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Suffering from premature exclamation

Twice today I've posted pieces here and then had far better titles come to mind.

I wish to hell I'd thought of "Oedipus Wrecks" and "Traduttore, Traditore" before I hit "post."

I need to think a smidgen longer before I hit that button.


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You know, some of us blogge... (Below threshold)

You know, some of us bloggers will change titles if we think of a better one. And if we're feeling particularly Responsible To Our Readers™, we'll even disclose that we changed the title because the one we originally thought of just plain sucked.

Not that yours sucked, I'm just sayin', is all.

I don't think anyone would ... (Below threshold)

I don't think anyone would understand those titles, Jay. Stick with what comes first.


Jay, Did something h... (Below threshold)

Did something happen over the weekend that has led to performance anxiety? I mean, Cindy was comforting and all, but women just don't understand, do they?... not that I've ever had that problem...


Hey one drummer!!! :-) I u... (Below threshold)

Hey one drummer!!! :-) I understand more than you'll ever know. I always tell people to go with their instincts and these titles are wonderful. I would imagine (including me) that the other titles woud go over one's head and under their feet.

heh back. :-)


My condolensces, Cindy... <... (Below threshold)

My condolensces, Cindy...

Remember, friends, consult a physician if the cure for botched titles last more than 4 hours..... ;)

OneDrummer, it's shocking t... (Below threshold)

OneDrummer, it's shocking to females, too...you know, you wonder what you did, didn't do, things like that.

Jay, I rewrite titles often... (Below threshold)

Jay, I rewrite titles often ... not frequently, just time and again (figure out what I *really mean* because even I confused myself with writing that)...was just saying, sometimes I rewrire titles and just did earlier tonight and then I see the Permalinks still published with the original, replaced titles and then links later...it's enough to cause one performance anxiety at the keyboard, no doubt about that, but I still rewrite titles without pause, just because I can.

Sometimes I make these tech... (Below threshold)

Sometimes I make these technical snafus just because I know it drives the technically insane dictators of the internet crazier than they already are.

Tsk!... (Below threshold)


Love that title!Ci... (Below threshold)

Love that title!







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