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What Happens In Davos Stays In Davos

It's nuance day on the Eason Jordan (CNN) watch. The video of Jordan's remarks at the World Economic Forum most assuredly exists, though it now appears that release is going to be subject to approval from some as yet unknown "authority." The longer the tape stays out of public view the more likely is is that the video tapped exchange is damning.

Michelle Malkin interviews panel attendee Rep. Barney Frank (who forcefully challenged Jordan's assertions)

I asked Rep. Frank again if his recollection was that Jordan initially maintained that the military had a deliberate policy of targeting journalists. Rep. Frank affirmed that, noting that Jordan subsequently backed away orally and in e-mail that it was official policy, but "left open the question" of whether there were individual cases in which American troops targeted journalists.

[Read the rest]

Kudos to Frank, not just for challenging Jordan, but for demanding that he produce specific credible evidence to back his assertions. Frank promised to fully investigate any case where Jordan could give him specific details. So far Jordan has not responded.

The bottom line is that Jordan was caught with his pants down, espousing the conspiracy rhetoric usually associated with sites such as Democratic Underground, in front of a supposed group of "friendlies."


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Comments (4)

When you used the phrase "c... (Below threshold)

When you used the phrase "caught with his pants down," was the thought Rep. Frank lurking in the depths of your mind?

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

I think the MSM is determin... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I think the MSM is determined to keep this one buried. Hopefully, the bloggers won't let them get away with it.

Here is CNN's response to m... (Below threshold)
Allan Yackey:

Here is CNN's response to my email raising Cain about Eason:

"Eason was attempting to speak out on an issue that is important to news
organizations all over the world. Unfortunately, he was not clear enough
in explaining his assertion. He was responding to an assertion that all
63 journalists killed in Iraq were "collateral damage." While the
majority of the 63 journalists killed in Iraq have been killed by
insurgents, the Pentagon has acknowledged that the U.S. military on
occasion has killed people who turned out to be journalists. Mr. Jordan
emphatically does not believe that the U.S. Military intended to kill
journalists and believes these accidents to be cases of "mistaken

They cannot possibly allow the release of a video that show him using the word "targeted". Watch them back and fill, back and fill.

"Mr. Jordan, how long have ... (Below threshold)

"Mr. Jordan, how long have you been a member of Democrat Undergound?"






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