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How Much Do You Think That's Worth?

Good news for the teens girls mention in Paul's post from this afternoon; a local radio station has raised their fine.

DURANGO, Colo. (AP) - Two teenage girls who got in trouble for surprising their neighbors with homemade cookies will not have to pay nearly $1,000 in medical bills for a woman who says she was so startled that she had to go to the hospital.

Radio station KOA-AM of Denver raised more than $1,900 from listeners Friday to pay the girls' $930.78 fine. The rest of the money will go to a charity dedicated to victims of the Columbine High School massacre.

The hypochondriac neighbor, Wanita Renea Young, hopes the girls have learned a lesson. If you follow the story link it sure sounds like the lesson to be learned is that the Young family are assholes...

The story does bring to mind a story from my recent trip to Las Vegas. While walking back to my hotel from the MGM Grand where I had been checking out the Billboard Music Award I was accosted by a young lady who wanted my opinion. She was walking back to the same hotel with another female friend and for some reason they wanted to know what I though the proper damages for a chipped or broken tooth was. The lady had been eating in some restaurant and somehow chipped her tooth. She wanted to know how much money I thought she should could get from the restaurant.

I asked a few questions about the circumstances and from the answers it sounded like the restaurant was just unlucky to have her as a customer that night. I told her I didn't think she would or could get anything, since the tooth chipping didn't sound like it was the fault of the restaurant. She was worried about the contingency fees a lawyer would charge, and said that she was thinking of contacting (or perhaps had already contacted) the restaurant directly. She had dollar bills in her eyes. She asked repeatedly, "How much do you think that's worth?"

She didn't like my answer...


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Comments (17)

Don't make eye contact. You... (Below threshold)

Don't make eye contact. You may get sued.

The girls are guilty of BWT... (Below threshold)

The girls are guilty of BWT - Breathing While Teenagers. They'll grow out of that.

Ol' Miz Young, on the other hand, will never grow out of being a *itch.

Can't have a greedy lawyer ... (Below threshold)

Can't have a greedy lawyer without a greedy client first.

cherry pit in a cherry pit
pecan shell in a pecan pie
chicken bone in a chicken pot pie
fish bone in a piece of fish
pearl in an oyster

That's cherry pit in a cher... (Below threshold)

That's cherry pit in a cherry pie, obviously. Damn lawyers!

I could understand Ms. Youn... (Below threshold)

I could understand Ms. Young being a bit uncertain about two girls knocking on her door in the evening if she didn't recognize them as neighbors, but why didn't she just not answer the door?

I'd be surprised if a couple of teenagers came to my door with a gift of homemade cookies but I think I'd encourage them by offering them milk to go with their good deed.

The fact that the girls' pa... (Below threshold)

The fact that the girls' parents OFFERED to pay Ms. Young's medical bills if she would sign an indemnity against future awards is the crucial element. Ms, Young REFUSED that offer and then sued. Oh, how I wish the judge had said, "You had your chance; it's too late now."

I wonder if the parents' offer to pay was legally considered an admission of guilt/responsibility. If so, then at least legally the judge wasn't the idiot he otherwise appears. Also, he did refuse to apply any further punitive damages--which were what I believe Ms. Young was after in the first place.

I wonder how anxious Ms. Young would be if UPS and FedEx were constantly ringing her bell to deliver cookies from well-wishers who heard of this story?

"Also, he did refuse to app... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

"Also, he did refuse to apply any further punitive damages--which were what I believe Ms. Young was after in the first place."

I think this is 100% right. Her responses just made her look like a jerk with dollar signs in her eyes.

I am sad the girls were ordered to pay the $900, but at least this bitter old woman isn't going to get any other damages out of them. I am also glad the radio station raised the money for the award.

The judgment should be bond... (Below threshold)

The judgment should be bonded and appealed. I doubt that Ms. Young established her entitlement to damages in the form of reimbursement for medical expenses. The fact that this shitbag of a human thought she needed medical attention isn't legally sufficient unless she could first prove a bona fide medical ailment. Furthermore, the fact that she went to the hospital the next day (rather than immediately) also belies her claim. Assuming she could prove her ailment (perhaps, especially if she could?), it became incumbent on her to take simple measures to prevent future mental-fuck attacks of this kind. For example, did she have a "no soliciting" sign on her door? If she did not prove her medical condition and reasonable steps to help herself compensate for her condition, the court cannot find the public at large liable.
Of course, that's what a Judge would do. The asshole who decided this case was probably just a hack of the popular party who missed-out counting hanging chads the last time around.

'progressive judges' indeed... (Below threshold)

'progressive judges' indeed.

An offer to settle is not a... (Below threshold)

An offer to settle is not admissible evidence under the Evidence Code, so it's not a "legal admission of guilt." This is predicated on the important public policy of encouraging people to settle their lawsuits without fear of reprisals if the settlement offer is rejected. A good idea.


Having been a bookkeeper fo... (Below threshold)

Having been a bookkeeper for bars and restaurants for many years, I have been privy to any and all information in depositons, etc. on a number of lawsuits leveled against the ones I've work for. 90% are frivolous in nature, but can garner upwards of $90K to $150K. Personally, I would never look at a broken tooth as a windfall. One guy we spoke to after a settlement had been reached complained that he wished he had broken his wrist more seriously so he could have gotten a bigger settlement. Another case of someone orbiting the Moronosphere was one girl who fell outside the restaurant because of something someone left outside our door on the sidewalk. She said she had NOT been drinking. She was there that evening for her 21st birthday. Not drinking? Sure.

Oh, I know some one who tri... (Below threshold)

Oh, I know some one who tripped in a store and was taken to the emergency room. People from the store came in and insinuated that she was just looking for money, etc. Well, her ankle was broken and they took her to surgery, reduced the fracture, took her to her room, where she threw an emboli and died. Did any potential lawsuit by her have merit? I don't know. But, the only party who mentioned lawsuit was the store. Anyway, she was a nice lady and I always felt bad. Therefore: Judge not, let ye be judged.

Kevin, a woman just came up... (Below threshold)

Kevin, a woman just came up to you??? What? do you look like a lawyer??? Or do you just have that aura of exteme intelligence?

Kevin;Someone just... (Below threshold)


Someone just accosted you on the street for your opinion?

You should have had an attack of the vapours and admitted yourself to hospital. You could have come away from Vegas a big winner!

Get with the program!

You should have punched the... (Below threshold)

You should have punched the women with a chipped tooth in the mouth. Broken a few of her teeth, said "Now you have something to complain about. And then ran off.

Since when is hypochondria a real illness? I think I am ill... well I think you are sick alright.

Oh, look! The guy who endor... (Below threshold)

Oh, look! The guy who endorsed cutting off woman's breasts as punishment is back.

So, two babes walk up to yo... (Below threshold)

So, two babes walk up to you on the street in Vegas with a story about how they want money for a chipped tooth. Sounds to me like a sales pitch from a couple hookers.






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