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Quote Of The Day

"We want to know when Iraqis will go out there and shed their blood like Americans have"

Senator Ted Kennedy questioning U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, February 3, 2005.

The U.S. estimates about 1,342 Iraqi soldiers have been killed while fighting insurgents, a figure Wolfowitz said is probably low.


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Comments (14)

Like Chappaquiddick is to t... (Below threshold)

Like Chappaquiddick is to the Presidency, eh Ted?

For some reason, this story... (Below threshold)

For some reason, this story make me think of Ted:

Drive Through Drinking

I was experiencing much of ... (Below threshold)

I was experiencing much of the same recoil and bad taste aversion when I heard Kennedy's insistent, even plaintive tone, while delivering these statemnts. His lament as to wondering "where" the Iraquis were, why they haven't "spilled their blood" was very creepy, particularly since he got up and ran away leaving a companion to drown, and that was for starters as to the creepy aspect.

Kennedy seems to be brain damaged, he really does.

Teddy has been so busy drin... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Teddy has been so busy drinking and making "love" that he has not had time to keep up with events. Thousands of Iraquis have given their lives to fight terrorism in the last two years. Someone get the women and bottles from Ted so he can actually find out what is happening.

Too many brain cells gone i... (Below threshold)

Too many brain cells gone in that one.

Why does Massachusetts keep... (Below threshold)

Why does Massachusetts keep electing the guy?

Well, I guess I can't throw stones at you folks in MA, I live in VT and I have NO right to brag about any of the idiots in my delegation. *Spit*

I am tired of the liberal/a... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I am tired of the liberal/anti war insistence that the only soldiers fighting are US soldiers. One thing I liked during the debate, when Kerry made his "go it alone" statements, was when Bush turned on him and gave the stats for how many Iraqi's were fighting and dying.

From what I understand the majority of the security during last weeks election was done by Iraqi security forces. And those forces are fighting, and they are dying, they are now more the targets of the insurgents than our soldiers.

Kennedy seems to be brai... (Below threshold)

Kennedy seems to be brain damaged, he really does.

As are the people that continue to vote him into office.

People of New England might... (Below threshold)

People of New England might field a decent football team but they fail miserably at their civic responsibilities. My almanac says there are over 6 million people in Massachusetts. There have to at least four million more qualified to serve as U.S. Senator than the two miscreants they have foisted on our country for too long.

In addition to Iraqi soldie... (Below threshold)
Wendi Sue:

In addition to Iraqi soldiers killed, we have a lot of brave Iraqi policeman ambushed, killed on duty, kidnapped and beheaded. Then there are the Iraqi innocents, standing in line to vote and blown up for their troubles.

Kennedies comments are just.... mind-boggling.

Even Brit Hume recently had... (Below threshold)

Even Brit Hume recently had to ask his panel of ‘…contributors, all”; Where does he get his briefings from? Does he really believe that? He has made himself as irrelevant as Rather… or is it the other way around.

I wonder if Kennedy and Ker... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Kennedy and Kerry are the ones with brain damage or if it's the voters. Aren't they trying to send the very best they have to represent them in Washington? If they can look around themselves and make the decision that those two are the cream of the crop we must assume they are correct, who better to judge than those who live there? That certainly doesn't speak too well for the other residents though, they need our pity and maybe a little guidance.

Teddy's been huffing fumes ... (Below threshold)

Teddy's been huffing fumes off of his brother's Eternal Flame again.

Dear Ted, The ... (Below threshold)
Mike Boelter:

Dear Ted,

The last time I checked when a suicide bomber in Iraq blows up 20 or 30 Iraquis waiting in line to get a job as a Police Officer for example that is Iraqui blood being shed.






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