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The first step is admitting you have a problem...

A while ago, I wrote about buying an Unterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for my computer. This morning, I was playing around with the management software that came with it. It says that it has enough juice to run my computer and peripherals for about 38 minutes after losing power.

I suddenly had a thought. If I ran an extension cord from the UPS to my cable modem and router, I could theoretically remain online for about half an hour after my power failed!

It was at that point that I realized I desperately, DESPERATELY needed to get a life.


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Man that is an addiction. I... (Below threshold)

Man that is an addiction. I wouldn't say that you should be desperatly in search of a life, but maybe just need to diversify.
Not that I'm complaining, I love reading your site.

But the UPS is to ensure that you can safely shut down without loss. I wish mine was that good. Mine is more of a surge protector now.

thanks for the fun and enlightening site.

Saddly enough, I did that.<... (Below threshold)

Saddly enough, I did that.
But depending on the cause of your power loss, your cable is also likely to be down. I took the modem off the UPS when it became clear that more than half of the power outages, at least in my neighborhood, also took the cable with.

It's not as far fetched as ... (Below threshold)

It's not as far fetched as you think. I live in the lightning belt -- so the modem and router have their own ups. So does the tivo and the TVs. Much cheaper than buying new ones. Yes if you buy the big one you can remain online, unless the cable gets hit, then you hope the line supression works.

Power outage? What's that?... (Below threshold)

Power outage? What's that?

It's nice to live in a "planned community" where all your power lines -- and I mean *all* of them -- are buried where the trees can't touch 'em. Nice.

Maybe you could buy 10 of t... (Below threshold)

Maybe you could buy 10 of those U-P-S thingies and run your computer and peripherals for 380 MINUTES!!! after losing power...

Actually, you could just buy two of them, I guess, and plug them in to each other, right? And have interrupted power FOREVER!!!

[/smart-ass techie]

Boy,, do I agree. Glad you ... (Below threshold)

Boy,, do I agree. Glad you saw the light.


...given there there would ... (Below threshold)

...given there there would be an increase in current draw (pc vs pc+modem+router), you'd probably get considerably less than the rated 38 minutes. But it's still a good idea.

Why don't you try it out & let us know?


Just 38 minutes? I use my ... (Below threshold)

Just 38 minutes? I use my UPS to power a linux server, router, WAP and cable modem. When I've lost power in the past I was able to keep going with my laptop for around 4 hours before the router, WAP and modem lost power as long as I shutdown the server. If I leave it on, it's considerably less.

Sure, it's a little sad. B... (Below threshold)

Sure, it's a little sad. But what else are you really going to do with your computer if you're using it at all? An internet connection is mostly essential, and in my area most outages are for 15 minutes or less anyway.

*sigh* I'm right there with... (Below threshold)

*sigh* I'm right there with ya.

Power outage? That's just ... (Below threshold)

Power outage? That's just the power company's way of telling you to get up from the computer and get some dinner after you've been called several times. Ain't that nice of 'em.

Lightweights! During my la... (Below threshold)

Lightweights! During my last power outage I fired up the 3.5KW gas powered generator. Kept the food cold and the PC warm.

No need to get a life -- re... (Below threshold)

No need to get a life -- remember the blackout?

I was the only person in my neighborhood who knew what was really happening because my UPS lasted for about 45 minutes. Even the local radio stations went down, only a few had generator back up.

People with generators were able to watch cable tv, it was the only thing that DIDN'T go down around here.

I, however, had to plug my cable modem into the UPS after the power went out -- now it is always plugged in.

I wouldn't worry about it, ... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't worry about it, Jay. I have 2 UPS's for the cable modem, 4 in parallel for the webservers, 1 for the cordless phones, and I still have a life. As a matter of fact, my life continues untinterrupted when the power goes.

Not discussing UPS - his wh... (Below threshold)

Not discussing UPS - his whole point was that he was on the computer all the time and between that and word, he desperately needs to get a life. I have to agree. It seems like Mike D got it too, that he needs a life because I know I need a life myself!


No, you're just a planner! ... (Below threshold)

No, you're just a planner! That's a good thing!...;-)

Recently, I lost power at m... (Below threshold)

Recently, I lost power at my house, on and off for 2 days. In the midst of this, I had to drive into the office to fix a major problem (one I could've done from home had I have power). That was painful.

During last summer's hurric... (Below threshold)

During last summer's hurricanes in FL, I was without power for about 5 hours. I was without cable for 5 days. There went the connection, UPS or not.

I ordered a UPS once and UP... (Below threshold)

I ordered a UPS once and UPS stole it. UPS the shipping company stole my Universal Power Supply right out of the box, and then sent the box back to the shipper. It was a "who's on first" Abbot and Castello ordeal trying to get TigerDirect to reimburse me for the UPS after they had already reimbursed me for the UPS.






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