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The 10 Spot - Not Too Serious Edition

Ten not so serious stories you may have missed..

  1. Female MP's re-enact the mud-wrestling scene from Stripes. Demotion ensues...

  2. Defamer reports that one of the Desperate Housewife's is coming out of the closet, IRL. To save you the time of wading through the message boards at Data Lounge (and since the Sun is reporting the same) I'll just link to her smoking hot picture.

  3. Some things you just can't make up... bin Laden filmmaker to sue Michael Moore.

  4. Keira Knightley (Pirates Of The Caribbean) auditions butt doubles.

  5. The Chicago Tribune censors this Prickly City cartoon since it's not "balanced." Unbalanced kook Ted Rall operates under no such constraints.

  6. Do you like boozy celebs whose fake boobs occasionally fall out her dress? Tara Reid is looking for a boyfriend, and you've got a shot.

  7. Mainz, Germany is hosting a visit by President Bush in two weeks. Apparently they need to get this kind of thing out of their system first. Via Davids Mediankritik.

  8. Howard Dean reaches out to evangelicals.

  9. Mary Katherine and Beth are still on the trail of blogger beefcake...

  10. And finally, Christian Finnegan (The Chappelle Show) presents the Thoughtless Male Survival Guide
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Comments (3)

Boy, If they would have had... (Below threshold)

Boy, If they would have had women mud wrestlers when I was in the Army I probably would have never got out. Hell, If they had jus t had women!
As it was we had to go into Naha (okinawa). You know the routine, Hey GI you want to meet my sister,shes a virgin. No? How about my mother she's a virgin too!
In some ways the Army sounds better than it was long ago.

Maybe Ellen's hoping Tara w... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Maybe Ellen's hoping Tara will look in an alternative direction?

Or maybe not?<a href... (Below threshold)






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