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Carrie Underwood Gets Her Props


I was only slightly surprised to see Carrie Underwood got Simon Cowell's attention.


February 8, 2005 -- SIMON Cowell has singled out "American Idol 4" wannabe Carrie Underwood as one of his new favorites.

"There's a girl who I think is very good this year - she's like a country singer, a blond girl," Cowell said on yesterday's "Live with Regis & Kelly," apparently alluding to Underwood.

"I like her," Cowell said. "I think she's very good."

Underwood, a 21-year- old singer from Checotah, Okla., auditioned for "Idol" while the show was in St. Louis. She sang "I Can't Make You Love Me," which was a hit for Bonnie Raitt.

Underwood was lauded by "Idol" judges Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson and sent on to Hollywood to continue on the show.

She already has "Idol" message boards abuzz - and even has her own Internet fan club, dubbed "The Care Bears."

Underwood graduated from Checotah High School in 2000 and attends Northeastern State University.

And she's no stranger to performing, winning a talent competition and finishing as first runner-up in the 2003 Miss NSU contest, according to local newspaper accounts.

Cowell told Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa that he and his fellow "Idol" judges saw about 100 wannabes each day during the show's audition process.

"By the time you hit 90, you've had it," he said -- adding that with past "Idol" winners Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino "we kind of knew . . . instantly" that they were stars.

Indeed, when Simon first heard Fantasia sing, he immediately predicted she would be the winner. He has a phenomenal track record of picking people who will become stars. (that's how he got the AI job) Having him single Carrie out this early, says a lot.

I was so impressed by her ability that I paused the Tivo while I was watching AI to blog her audition... I wanted to be the first to predict her coming stardom. Looks like I might have been ahead of the curve.

(Of course she must remember the words at some point.....)

[Kevin adds] The Care Bears fanclub is available vie Carrie Underwood Fans

Comments (24)

Paul, you're a genius. No;... (Below threshold)

Paul, you're a genius. No; I really mean it. What a truly amazing gift you have shared with us. We're all very proud of your achievment, and you should be as well. Shall we let the msm know?

Besides her talent, she's i... (Below threshold)

Besides her talent, she's is a real looker.

I've missed AI this year...... (Below threshold)

I've missed AI this year...been to busy. But after reading this story and seeing her picture I might just make some time to watch it. She's smokin.

I know what I want for chri... (Below threshold)

I know what I want for christmas...

American Idol? Are you unw... (Below threshold)

American Idol? Are you unwell Paul? Yeesh.

All of the attention appear... (Below threshold)

All of the attention appears to be deserved,
but can she sing?

Indeed she can sing! I have... (Below threshold)

Indeed she can sing! I have to agree with Simon Cowell on this one.

Under... Wood.... Ha ha ha... (Below threshold)

Under... Wood.... Ha ha ha ha ah

No Debbie Gibson news today... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

No Debbie Gibson news today?

I only watch AI in the begi... (Below threshold)

I only watch AI in the beginning rounds to see all the hilarious losers who think they have talent.

The girl can sing, I'll giv... (Below threshold)

The girl can sing, I'll give her that. Too bad her personality is not as good as her voice. She has been made to look like a sweet little country girl who feeds the cows with her Daddy. She is actually a spoiled little brat who is rude. She is a very self centered person who is stuck up and fake, and does NOT care about other people's feelings. She is one of those girls who would actually get up and leave the table if a "non-popular" kid sat down at the lunch table with her. Not any idol I care to have as an "American Idol". She is definitely from a small town.

i love her, shes seems genu... (Below threshold)

i love her, shes seems genuine and has a good voice

Come on guys, enough with t... (Below threshold)

Come on guys, enough with the trashy humor. Show the girl some respect! She clearly deserves it.

It isn't "trashy hunor" Ste... (Below threshold)

It isn't "trashy hunor" Stephen. It is a true story from a classmate of Carrie's. Yes also from Checotah OK who actually grew up with and graduated with her...Like I said. She can definitely sing, but she is not a kind person. I think that a beautiful heart as well as a beautiful voice deserves to WIN!

I'm guessing that there's s... (Below threshold)

I'm guessing that there's some really jealous people out there.

My favorite "Carrie moment"... (Below threshold)

My favorite "Carrie moment" was when someone said "hey little momma you knocked it out the box" and she didnt know if it was a compliment or not and she had to ask constantine maroulis (sigh....www.prayforthesoulofbetty.com). It made me laugh so hard!!!! *tear* that was a classic! lol

As a music teacher, I am re... (Below threshold)

As a music teacher, I am really impressed with Carrie's talents. She has an amazing voice and she seems to have a great personality to go along with it. Anyone who disses her is obviously jealous of her.

Did you notice that Carrie ... (Below threshold)

Did you notice that Carrie Underwood didn't seem to applaud for one single performer tonight, during the first 12 male singers? NOT ONE. not while the camera was on anyway. Does that speak to her attitude, manners, or just plain arrogance?

I think Carrie is turning o... (Below threshold)

I think Carrie is turning out to be much more the sorority Queen than the farmgirl.

Can she sing? Yes. Can she be Idol on this merit alone? I think yes. But do not call me jealous because the hype on her is starting to unravel.

They said she never has been far from the farm. I have reports that she was performing on a pro basis, (opening for Diamond Rio and other acts) and traveling as far as Kansas, Texas,
and that she has even been to Nashville already to try and record. It is obvious she suspended pro activity to try and launch her career in to the big time from AI4.
Be honest about this Carrie and Carrie fans! If you don't it will ruin your hopes in the end.

I would like to hear more f... (Below threshold)

I would like to hear more from those who knew her in high school. This story about her conceitedness really bugs me. The girl can really sing, but after hearing the comments about the lunch table.....I just cannot help thinking about that every time I see her and I cannot root for someone like that. That is just disgusting....the typical "mean girl." Anyone heard any more from those who knew her? Just really curious about this........You know Fantasia might have come across as confident in her abilities, but her humbleness showed through also and she seemed to be a good-hearted person. At the finale, you knew how much she appreciated the break she had been given in life. If Carrie is truly like the poster describes, she will be another demanding diva, ugh!

I totally agree with you, s... (Below threshold)

I totally agree with you, she is the cream of the Idol crop this year, I'm already a member of the "Care Bears" and have been blogging about her as well.

Hey guys you might think sh... (Below threshold)
Carly pearce:

Hey guys you might think she is a bitch, but the girl has done well. I honestly think people get what they deserve... good or bad. She has done herself and family proud. Nobody can knock that.

hey whats up yall. Um I jus... (Below threshold)

hey whats up yall. Um I just wanted to let Carrie know that I think you did really well. And for those poeple who dont like you didnt think that should have one are really stupid you probably had one of the most beautiful voices that i have ever heard in country music, and on American Idol. Abd i also wnated to wish you luck out there and I thouhgt you were and are the best. Zach Skelton, Elkhorn WI 53121

I LOVE CARRIE UNDERWOOD SOO... (Below threshold)







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