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Crow for breakfast

Yesterday morning, I found that two of my postings over the weekend had drawn a bit of attention -- and not overly favorable attention.

First, I spent a bit of time smacking around Oliver Willis. I really shouldn't have -- it's easier than beating a retarded kid, and more satisfying. But it took Bill of INDCJournal to point out that Oliver is desperately trying to retain any semblance of credibility and relevance, and to him any attention is welcome. Bill has taken The Pledge, renouncing any further debates with Oliver or any further linkage, as it is simply a counterproductive waste of time. I am ashamed. I should have realized that myself, and it shouldn't have taken Bill giving me a cyber dope-slap to bring it to my attention. I think I'll follow his example.

My second piece to garner much flak was where I vented about politicians rushing off to see big disasters for themselves, just so they could pronounce "yup, it's a mess" and get in the way of real rescue workers. Now, I was speaking about natural disasters -- Bush's appearance at the World Trade Center after 9/11 was a truly important moment -- but apparently quite a few Wizbang! readers have been through disasters. (Florida's hurricane survivors are a vocal bunch.) I didn't take into account the importance of such symbolism to the survivors that the "big boys" know just what they're going through, and if not exactly "feel their pain," can see and hear and touch for themselves the magnitude of the disaster. I let myself focus solely on the physical aspects of disaster relief, and ignored the emotional/spiritual/intangible aspects. There's more to life than mere living, and I let that get past me. To those who took me to task for this, please accept my thanks and my apologies.

That being said, I stil think it was stupid of Kofi Annan to rush off to the tsunami area (it just highlighted how useless and inept the UN is in general, and he in particular), and Oliver is still a schmuck. But certain things should be self-evident, and don't need to be repeated ad nauseum.



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Oh, we've all been there. <... (Below threshold)

Oh, we've all been there.

There are two sides to ever... (Below threshold)

There are two sides to every sword. Some pols (like Bill Clinton) want to be the focal point and what better way to be seen on TV, news, etc. than go to the scene of some disaster. The other side is Bush, who truely cares for people and goes to make them feel that someone cares.

Yes both get in the way - but at least one is there to help and comfort.

Just as a side note. During... (Below threshold)

Just as a side note. During one of the Presidential visits to Florida after one of the hurricanes, Marine One brought in not only the President but also a load of bottled water. Granted, it wasn't as much as a tractor trailer load but every little bit helps.

Sometimes having a high-pro... (Below threshold)

Sometimes having a high-profile job is going to get one whacked, no matter what.

DC's then-mayor, Marion ("The bitch set me up") Barry was away at the Superbowl when the city got clobbered by a snowstorm. While the city went into rigor mortis, he was blamed for being away. It's not as though he was actually going to pick up a shovel and dig everybody out, but his absence was duly noted and castigated.

"Showing the flag" does have psychological importance. That's why US ambassadors overseas have a disaster relief fund (about $50K) that they can immediately authorize when they deem it appropriate. Fifty thousand ain't a lot when it comes to major disasters, but the picture of an ambassador, on site, shows that attention is being paid. That's worth a lot more than $50K.

You're only human, and huma... (Below threshold)

You're only human, and humans can be mean. How else do explain all the jokes involving the "short bus"?
Is Kevin still going to judge the Like X to X contest?

The ancient chinese called ... (Below threshold)

The ancient chinese called it the "Mandate of Heaven". This concept was primarily concerned with floods and flood control in the great river valleys. If these systems were allowed to go into disrepair and flooding or drought result (the casualties could be phenominal) the ruler lost he mandate and not only that he lacked virtue. Politics ain't changed a heck of lot has it?

Well done. One difference b... (Below threshold)

Well done. One difference between Us and Them is that the good guys are able to pull up quickly & admit "My Bad" when appropriate.

Apologies, retractions, gif... (Below threshold)

Apologies, retractions, gifts -- you're going soft on us, Jay!

Julie, I thought women like... (Below threshold)

Julie, I thought women liked "sensitive" men.

Oh wait, thats only hippies, who are hard-lined women (who aspire to BECOME men).

It's good to know you can a... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

It's good to know you can apologize when you get it completely wrong Jay. Sometimes those who've never been in situations Like Leadership from a military leader in a time of war ) think they know better. It's rarely the case, and thanks for rectifying what I found offensive.

It's easy for someone who h... (Below threshold)

It's easy for someone who hasn't held an elected office to fail to appreciate the irresistible pressures that politicians are under to make the right appearances at the right times and right places.

Very nicely done. And you'r... (Below threshold)

Very nicely done. And you're welcome. Glad you understood what you were missing - the human factor.

As to Kofi Annan and the UN, I couldn't agree more. I think we should send them al back to their country and demolish the damn building. Hell they all live here free.

Jay, is this a thread where... (Below threshold)

Jay, is this a thread where we can share with the blogosphere who we think are schmucks? I have a few, a short list, still a list...

I'd never paid much attention to Willis and still won't but my list, unfortunately, includes a few rightwingers. Still schmucks. Worse, actually.

What I think it is is that,... (Below threshold)

What I think it is is that, I agree with BillatINDC about the need for a certain restraint. Meaning, although I have a list of schmucks-and-worse-than-schmucks as to some bloggers (and the emails to prove it), it isn't productive to either author or to read authored personally maligning content. No one enjoys that beyond a certain flare -- and it leads to no result that is good, so why do it.

It makes sense to throw rocks back when someone throws them at you but it hasn't accomplished much throughout history near or far to do so, just accomplishes an escalation of more rocks. I think misinformation should be confronted and I try to do so when and if I can but I also try to leave the personal maligning out of things and focus on the reports, the information itself.

Again I write, I try to. No one's perfect, just that I make the effort, not caring at all for those I read who do otherwise, who use the internet to "blog" about other people as a form of putdown and worse, trashing.

- Its interesting that no o... (Below threshold)

- Its interesting that no one rushed down to Florida... press corps in tow.... to get to the bottom of that supposed huge block of FEMA money that went doen the public dole drain in a county that was essentially untouched by any of the storms....Nor did the Dem's say anything....Since public doles are their very essense, and even Liberals see the hypochracy once in awhile......

Just out of curiousity--if ... (Below threshold)

Just out of curiousity--if you all have taken The Pledge, why is Oliver the Racist (I'm part Cherokee, and I find the "Redskins" an offensive mascot) linked, twice, in your blogroll?






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