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Reporter "Hostage" To Be Freed

Rusty Shackleford may have been on the mark when he wondered if the kidnapping of a female Italian journalist might have been an inside job. Today we learn that she will soon be released.

CAIRO, Egypt - An Italian journalist being held hostage in Iraq will be released in a few days, according to an Internet statement posted Monday in the name of the militant group alleged to be holding her.

Giuliana Sgrena, a 56-year-old reporter for the communist daily Il Manifesto, was kidnapped on Friday near Baghdad University.
Update: Rusty notes that another mysyterious group is now claiming they've killed Sgrena.


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Comments (5)

Did Eason Jordan comment on... (Below threshold)

Did Eason Jordan comment on whether the US was or was not to blame for her capture?


"Since you Yankee imperiali... (Below threshold)

"Since you Yankee imperialist infidels figured out it was all a sham, we're going to let her go. Let this be a lesson to you."

Or this could be an insuran... (Below threshold)

Or this could be an insurance scam whereby they defraud the insurance company into paying their co-conspirators (kidnappers), and split the cash.

Will she be bringing John "... (Below threshold)

Will she be bringing John "Cody" Adams out with her?

Ummmmm... didn't this happe... (Below threshold)

Ummmmm... didn't this happen already?
Deja vu all over again? Italian reporters no less?






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