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Washingtonienne Available For Pre-Order

Last we heard from Jessica Culter she was appearing in Playboy and being featured in the Washington Post Sunday Magazine. In the months since it appears that she (or a ghost writer) has been hard at work mining her short lived blog (which I resurrected for her), Washingtonienne to write her tell all book of the same name.

[Mildly revealing cover picture after the fold]

In seeing the cover there's an excellent chance that you got the best the book has to offer; but if you're determined to have a copy when the book hits shelves in June you can pre-order the book from (of all places) WalMart.

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Comments (8)

That cover just screams "ba... (Below threshold)

That cover just screams "bargain bin."

(as he accepts accolades for the all-time quadruple-entendre.)

Hey, if you notice the cove... (Below threshold)

Hey, if you notice the cover says it's a novel, which is not exactly the same as a "tell-all".

It also lends some credibility to the theory that much of the original story was a hoax in the first place.

Well, so much for the hope ... (Below threshold)

Well, so much for the hope that skank was "so last year"

I'm going to be the one to ... (Below threshold)

I'm going to be the one to say it.

She's ugly. Not "kinda pretty" or even plain. She's UGLY. Who pays an ugly woman to sleep with them?

Am I going to be the first ... (Below threshold)

Am I going to be the first to ask this.....

Shouldn't the cover shot show her ass (with the Lincoln monument perhaps) and not her cleavage?

Hmmm...you sure the ass-fuc... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...you sure the ass-fucking content will pass Wally World's muster?

Lord, why do people still c... (Below threshold)

Lord, why do people still consider that piece of trash interesting? Stop giving her anymore attention than she DOESN'T deserve.

Oh yeah. Hmm I wonder if s... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah. Hmm I wonder if she'll do an audio book? lol.






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