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Man Does Not Live by Politics Alone

You might think, from reading my posts here on Wizbang, that I am completely obsessed with politics to the exclusion of all other things. You'd only be half right. I have dozens of other passions, but they don't all fit this blog. One of them is aircraft of all kinds. Large or small, fixed wing or rotor it doesn't matter... If it flies, I'm interested in it. That extends to radio controlled planes.

I suspect with a readership the size of Wizbang's there are more than a few R/Cers out there. You'll want to see this. If you are an R/C pilot... especially if you fancy yourself a good R/C pilot, I have a link for you.

I'll confess I don't know much about R/C helicopters, but this is just freaking stunning.

We now return to our previously scheduled liberal bashing, already in progress.


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Comments (14)

I got this one from a frien... (Below threshold)

I got this one from a friend of mine about 9 months ago, and yes, that is just AMAZING, especially the upside down part.


Yeah, the toy size surely i... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the toy size surely is amazing but what I find moreso amazing are the actual size R/C helicopters. Remarkable.

I had to stop it halfway th... (Below threshold)

I had to stop it halfway through...it was making me sick just watching it. I wonder if he grew up playing nintendo games?

Paul, you forgot to include... (Below threshold)

Paul, you forgot to include your obsession with Macintrashes and throwing it in the face of whine-does users ;-)

I just clicked the link, th... (Below threshold)

I just clicked the link, though, and holy crap that's awesome. The ability to control the helicopter like that in 3rd person is insane.

Picture a flock of 200 or s... (Below threshold)

Picture a flock of 200 or so of those puppies flying over a city like Falluja, each painting little red dots on n'er-do-wells below.

Now go out and corner the market on toilet paper in Falluja.

That's amazing skill on dis... (Below threshold)

That's amazing skill on display there...

As an R/C hobbiest i've s... (Below threshold)
mark m:

As an R/C hobbiest i've seen simular displays at shows but it still amazes me. And to make it worse, most of us have a tough time with flying planes which is easy...helo's are incredibly hard to fly. Incredible.

I think that probably one o... (Below threshold)

I think that probably one of those black hawk helicopter pilot GI Joe dolls was actually flying it..;-)

OH yeah, not too long ago I... (Below threshold)

OH yeah, not too long ago I was skeet shooting with my boys and this guy and flys over in a light plane ( I think that is what you call it) Anyway, He waves at us and we wave back, luckily one of my boys wasn't shooting at the time or what happened next would have given me even more of a heart attack. The guy dips down and crashes!! About 100 yards from us. We ran over and he was ok, thank God! I have even have a picture of it. Wild.

Holy Cow... I'll... (Below threshold)

Holy Cow...

I'll have to try this with my RC Cessna 150.

Is it just me or does anyone else think this guy might have just solved the old "honey, have you mowed the lawn yet?" problem? I bet this guy with his skills could even do an good job of edging and trimming!

Its fricken scary how much ... (Below threshold)

Its fricken scary how much stuff we geeks seem to have in common. I have been trying to talk my wife into letting me buy an RC copter for a couple years now. She thinks I have too many other "interests" already. She's probably right...

Holy @#$%!!!!!Awes... (Below threshold)

Holy @#$%!!!!!

Awesome link dude.

<a href="http://directcat.c... (Below threshold)






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