

His latest hissy-fit is all about the Presidential debate back in the first week of October. Even though everyone with two neurons in their skulls to rub together (this excludes Oliver and the general populace of places like Democratic Underground) has looked and looked again at the "bulge" in President Bush's back and dismissed it as a form of body armor (to the point of finding pictures of him driving his pickup with the same bulge), but Oliver has found some whackjob to justify his repeated howler about Bush being "wired for sound" during the debate.

Let's just look at this carefully for a minute. Let's assume that the President, through the CIA, Secret Service, FBI, or Department of Agriculture, has access to a teeny-tiny receiver. A receiver that operates on a uninterceptible, unjammable, undetectable frequency so none of the press or Kerry operatives can pick up on it or interfere with it. Let's further assume that he had a group of experts standing by nearby, listening in and feeding him lines. And that every single person who must have been in on this hasn't spoken out, despite the virtual guarantee of huge financial rewards from publishers, magazines, and George Soros.

Let's just say that all that has been overcome, and Bush wears the wire. Let's see just how the fitting would go.

"You guys sure this'll work?"

"We've tested it extensively, Mr. President. If you'll just remove your shirt, we'll hang it down from your neck and attach it to your back."

"Hey, why are you putting it right between my shoulder blades? Won't anyone notice it sticking out?"

"No, sir, we're sure everyone is too stupid to notice that."

"Why don't you just stick it in the small of my back, where there's a natural hollow and the hang of my coat will cover it better? Why up by my shoulder blades, the part that sticks out most?"

"Because that would require an additonal 12 inches of wire, and nobody thought of that when we were making this thing."

But since Oliver wants to bring up that debate yet again, I'd really, REALLY like him to discuss just what it was John Kerry took out of his pocket, unfolded, and put on the lectern in front of him. By the terms of the debate, any and all materials were to be given to debate officials beforehand and would be placed on the lecterns for the candidates. For them to bring anything -- anything at all -- was a violation. Especially prepared notes, which is what it looks like to me. Bill over at INDC has a truly excellent presentation on this.

Oliver, Oliver, Oliver... it's sad, to see what you've sunken to. You've completely lost all perspective, all relevance, and rapidly losing any shreds of clues you might have had.

But I'm not the type to kick a man when he's down without offering a solution. You seem to be fascinated with the democratic process. Might I suggest a research trip to a couple places where they are discovering freedom, after suffering under brutally oppressive tyrannies. I would suggest you not ask too deeply about just how those changes came about in Afghanistan and Iraq, though -- you might find their answers troubling to your carefully-nurtured myths and self-delusions.


Update: Harvey wants to see the picture I referred to -- Bush with the lump on his back in his pickup. It's here. Google is my friend...


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Comments (32)

This one truly needs a sepa... (Below threshold)

This one truly needs a separate classification, Asshats just doesn't say enough. Tin-Foil Asshats seems to better define this type of conspiracy theory/asshatedness thought process required to dream up something like this.

He's not just losing perspe... (Below threshold)

He's not just losing perspective, relevance, and clues he's losing readers as well. He has become so over-the-top in his hatred and bitterness that people are tuning out.

Why does *anyone* care abou... (Below threshold)
Right of Center:

Why does *anyone* care about the debates any more?

Move on.

I really like wizbang, but spending so much time and effort towards Willis is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Go after Kos.

Body armor? Me thinks NOT.... (Below threshold)

Body armor? Me thinks NOT.

I took their proof, such as it was, and downloaded the image to one of my machines. Cranked it up in Photoshop to about 400% of normal. You can CLEARLY see where the "bulge" was added to the image by someone modifying the image. It ranks right up there with the TANG memos in quality.

So you're saying that the M... (Below threshold)

So you're saying that the MSM cooked up yet another scandal, in an effort to unseat W? I'd like some proof, please.

...don't mock the afflicted... (Below threshold)

...don't mock the afflicted.

What Right of center said.

To be honest, I think that ... (Below threshold)

To be honest, I think that the speculation about Bush's wire stemmed from my and the Recycler's original post about Kerry violating the debate rules. Everyone started examining both men for sketchy things after Drudge linked my post, and within 12 hours the left blogosphere had speculated about Bush's bulge, and then Salon picked it up, and then the NY Times, I believe.

Of course, Salon and the NYT never provided any evidence or resolved their speculation, like the Recycler and I did. The left can speculate, but I find the idea that he needed some special back harness to recieve radio tarnsmissions to be ludicrous (as mentioned in this post). The sound needed to enter his ear, and for that he needed an earpiece. And with wireless technology what it is, there's no reason he would need to elaborate body harness to receive any transmission to an earpiece - and no wires obviously connected from his shirt collar.

In addition, FOX News showed a still of Chris Wallace's back on FOX Sunday, cracking a joke about how the bunching in his shirt looked like Bush's bulge. It did. Exactly.

The whole thing seems dumb to me.

Bottom line: Why would Bush need a body harness to receive messages? Dumb.

You guys have written about... (Below threshold)

You guys have written about 5 entries about me in the last 24 hours. LOL.

Also, if Bush was getting a... (Below threshold)

Also, if Bush was getting answers fed to him by Karl Rove and company, isn't is likely that he would have done far better in that first debate than he did?

Not all attention is good a... (Below threshold)

Not all attention is good attention, Oliver.

Yup. It's time again, folk... (Below threshold)

Yup. It's time again, folks.

Let's Rebrand some Democrat.


Bill notes that Bush nee... (Below threshold)
tee bee:

Bill notes that Bush needed an earpiece - sure, if he didn't have Rove on his team. Karl doesn't need airwaves to transmit his evil directives.

but the debates? again? damn that wound must be deep, and someone should tell certain folks that licking it won't help.

since offering help is the idea, how about getting out and enjoying life instead of this futile rumination. you could go see a fun movie, like JFK, or catch your favorite entertainer, like Linda Rondstadt or Whoopi Goldberg, or go visit the Clinton library like you've been wanting to.

J. -- thanks for bring thi... (Below threshold)
Carrick Talmadge:

J. -- thanks for bring this up. Could you add a link to the pictures of Bush with the body armor in his jeep that you describe in your post?

I have a number of problems with the story. The first is that there are much better, less visible places to put any such device. The best location, I think, is taped to the rib cage under the arm pit. This is a nearly impossible location to spot without a pat down. I realize that the conspiratists could adopt the theory that "just because it is so damned stupid that a field mouse wouldn't have done it that way doesn't prove anything". This theory was used to successfully prosecute Martha Stewart after all...

The second problem is I have is one I gently pointed out to Bob Nelson via email. This is that what type of body armor worn by the president at a public event should not be made public knowledge. The reason for this is that knowing the type of body armor can be used in the planning of an assassination attempt. A denial from the Whitehouse that Bush was wearing body armor thus means nothing, and all that Bob Nelson was doing was compromising the security of our commander in chief.

In addition to all of the above, there is the question of the chain of custody of the image. Jim above raises the issue as to whether the image has been tampered with. I am not sure this is the case with respect to the image that Bob Nelson processed. I woudl think that digital tampering would clearly show up as digital artifacts in his processed images. (It may be the case there there are both legitimate and doctored versions of the same image floating around.)

The bottom line is that the journalists never proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Bush was wearing a device. The NY Times was correct in not running a story, not only from the point of view that a possibly erroneous story might affect the outcome of the election, but from the point of potential harm to what remains of the Time's reputation. It is hard to ignore the reality that if you are wrong, and a security harness exists which would produce the identical bulge, that under the right public scrutiny, the Whitehouse could potentially perform a public demonstration that would demolish both your story and the careers of those involved in perpetrating a hoax.

What did Kerry take out of ... (Below threshold)

What did Kerry take out of his pocket? I've got some theories:


Right of Center is right. h... (Below threshold)

Right of Center is right. heh.

A war with Kos would be so much more fun. And worthwhile.

I have enjoyed watching Oliver skewer himself on his own stupidity, though.

"Like stupid to the stupider"

This is a differenet image ... (Below threshold)

This is a differenet image than the one I was originally talking about. This one shows the "photoshopping" at 600%.

i.e. The bulge is a FAKE put into the image on Salon. Like the TANG memos, only worse.

And I am specifically talking about the image of the bulge at the debate. Fake, but accurate anyone?

Well, if we're going to re... (Below threshold)

Well, if we're going to rehash this, I've got to say that I wore body armor under my uniform shirt from the time it became available until I retired, roughly four generations of the technology.
I've yet to see a harness so obtrusive, the stuff velcros on. That rectangular box looks more like a trauma plate, except I never saw a vest with such a one in the back. One would expect a different shape for a trauma plate protecting the heart/lung/spine area.
Full disclosure...The vests that the Secret Service would buy for the President would be a lot fancier, and more expensive, than the vests the County Commissioners would buy for a rural Sheriff's Deputies.
I don't buy the vest angle, although I'm sure that the Secret Service makes Dubya wear one. It shows on the way his shirt hangs on his shoulders. Trouble is, nothing else makes sense, either. Obviously a communications device, or a locator beacon, for that matter, would be located in a less obtrusive spot, a less uncomfortable spot, too. Imagine leaning back in a chair or car seat with a chunk of two by four taped betwixt the shoulder blades.
Actually there is one thing that makes sense. There is a little widget, rectangular in shape, that puts electrical impulses into the spine for people with severe back pain. Dunno what it's called. I've seen them on people in the Physical Terrorist's office. Dubya is, what, 57, 58? He clears brush, chops wood, runs and is married to a damned fine-looking West Texas woman. It would be surprising if he DIDN'T have back spasms from time to time and it's not like his Doc is on a real tight budget.

I think it would be great i... (Below threshold)

I think it would be great if Bush WAS wired. Just another case of stupid old bush finding a way to win AGAIN, just like he always does

One question: How come Bush... (Below threshold)

One question: How come Bush needed something large enough to cause a bulge when Peter Popoff could do it with something the size of a hearing aid? Does the RNC just not know where to buy the good stuff?

Entirely Missing the Solemn... (Below threshold)

Entirely Missing the Solemn Quietness of Denial

It's getting pretty technical over here, with all the video blow-ups and whatnot. I don't know the answer and frankly, at this point, I don't really care.

But as far as the Left v. Right aspect, I've noticed a lot of this type of discourse taking place in comment threads all over the place. Being me, I wonder - is that because the truly-Blue people have moved so purposefully from 'denial' into 'anger' that we, the Red-mandators, are losing a bit more of our well-worn patience? (Especially with their idiotic hairballs of things gone by.) I mean, I'm just a tiny little blogger in this massive cybersphere, but even I've had a liberal-looney attacking my craw with estranged comments and posts from the parallel universe. Saddest part is, there's really no talking to 'em. Think those tin-foil hats were designed by NASA.

Anyhoo, at least it gives the Red people something to natter about. I do enjoy a good natter, now & then. Too lazy to Google, so will ask: does anyone know what we have to look forward to after the anger phase? For some reason, I only know the first two phases. . .

Jesus Christ. There needs t... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Jesus Christ. There needs to be some kind of law against these people. Lock them up and re-educate them or maybe a bullet to the head is cheaper. I FOUGHT WARS AGAINST PEOPLE LIKE THIS!!

It is so sad that there are traitors and enemies within our own country these days. I'm proud to be American, and if you can't say the same, you need to get out!

The notion that it's a radi... (Below threshold)

The notion that it's a radio device are just ludicrous. If the images are not total forgeries (I don't think they are - there are other shots of the President with a bulge up there), it could definitely be a portable defib device. Google it - there's a lot of stuff available.

If there is ANY chance that the President could have a cardiac incident, it would make sense to outfit him with one of these, especially in high-stress situations.

Not saying that's what it is, but it isn't nearly as ludicrous as the radio theory.

Harkyman is correct about t... (Below threshold)

Harkyman is correct about the defib device. I saw this on another blog a couple of months ago--don't remember which one. I was surprised to see that nobody had mentioned that.

If Bush was wired and talki... (Below threshold)

If Bush was wired and talking to someone during the first debate, whoever it was that was feeding him answers must have been taking money, lots of it, from the Kerry camp because that debate was W's worst performance in any of the three debates, possibly the worst performance in any appearance by the President. If Bush was being fed, how come he used the phrase "hard work" in reference to Iraq some 15 times in 90 minutes? No one in Bush's debate team could come up with anything better than that? The idea that Bush was wired for that debate is ludicrous, pictures or no pictures.

Peter: The medical d... (Below threshold)

The medical devices that you refer to are relatively small and are placed on the lower back.

It was just a trick of the ... (Below threshold)

It was just a trick of the light, folds, and shadows.

The same moonbats probably believe in the "face" on Mars.

It could be a tens unit. O... (Below threshold)

It could be a tens unit. Of course, that's considering it isn't "photoshopped". I once wore a tens unit for a period of time which had short wires (the long wires were quite annoying). I clipped it to the inside and back of my collar so the electrodes coul be placed high up near the top of my back. I had long hair so people didn't notice it. That was what it looked like to me the moment I saw it.

It is most likely the harne... (Below threshold)

It is most likely the harness for the bullet-proof vest is undoubtedly wearing.

This isnt worth wasting time on. Doing so validates the lefty loons and their mental poo.

Basically Oliver's shown th... (Below threshold)

Basically Oliver's shown that there is a clinically safe level for RingDings and if you exceed it, it can impair your judgement.

Willis is an object of pity... (Below threshold)

Willis is an object of pity at this point. When I interned on Capitol Hill we used to get letters from people like this.

The more influential types are Josh, Kos, Atrios, Drum, Yglesias and maybe DeLong. Willis is so juvenile he's just a waste of pixels at this point.

You guys have written ab... (Below threshold)

You guys have written about 5 entries about me in the last 24 hours. LOL.

Posted by: Oliver at February 5, 2005 01:45 PM

He's laughing all teh way to the sitemeter, Kevin.

"OW's search for relevance"... (Below threshold)

"OW's search for relevance" should be produced as a stage play and billed as the sequel to "Waiting for Godot."






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