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No-Fly List Easily Avoided

Slate's Andy Bowers shows how you can easily beat the no-fly list by flying under an assumed name while using your real ID and home printed boarding passes.

I'll go out on a limb and predict the TSA will not actually solve the issue he addresses, rather they'll just ban the use of offsite printed boarding passes thereby making all travelers suffer the horrors of airport check-in...


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Comments (2)

"making all travelers suffe... (Below threshold)

"making all travelers suffer"..that's the government way.
Unfortunately it's another straw on the back of the ariline industry that's close to clloapse now.

Thats great, except its not... (Below threshold)
M. Kyle:

Thats great, except its not true if you are flying overseas. (at least in my experience).

You cannot curbside check luggage if you're flying international. You HAVE to check in at the counter if you're flying international.

If you're flying domestically, who cares. You can steal a car and fly to a different city. Nobody is going to check your ID as you pass from one state to the next.






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