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Disclosure We'd Like To See

Howard Kurtz covers the Eason Jordan controversy with sloppy wet kisses, but fails to disclose that he's also on the CNN payroll. This from the person who "outed" Maggie Gallagher. Kurtz's column would be seen a bit differently were is run as follows:

Eason Jordan, Quote, Unquote
CNN News Chief Clarifies His Comments on Iraq

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer and host of CNN's "Reliable Sources"
Tuesday, February 8, 2005; Page C01

I like Roger L. Simon's description of the article,"Breaking a curious ten-day silence on the most important recent story on his beat, WaPo media analyst Howard Kurtz has written a carefully crafted, linguistically bland semi-defense of CNN News chief Eason Jordan against charges he accused US troops of 'targeting' 12 journalists."


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I am yet to be able to unde... (Below threshold)

I am yet to be able to understand why this is : A) not really being reported, and B) when it is being reported, being described as a "he said / she said" kind of thing. Even Rep. Barney Frank took offense at what Mr. Jordan said.

I suppose that defending an editor of an employer while writing for another publication is well within the boundaries of journalistic ethics. These guys make me sick. I used to put journalists and lawyers in the same category, but more and more I am realizing that is not at all fair to the lawyers. The media cannot even be trusted to report something as simple as the facts of what Maggie Galagher was paid for, since it was far more simple to just compare it to Armstrong Williams.

Now, the head on an international news organization who has previously admitted to whoring out his journalistic principles - we already know he is a whore, now we are just negotiating prices - accuses the US military essentially of executing members of the media in an international forum, and it takes 10 freaking days for one of his lackey's to publish something about it?

Weasel.... (Below threshold)


why isnt the msm reporting ... (Below threshold)

why isnt the msm reporting more? With you and "love u long time lady" constantly on it why do they need to. fact is our defenders of truth are being hunted by the bush mineons..

Ethics in journalizm only a... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Ethics in journalizm only applies to conservatives.

If you are liberal, then the means justify the ends.

I think the MSM isn't going to run with this story though, if they were, they would have already done it. Even without the video, there is more than enough evidence out there that the man stepped into the doo doo, and somebody needs to call him to account for it, but I don't see the MSM doing it.

I don't know but I find it ... (Below threshold)

I don't know but I find it odd that in a room full of reporters and congressmen and bigwigs that no one brought a tape recorder with them? Whenever I went to a visitors lecture at college, even if it had nothing to do with any classes, I taped it. I would think just one reporter would do the same.

The MSM stand united. Go ba... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

The MSM stand united. Go back to last Oct when all the MSM anchors said Rathergate was just a right wing slander. If your bash America it is no big deal to them if you lie in the process, Check out how delicately Kurtz handled Rathergate - never mentioning the name as if it were obscene.

Failed to disclose that he ... (Below threshold)

Failed to disclose that he hosts a tv show on an international station? How dare he keep that a secret?

I do believe we have a raci... (Below threshold)

I do believe we have a racist in this thread. Calling itself "junkie" is probably the most honest thing it's done.

Proof positive that the mil... (Below threshold)

Proof positive that the military is NOT targeting journalists is that Eason Jordan is still alive.

I tend to agree with "manti... (Below threshold)

I tend to agree with "mantis" that Kurtz' show is common knowledge to anyone who reads an inside baseball column in WaPo. Still, a courtesy disclaimer would have been prudent on his part.






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