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France Calls for Fresh Start in Relations with U.S.

France Calls for Fresh Start in Relations with U.S.

PARIS (Reuters) - France wants a fresh start in relations with the United States and both sides have much to contribute to a renewed transatlantic partnership, Foreign Minister Michel Barnier said in comments published Monday.

He made the remarks before a visit to Paris Tuesday by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice aimed in part at repairing ties damaged by the U.S.-led war in Iraq, which France opposed.

"The moment has come for a fresh start in our relations," Barnier said in an interview with the French daily Liberation which was conducted late last week.

Gee... What a good idea.


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Comments (22)

I'll start: FUCK YOU!... (Below threshold)

I'll start: FUCK YOU!

I would beleive a street pi... (Below threshold)

I would beleive a street pimp's mother was a virgin before I beleived any thing the french have to say. It's really to late for words. Only actions count now.
We are in something of a quandry in delaing with the french. It's no fun to beat them up, they've surrendered to everybody on the planet. Mayby we could shine ultraviolet light on them...or mayby sprinkle salt on them and watch them curl up and excrete slime like the slugs they are. Yeah...heh heh heh..that works for me.

Right. France can start in... (Below threshold)

Right. France can start in the back of the line, behind the Iranians.

I don’t know if I saw this ... (Below threshold)

I don’t know if I saw this website first posted here or elsewhere. It’s a French website that complains about Americans making fun of france. As proof, they repeat every French joke you’ve ever heard.

Fuck France

For a bunch of tough chicke... (Below threshold)

For a bunch of tough chickenhawks, you guys sure are scared of the French. Is that for anything like the same reasons you're terrified of the gays?

Nah, it's probably more likely you're just casting about for a scapegoat to aim your fear and hatred at, and can't use the Jews this time.

Sniveling little pussies.

Actions speak louder than w... (Below threshold)

Actions speak louder than words. Let's ask for permission to fly jets from the UK over French airspace to bomb Syria & see what they say.

...scapegoats. Would that b... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

...scapegoats. Would that be something like referring to people who disagree with you as some fancy name or another. Like "chickenhawk" perhaps?

Nothing like tough talk fro... (Below threshold)

Nothing like tough talk from someone too cowardly to use a real email address.
Melior reminds me of all the liberals in my hometown who showed their courage during the election campaign by defacing Bush campaign signs during the night.

As long as Chirac is the gu... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

As long as Chirac is the guy in charge, I doubt there will be all that warm a relationship.

I think this is mostly political posturing, we will see.

...you guys sure are sca... (Below threshold)

...you guys sure are scared of the French.

Can't ... breathe ... laughing ... too hard ...

"...you guys sure are scare... (Below threshold)

"...you guys sure are scared of the French."

If by "scared" you mean "pissed off at the treacherous backstabbings", then yes.

"For a bunch of tough ch... (Below threshold)

"For a bunch of tough chickenhawks, you guys sure are scared of the French. Is that for anything like the same reasons you're terrified of the gays?"


Are you saying France is gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

They can start by giving Ir... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

They can start by giving Iraq the money France took in bribes in th UN food for Oil program, plus interest at 4% a year going back to 1994 when the bribes started. Then they could contribute a few Billion $ to the costs of freeing Iraq.
Next they could call for Kofi to leave the UN now!

They will do none of this as they are lieing. Who cares France has been irrevelant for 100 years.

No, Chirac thinks that if h... (Below threshold)

No, Chirac thinks that if he plays nice, nice perhaps he can get us on board for the international tax he proposes. Let's see .... he thinks what we pay in to the UN isn't enough. And, Mr. Chirac, will that tax be progressive? Who's going to hold the money? The UN? hahahaha.

I welcome the French to Ira... (Below threshold)

I welcome the French to Iraq. Someone needs to show the terrorists how to surrender...

'it's probably more likely ... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'it's probably more likely you're just casting about for a scapegoat to aim your fear and hatred at, and can't use the Jews this time.'

Can't you just feel the love and projection?

Guys, don't give the troll ... (Below threshold)

Guys, don't give the troll the attention he craves.

HEY. I fought to free the F... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

HEY. I fought to free the French.

They showed us a lot of respect back then, and I rsepect them for that. We gave them back democracy.

So if they don't agree with us on things now, well fuck em, but they're a DEMOCRACY that buddies of mine DIED FOR. so shutup about the french and respect those who've actually DONE something.

I thought this was an INTELLIGENT BLOG!

Rod: I can't believe you'd ... (Below threshold)

Rod: I can't believe you'd say that France hasn't been relevant for a hundred years! What about 60 years ago? They were very relevant. They fought for 10 minutes then threw up the white flag and started massaging Hitler's jackbooted feet, and we had to spend Allied "blood and treasure" freeing them from occupation. I think that's relevant.

RE: Rob Hackney's post (Feb... (Below threshold)

RE: Rob Hackney's post (February 8, 2005 03:24 PM)

First, I appreciate your service and those of your fallen comrades.

However, I'm not about to "shutup" about or forgive the treachery of the democratically elected government (and by extension, the majority of its constituency) of France and their active antagonism to America on the world stage. I place much of the blame of our war with Hussein's Iraq on Chirac's government for aligning itself with the Hussein government, for lobbying other countries to challenge us in the U.N., and for hypocritically threatening our recent European allies for standing by our side as we tried to force Hussein to succumb to world pressure and leave peacefully. Their "principled intransigence" (my quotes) emboldened Hussein to refute our threats to clean up his act. He thought he had bought a trump card at the U.N. that would stymie the desires of truly compassionate men and allow him to extend his tyranny. Oh, yeah, and we won't mention "Oil for Food complicity"... blood money all over Chirac's hands.

Chirac actively pursues a bipolar or multipolar world to oppose our current power. It's a dangerous political game of triangulation that he feels he can play since he also knows that we will come to his aid if the world really gets hot from the threat of another power. Since our most recent involvement with Iraq, I have gravitated to the position that we should quit helping the French. Simply, they are not allies.

I agree with AnonymousDrive... (Below threshold)

I agree with AnonymousDrivel (and McGehee, still laughing along with him)...mainly because the French were the loudest spoken and most demonstrative (and still are, among their population and media) about the 'anti-American" use of military force where Iraq was/is concerned...only to find out later that they were intrinsically involved in the Oil For Food scam.

The current French government has a responsibility to REALITY, much less the U.S. and us Americans, to prove that they aren't just lowlife criminals, people intent on garnering, self serving money and everyone else be damned sort. Their actions in the Oil For Food scandal indicate anything but a government bent on liberty and freedom...such that, they can say whatever they will now but it's actions that are going to repair, rebuild any relationship at this point, and just becuase they are France does not mean they get to go to the head of the line.

In my view, France has lost any luster of freedom and liberty and the cultural fascinations I once had with their country are now ruined by their government's crass betrayal of the United States. I'm not someone to hold grudges, just saying here, that France can be forgiven if and when they behave differently and they shouldn't be expected to receive some rapid blessing of approval just because they cry "reparation!"

RIGHT ON! FUCK FRANCE. I ... (Below threshold)








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