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Judith Regan Is A Genius

Sunday the New York Daily News reported that a new book by juiced-up former slugger Jose Canseco was a homage to steroid use and made some pretty serous allegations about current and former players.

In "Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got Big," Canseco claims he personally injected some of the biggest names in baseball - including All-Stars [Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi], Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez and Ivan Rodriguez, among others - with performance-enhancing drugs.
While that may be enough to pique the interest of sports fans Regan Books editor Judith Regan needed a hook...

Enter President Bush. Bush was the Texas Rangers' general managing partner in the early 1990's. Someone involved in the publishing of the book made sure that there would be an the accusation that "Bush knew" about steroid use on his team and failed to address it. Any number of highly respected baseball columnist have already cast serious doubt on that Canseco assertion (for example Thomas Boswell), since that kind of detail knowledge of player personnel nearly always resides with GM's.

Still, the brilliance of Judith Regan is that she knew the political environment into which the book would be released. 48% of the county didn't vote for Bush, and rabid Bush hating is soon to be the official policy of the Democratic party. Given the fact that Canseco played for the Rangers will Bush was involved with the team, how could she not attempt to smear Bush to sell a few more books?

Guess who has suddenly perked up to the story, and now has an exclusive?

Jack Curry, in The New York Times, reports that CBS's 60 Minutes has exclusive access to Canseco prior to the books release.

The burst of publicity regarding Jose Canseco's new book, "Juiced," and his allegations of steroid use by Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi and other players has caused the publisher, HarperCollins, to speed up its release date by a week. The book will be released on Monday, not Feb. 21, according to Jennifer Suitor, a spokeswoman.

Suitor also said that the CBS program "60 Minutes," which planned to do a report on Canseco on Feb. 20, will now broadcast it on Sunday. That will be the first time Canseco, the colorful and controversial former major leaguer, publicly discusses what is in his book.

One wonders whether they can avoid "myopic zeal" with this new story...


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Comments (15)

Let's think, former player ... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Let's think, former player with criminal past, holds a grudge that nobody picked him up so he could get 500 HRs, has some 2nd or 3rd hand relationship to the president from 20 years ago, I'll venture some financial problems. Another unimpeachable source, no doubt!

...I can't wait to see the ... (Below threshold)

...I can't wait to see the prescriptions signed by GW faxed from a Kinko's on the show.

"reports that CBS's 60 Minu... (Below threshold)

"reports that CBS's 60 Minutes has exclusive access to Canseco prior to the books release."

I am ~shocked~ I tell you. Shocked

Just because the needle mar... (Below threshold)

Just because the needle marks on Canseco were made in the 90's, doesn't mean they could not have been made in with an IBM selectric in the 1970's...... you cannot disprove this.... heh.

CBS makes sense.. they make... (Below threshold)

CBS makes sense.. they makes up stuff.. Canseco makes stuff up...

Canseco is a shitbag, he's pissed cause he's a washed up loser who couldn't get back into the Majors last year - even as a bat boy. So he 'wrote' a book about shit that never happened.

He claims that he saw McGwire and Giambi inject each other with steroids like a couple of teenager girls practicing kissing on each other. Palmeiro said he didn't even know the guy except as a teamate.

I hope no-one (not even the liberals who'll buy this book now that it mentions Bush knowing about the steroid use - yeah right - like Bush would know) buys this book and it tanks and Canseco commits suicide already.

What a loser.

<sigh>Ms. Re... (Below threshold)


Ms. Regan, you should have known better than to publish a book faxed to you from Kinko's.

Did I seriously just type '... (Below threshold)

Did I seriously just type 'they makes up stuff?'

I fucking hate Tuesdays.

Oops -- now I see th... (Below threshold)

Oops -- now I see that leelu already worked the Kinko's angle.

I'm slipping. Better call Canseco and see if he can help me improve my performance.

Regan also is involved in a... (Below threshold)

Regan also is involved in another controversy:

Genius? Maybe. But given he... (Below threshold)

Genius? Maybe. But given her past relationship w/ Kerik, she's definitely a ho :) (sorry to any offended ladies!)

Wow, at the rate this is go... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

Wow, at the rate this is going W is going to be accused of making socks disappear from the dryer.

hector vex,If Jose... (Below threshold)
t. z.:

hector vex,

If Jose really used steroids, he'll get CANCER; if he doesn't go completely mental & commit suicide.


As a related, however tange... (Below threshold)

As a related, however tangential comment here, "steroids"/"steroid" injections are not as uncommon nor limited to mere "athletes" as the media tries to paint the pharmaceutical treatment approach.

Doctors inject "steroids" in the generally recognized form of corisone very often and nearly routinely for people suffering a myriad of troubles, included in which are various arthritic problems, those undergoing chemotherapy, and many gastrointestinal problems and dermatological problems, too...the list is a long one as to reasons why but the main thing is that physicians use cortisone in variations and inject it to many people suffering a myriad of problems.

So, accordingly, it's not (at all) unusual that someone engaged in professional sports who suffers from arthritis (among other things, but arthritic problems resulting are very, very common among people who are more aggressively engaged in physical activities than others) be given an injection of cortisone/a steroid otherwise, if and when they are evaluated by a physician.

It's people who use steroids without displaying medical reasons to do so who should be examined in this issue of "steroid use" because otherwise, ask around any group of doctors of internal medicine, if not general practitioners, and you can find the use of "steroids" via injection used far more often than is let on otherwise.

Do yall remember when Judit... (Below threshold)

Do yall remember when Judith had a show on Fox? She has the voice of a man. It was wierd. But I read an article on her in Vanity Fair and she is a ball buster for sure. She can't get the respect she wants from the publishing community so she is just happy raking in the dough. (thats what the article said) Oh, and that she had bad taste in men.

Wow. I just read a few thi... (Below threshold)

Wow. I just read a few things about her. She's a bitch.






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